Full WWE Velocity Results - 2/14/2004 (Kidman & London vs. The FBI + more)

Reported by Scott Booker of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, February 15, 2004 at 12:48 AM EST

Full WWE Velocity Results - 2/14/2004
Commentators: Josh Matthews & Bill DeMott
Reported by: Scott Booker of WrestleView.com

Wow, Hugh Morrus is back tonight.

Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli vs. Billy Kidman & Paul London

Kidman starts off with Little Nunzio. Nunzio wants a test of strength. Nunzio attempts the kick to the gut, but Kidman catches it. Armbar applied by Kidman. London comes in and quickly gets a nearfall. Kidman comes back in and hits a sliding dropkick. Another quick tag to London, he continues to assault. The Bull comes in but can’t catch up until London tries a top rope maneuver. Bull just sweeps London off, now the pounding begins. Nunzio comes in and slows the pace with a reverse chinlock. Bull comes back in and uses his strength to continue the whopping. Stamboli gets Kidman to try to come and the Ref tries to stop him as Nunzio attacks. Nunzio tries to slingshot London off the ropes however London reverses it into a dropkick. London makes the tag to Kidman. All four men are in the ring. London takes Nunzio out of the picture. Kidman comes of the top rope and Stamboli catches him. Stamboli tries for the press slam, Kidman reverses into a sunset flip, London comes in and hits the dropsault, and Kidman gets the win

Winners: Billy Kidman & Paul London


Smackdown Flashback:
Heyman on Raw, Goldberg Brock Eddie fiasco.

Dawn Marie and Paul Heyman talk about Heyman’s appearance on Raw. Dawn Marie offers to help make Heyman feel better from the spear. However, Heyman doesn’t want any. Heyman hypes Goldberg wanting to ruin the first Smackdown under the Heyman Administration


WWE Rewind
Rey Misterio versus Tajiri from last Smackdown

Ultimo Dragon vs. Shannon Moore

The two combatants tie up. Moore gains the advantage with an armbar. Dragon counters with cruiser moves. We get another cruiser spot fest knocking Moore out of the ring. Moore gets the advantage and does wear down moves on Dragon with a chinlock. Dragon gets whipped into the ropes and ducks a clothesline and does an Moon “Lion” Sault to buy some time. Dragon works the patented kicks. Moore counters the asai DDT with shining wizard to the back of Dragon’s head and gets a near fall. Moore hits a second rope Neckbreaker. Dragon and Moore push each other around and Dragon gets in position for the Asai DDT and gets the win.

Winner: Ultimo Dragon

Hype for Rey Mysterio’s single


Sting of the Night
Jamie Noble and Nidia soap opera

Chuck Palumbo vs. Orlando Jordan

We get a big tie up to start the match. Chuck reveres in to a headlock. Orland reverses into a headlock. Orlando pushes Chuck into the ropes and Chuck ducks a leapfrog and as Orlando lands he jams his knee. Chuck takes advantage with a figure four. Chuck uses the classic “use of the ropes but the ref can’t see.” Ref catches Chuck and just as Chuck was going to let go Orlando turns the figure four thus turning the pressure onto Chuck. After the Johnson Shuffle Orlando goes to the top rope. Orlando’s knee gives out and Chuck tries the figure four again and Orlando reverses into a small package. As Chuck goes for a powerslam, Orlando reverses into a backslide pin attempt and gets the three count.

Winner: Orlando Jordan

After the match the rest of the Full Blooded Italians come out and maul Orlando Jordan


Smackdown Flashback:
Eddie Guerrero & John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show

Bill DeMott and Josh Matthews go through the No Way Out Card

Asking the fans who will win the Triple Threat match at No Way out


WrestleMania Recall:
Welcome to WrestleMania, Highlights of WrestleMania I

A-Train vs. Billy Gunn

They start up with the crowd-chanting shave your back. A-Train uses power as Billy reverses into a headlock. Billy uses his speed to keep the advantage. A-Train catches Billy this a short arm clothesline followed by a splash. A-Train applies a bearhug. Billy bites the train to get out of the hold. However, A-Train stays on the offensive. Billy applies a little offense. A-Train catches Billy out of the Famasser with a Bicycle Kick and uses the ropes for leverage and the win.

Winner: A-Train

Dawn Marie and Paul Heyman plug No Way Out again and Heyman turns down Marie’s advances again.