Full WWE Velocity Results - 2/21/04 (Rey Mysterio/Kidman vs. Noble/Nunzio)

Reported by Scott Booker of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, February 22, 2004 at 1:07 PM EST

Full WWE Velocity Results - 2/21/2004
Commentators: Josh Matthews & Bill DeMott
Reported by: Scott Booker of WrestleView.com

Velocity starts off with lots of Eddie winning the Title backstage highlights.

Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman vs. Jamie Noble & Nunzio

Nunzio starts off with Kidman. Starting off very quick, with lots of back and forth cruiser moves. Rey comes in and it gets even harder to keep the typing up. Nunzio gets a nearfall after a flapjack. Noble comes in and continues the assault. Misterio uses a spinning Frankensteiner and tags back in Kidman. We are treated to a classic luchadore spot fest.


We come back with Kidman and Noble in the ring. Kidman goes for the shooting star but Nunzio knocks him off the top rope. Nunzio works the arm in some slowdown moves. Noble gets tagged in and continues the arm assault. Kidman counters a clothesline with a dropkick and Kidman struggles to the corner and makes the tag. Misterio does an springboard moonsault, flips over Noble’s shoulder and into an reverse DDT. Rey gets a boost to the top rope and executes an Frankensteiner for the win.

Winners: Rey & Kidman


WrestleMania Recall
Undertaker vs. Sid from WrestleMania 13, where Taker wins the Heavyweight Title.

Rhyno vs. Shannon Moore

Lots of counters and starter moves. Moore tries to work the arm. However, Rhyno proves to be too strong and just keeps running over Moore. Rhyno dominates this match, but it is short of a true squash as Moore keeps trying to mount some offense. Rhyno eventually hits the gore for the win.

Winner: Rhyno

Sting of the Week
Brock begging for a shot at Goldberg

Sakoda vs. Paul London

London counters a waist lock with a Greco roman stomp to the foot. London applies a headlock, Sakoda cannot get out of it. London hits a single legged drop kick for the nearfall. London hits a “Mushroom Stomp” but Sakoda is able to throw London out of the ring. Sakoda hits a suplex and gets a nearfall. Sakoda applies a bearhug. Sakoda misses an elbow drop and London gets a nearfall. London hits a shining wizard and climbs the ropes. Sakoda tries to counter but London pushes him back. London misses a 450 splash. Sakoda hits a spinebuster and gets the win.

Winner: Sakoda

DeMott’s Turning Point.
After London hits the Shining Wizard he elects to go to the to instead of the pin.


Smackdown Flashback
Eddie Guerrero’s first title defense from Smackdown.


WWE Rewind
The Tag Title Match from No Way Out

Non Title Match
Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Chuck Palumbo & Johnny Stamboli

Chuck and Hotty start off and Chucky pushes Taylor around. Taylor wises up and uses his speed advantage. As they run around Chuck hits a big punch that knocks down Taylor and here comes the Bull. He slows things down with a headlock. The FBI cut off the ring and just pound away. Taylor gets the tag to a fresh Rikishi who cleans house. Ref loses control and Hotty comes in and hits the worm and turns into a Whack from Chuck who in turn runs into a Whack from Fatu who then sets up and hits Chuck with the Rump Shaker.

Winners: Rikishi and Scotty