Full WWE Velocity Results - 3/13/04 (Holly vs. A-Train; Moore/London, more)

Reported by Scott Booker of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, March 14, 2004 at 12:06 AM EST

Full WWE Velocity Results - 3/13/04
Commentators: Josh Matthews & Bill DeMott
Reported by: Scott Booker of WrestleView.com

Before Velocity even starts, I am watching the 10 Greatest WrestleMania matches. They show a promo of all the young stars of Smackdown like Doug/Danny/Orlando/Cappotelli. This promo hypes them as tomorrow’s superstars today. Very impressive.

Chuck Palumbo vs. Orlando Jordan

Another of the Orlando versus the FBI matches. Both superstars jock for a position with headlocks. Orlando takes the reigns and gets a near fall. Chuck picks up Orlando and shoves him into the turnbuckle. Chuck Palumbo pummels Orlando. Chuck hits a Back Suplex for a near fall. Chuck applies a headlock and uses the ropes for leverage. Orlando with punches to the tummy but Chuck does go down until he misses a shoulderblock into the turnbuckle. Orlando hits three dropkicks including a Johnson Shuffle Dropkick for a near fall. Orlando goes to the top and hits a high cross body but Palumbo rolls through for a near fall. Orlando goes for a powerslam, Chuck slides out and Whack’s Orlando in the back of the head.

Winner: Chuck Palumbo

Bill DeMott’s Turning Point
Orlando going to the top rope.


Slam of the Week
2 weeks ago Big Show hyping his match with Cena at WrestleMania

Smackdown Flashback
Show and Cena’s saga continues


We come back with more hype. This time Angle and Eddie vignettes.

DeMott & Josh run down the WrestleMania Card.


WrestleMania Recall
WrestleMania 18 – Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock

Shannon Moore vs. Paul London

Match starts off fantastically slower then expected. London hits the dropsault early. Gets a nearfall. Moore dropkicks London to the outside. They get back in the ring and a couple of near falls for Moore. Moore hits a shake rattle and roll for a near fall and continues the assault. London hits a Frog Cross Body and gets a near fall. Moore rolls out of a sunset flip and drop kicks London right in the chops. Moore hits another shake rattle and roll this time from the second rope for the win.

Winner: Shannon Moore


WWE Rewind
Brock appearing on Smackdown with Austin’s ATV

Smackdown Flashback
Steve Austin invades Smackdown

Bob Holly vs. A-Train
Ok, I waited all day for this match. This one was a rare smashmouth contest from the Cruiserweight Show.

Winner: Bob Holly