Full WWE Velocity Results - 5/15/04 (The Bashams vs. Kidman/London + Cena)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Saturday, May 15, 2004 at 11:49 PM EST

WWE Velocity Results - 5/15/04
Taped From: Reno, Nevada
Commentators: Bill DeMott & Josh Mathews
Report by: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

- The green pyro goes off and we are ready for Velocity just 24 hours away from Judgment Day (if you aren't excited, it's okay).

Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Akio w/ Sakoda
The match starts with Scotty mocking Akio with a karate stance. Akio responds with a big arm drag on Scotty. Akio works on Scotty's shoulder, hitting some quick kicks to the gut. Scotty fights back, working on Akio's shoulder and hitting two kick hip tosses followed by a quick arm drag. Scotty looks to hit the bulldog to set up The Worm, but as he goes off the ropes he gets tripped up by Sakoda. Akio takes the advantage, hitting a quick leg drop on the back of Scotty's head. Scotty fights back with some chops, two quick clotheslines and a big back drop. Scotty connects with the bulldog and it is time for The W-O-R-M. Before Scotty could hit The Worm, Sakoda jumped up on the ring apron and distracted him. Scotty tried to take him out, but Sakoda jumped off and Akio got Scotty up on a suplex. Scotty countered the suplex and hit a big neckbreaker to get the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Scotty 2 Hotty

LATER TONIGHT: WWE United States Champion John Cena speaks about his match this Sunday against Rene Dupree at Judgment Day.

- A promo hyping The Undertaker vs. Booker T match at Judgment Day this Sunday is shown.


- We are back from commercial and Theodore Long is in the ring. Lemme holla at ya playa. Long says that everybody knows that when Theodore L. Long is out in the ring, it is time for everyone to stand up and get ready for the Reflection of Perfection. Long commands all sides of the arena to show their love for Mark Jindrak. Jindrak comes out with a cape on, looking at himself in a mirror. Long tells Jindrak to take off his cape and show off his sculpted body to all those in the arena. Jindrak then poses to a mirror in the ring, but gets cut off when Spike Dudley's music hits (getting a huge pop).

Mark Jindrak w/ Theodore Long vs. Spike Dudley
The match starts with Spike going after Long on the ring apron, but Long jumps off and Jindrak starts beating him down. Jindrak hits some hard forearms to the back followed by some stiff kicks. Jindrak chokes Spike on the ground, but breaks it up quickly. Jindrak hits a big hanging suplex followed by a pose for the crowd. Jindrak misses a charge in the corner, but hits a big jumping dropkick on Spike. Long puts a mirror between the ropes for Jindrak as he smiles into it. As Jindrak does this, Spike rolls him up from behind quickly, but only got a two count. Jindrak fights back by lifting Spike over his shoulders, but Spike countered out and tried to roll-up Jindrak. Jindrak grabbed Spike by the throat and lifted him up into a bear hug. Spike bites Jindrak on the face to break out of it. Jindrak charged, but Spike pulled down the top rope, allowing Jindrak to spill to the outside. Spike jumped up to the top rope, jumped and connected with Jindrak on the outside. Spike threw Jindrak back in the ring and attempted the Dudley Dog, but Jindrak countered and hit the Mark of Excellence to get the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Mark Jindrak

- A video aired recapping the events between John Bradshaw Layfield and Eddie Guerrero leading into a match for the WWE Championship this Sunday at Judgment Day.

UP NEXT: WWE United States Champion John Cena.


WWE STING OF THE NIGHT: Rene Dupree giving John Cena a powerbomb through the announce table on SmackDown two weeks ago.

In-ring Segment: WWE U.S. Champion John Cena speaks...
John Cena gets on the mic, doing his usual "Yo...yo...yo...yo" to get the crowd going. Cena puts over the lively crowd tonight and wants to hear some more noise. A big "CENA" chant starts soon after. Cena said he had something serious to talk about tonight and has a little message for Frenchi...Rene Dupree. Cena said quote, "Rene, you tried to kill me. But bitch you're still soft. You took your best shot at me and couldn't finish me off. I'm still standing, because I'm ready for more. And at Judgment Day, John Cena is ready for war. Wearing these colors (he was wearing army camouflage) is more important than it seems to be. You'll never understand what this title means to me. I'm a real soldier, fighting for the true blue, white and red. Only way you gettin' this title is if you leave me for dead. You see that ain't gonna happen because come this Sunday night, he will show his true French colors and not even show up to fight." Cena drops the mic as his music hits. He shows off the WWE United States Title and leaves the ring as the fans cheered loudly.

- A graphic hits the screen hyping the WWE United States Championship Match between John Cena and Rene Dupree. Other matches shown for this Sunday at Judgment Day included Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie and Rico & Charlie Haas defending the WWE Tag Team Championships against Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn.

UP NEXT: The message Booker T got from The Undertaker this past Thursday night on SmackDown.


WWE REWIND: The Undertaker defeating The FBI (Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli) in a 2 on 1 match two weeks ago on SmackDown.

FLASHBACK TO SMACKDOWN: Booker T defeating The FBI (Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli) in a 2 on 1 match much like The Undertaker did two weeks ago on SmackDown. After the match, Booker got on the mic and said he just proved he was just as powerful as The Undertaker. Now can you dig that...The Undertaker's gong hits. Booker leaves the ring and images of The Undertaker staring at him appear on three different areas of the SmackDown screens. The arena then goes dark and Paul Bearer comes out with his urn. Smoke fills the ring as The Undertaker sits up, staring down Booker T.

- A graphic hits the screen hyping the Undertaker vs. Booker T match at Judgment Day. Other matches tomorrow night: Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio vs. The Dudley Boyz, Jaqueline defending the WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Eddie Guerrero defending the WWE Championship against John Bradshaw Layfield.

UP NEXT: The Basham Brothers vs. Billy Kidman & Paul London.

- A promo hyping the WWE Championship Match between Eddie Guerrero and John Bradshaw Layfield this Sunday at Judgment Day was shown.


- A video hyping the debut of Mordecai this Sunday at Judgment Day aired.

The Basham Brothers vs. Billy Kidman & Paul London
The match starts with Danny Basham and Paul London. Danny knocks down London quickly, but London fights back with a wrench on the head. Kidman gets the tag, hits some quick kicks to the gut and works on Danny's shoulder again. Doug Basham gets the tag, but Kidman takes him down with a quick arm drag. Kidman gets a quick schoolboy for a two count, hits a quick arm drag and tags in London. Kidman and London double team Doug, hitting a double arm drag followed by London hitting a moonsault on Doug with help from Kidman. Doug charges at London quickly, but London hits a quick kick to the gut knocking him back. London then charges at Danny on the ring apron, but Danny opens the ropes and London goes through them, crashing on the outside.


We are back from commercial and both Bashams are in the ring. They give London a hanging suplex and throw him on the top rope. Danny hits some stiff kicks on London followed by applying a lower body submission with his legs similar to a bear hug. Kidman gets the tag and hit a big head scissors on Danny. Doug hit the ring and Kidman took him down with a big dropkick. Kidman did the same to Danny who was just getting up again. Kidman hit a bulldog on Doug, getting a two count. Kidman looked to setup Doug for the Shooting Star Press, but Danny threw him out and tried to switch with Doug. Referee Nick Patrick stopped this from taking place as London threw him out. Kidman hit the Shooting Star Press on Doug for the 1, 2, 3.

Winners: Billy Kidman & Paul London

DEMOTT'S TURNING POINT: Referee Nick Patrick preventing Danny Basham from making the in-ring switch with Doug Basham.

End of show.