Full WWE Velocity Results - 5/29/04 (The FBI vs. Kidman and London, + more)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Saturday, May 29, 2004 at 10:14 PM EST

Full WWE Velocity Results - 5/29/04
Taped From: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Commentators: Bill DeMott & Josh Mathews
Report by: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

- The green pyro goes off and we are ready for Velocity.

The FBI (Nunzio & Stamboli) vs. Billy Kidman & Paul London
The match starts with Kidman and Nunzio. Kidman takes down Nunzio quickly, but Nunzio breaks it up by grabbing the ropes. Both lock up, Kidman gets the upper hand and hits a big shoulder takedown. Stamboli gets the tag, but Kidman hits some hard rights when he comes in. Kidman connects with a big head scissors takedown on Stamboli followed by scaring Nunzio off the ring apron. London gets the tag and hits a huge dropkick, hooks the leg, but only gets a two count. London connects with a hurricanranna and a quick side kick. Stamboli throws London in the corner and Nunzio gets the tag, hitting some hard kicks on London in the corner. Nunzio hits a quick russian leg sweep with some interference from Stamboli. Stamboli gets the tag and taunts at Kidman. Stamboli hits a big military press slam on London, goes for the pin, but Kidman breaks it up. Kidman gets the tag and takes out Nunzio with some quick clotheslines followed by a big back body drop. Kidman hits dropkick on Stamboli and launches him into Nunzio soon after. London hits a dropkick on Stamboli off the top rope and Kidman sets up Nunzio in the corner for the Shooting Star Press. Stamboli knocks Kidman off the top and Nunzio hooks the leg, using the ropes with his feet to get the 1, 2, 3.

Winners: The FBI (Nunzio & Stamboli)

- UP NEXT: Booker T makes it known he isn't scared of The Undertaker, but gets anything warning yet again this past Thursday night on SmackDown.

- A promo for the Great American Bash on June 27th was shown.


- WWE REWIND: John Bradshaw Layfield saying he will take what his rightfully his, the WWE Championship, at the Great American Bash from Eddie Guerrero this past Thursday night on SmackDown.

- FLASHBACK TO SMACKDOWN: Following his match and win over Scotty 2 Hotty, Booker T gets on the mic and challenges The Undertaker next week on SmackDown. Four bolts of lightning hit the ring posts as a warning from 'Taker. Booker said he isn't scared and said he would shock the world next week.

- LATER TONIGHT: Kurt Angle deals with Eddie Guerrero this past Thursday night on SmackDown.


- WWE STING OF THE NIGHT: Chavo Classic successfully defends the WWE Cruiserweight Title against Akio this past Thursday night on SmackDown with help from Chavo Jr.

Mark Jindrak w/ Theodore Long vs. Shannon Moore
The match starts with both locking up, but Jindrak throws Moore down towards the ropes. Jindrak shows off his body, bragging to Moore. They lock up once again and Jindrak throws down Moore. Moore charges at Jindrak, but he throws him out of the ring. Jindrak brags as Moore gets back into the ring and dropkicks Jindrak out. Moore does a baseball slide to the outside on Jindrak. Moore hits some hard punches and throws him back into the ring. Moore goes for a sunset flip on Jindark, but Jindrak counters and lifts Moore up by his neck. Jindrak chokes Moore on the second rope. Jindrak hits a big suplex, hooks the leg and only gets a two. Moore fits back with some elbows, but Jindrak stops it with a big jumping dropkick. Moore fights back once again, taking down Jindrak with a big spinning heel kick. Jindrak puts Moore up on the top rope, but Moore jumps and connects with a dropkick for a two count. Moore goes back up to the top, jumps, but Jindrak bends his knee and gets a gut buster as a result. Jindark then hits the Mark of Excellence for the pin.

Winner: Mark Jindrak

- UP NEXT: Eddie Guerrero refuses medical care at ringside when he takes on the Basham Brothers this past Thursday night on SmackDown.


- A video runs showing the SmackDown main event from two weeks ago featuring Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio vs. John Bradshaw Layfield & The Dudley Boyz. When Guerrero gets the tag, he takes out both Dudley's and JBL, but passes out as a result. JBL then pins Guerrero quickly to end the match.

- FLASHBACK TO SMACKDOWN: SmackDown GM Kurt Angle announces Guerrero will be in action on SmackDown. Angle says medical care will be at ringside if he collapses. Footage of Guerrero coming out to the arena was shown. Guerrero notices the medical care at ringside and destroys the stretcher. Guerrero hits the ring and starts to take out both Bashams. Kurt Angle's music hits soon. The GM said he knew Guerrero was going to compete tonight and fake another injury in order to sue him. Angle said he will have to sign a liability so he is no longer his responsibility. Angle tells Guerrero to get out of the ring. Guerrero throws out Danny Basham and celebrates with the fans to end the segment.

- UP NEXT: John Cena defends WWE United States Title against Rene Dupree in a Lumberjack Match this past Thursday on SmackDOwn.


- FLASHBACK TO SMACKDOWN: SmackDown stars surround the ring as John Cena defends the WWE United States Title against Rene Dupree in a Lumberjack Match. The faces were all on Cena's side and the heels were all on Dupree's side. Cena gets the win when he counters a move by Dupree, connecting with the FU to retain the WWE United States Title. All the faces hit the ring and celebrate with Cena, taunting at SmackDown GM Kurt Angle who is looking on frustrated.

- UP NEXT: Billy Gunn vs. Sakoda.


Billy Gunn vs. Sakoda
The match starts with both locking up and Gunn pushing Sakoda into the corner. Sakoda complains that Gunn pulled his hair and argues with the referee. Gunn denies it and charges at Sakoda, applying a quick shoulder lock. Sakoda fights back with an elbow to the head and a quick arm drag. Gunn fights out of it, hitting an arm drag of his own. Gunn hits three quick hip tosses, goes for the cover and only gets a two. Sakoda grabs the referee and hides behind him in the corner. When Gunn walks up, Sakoda hits a big kick to the gut. Sakoda hits a front face buster and brags to the crowd about how smart he is. Sakoda uses the ring apron to jump off and work on Gunn's left arm. Sakoda applies a shoulder lock on Gunn's left arm again. Gunn fights back, but Sakoda hits a big powerslam. Sakoda goes up to the top, jumps, but Gunn puts up his leg. Sakoda trips up Gunn and hits a quick slam. Sakoda goes for the cover, but Gunn kicks out of two and he can't believe it. Gunn then hits the Fameasser to get the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Billy Gunn

- End of show.