Full WWE Velocity Results - 6/12/04 (Rico vs. Noble + Holly and Gunn in action)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, June 13, 2004 at 3:08 AM EST

Full WWE Velocity Results - 6/12/04
Taped From: Uniondale, Long Island, New York
Commentators: Bill DeMott & Josh Mathews
Report by: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

- The green pyro goes off and we are ready for Velocity.

Billy Kidman vs. Mark Jindrak w/ Theodore Long
Before the match starts, Theodore Long gets on the mic and gets the crowd going. He introduces the "Reflection of Perfection" when Kidman has had enough and takes down Jindrak from behind. The match starts with Kidman hitting a big head scissors takedown, launching Jindrak to the outside followed by a cross-body over the top rope to the outside as well. They get back into the ring and Jindrak fights back with a big twilt-a-whirl slam. Jindrak hits a quick suplex, hooks the leg, but only gets a two count. Kidman fights back with a sunset flip, gets a two count and Jindrak responds with a stiff right hand. Kidman attempts some punches, but gets a big standing dropkick from Jindrak. Kidman hits two quick clotheslines followed by a dropkick for a two count. Kidman goes after Theodore Long after he puts Jindrak's leg on the rope following a big kick to the back of the head. Jindrak takes advantage of the distraction, connecting with the Mark of Excellence for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Mark Jindrak

- DEMOTT'S TURNING POINT: Theodore Long's distraction, allowing Jindrak to take advantage and get the win.

- LATER TONIGHT: Rico w/ Miss Jackie vs. Jamie Noble.

- STILL TO COME: The Undertaker's answer to Paul Heyman this past Thursday night on SmackDown.

- A promo for the upcoming WWE Championship Texas Bull Rope Match between Eddie Guerrero and John Bradshaw Layfield at the Great American Bash was shown.


- WWE REWIND: Kenzo Suzuki's debut on SmackDown this past week.

Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn vs. Kenn Phoenix & Jason Pacard
The match starts with Hardcore Holly and Kenn Phoenix. Both lock up and Phoenix hits a quick arm drag on Holly. Phoenix hits another arm drag and gets cocky. Holly responds with a big clothesline and hip toss. Holly hits some chops in the corner and Billy Gunn gets the tag. Gunn attempts to work on Phoenix's shoulders when Jason Pacard gets the tag. Gunn takes out both Phoenix and Pacard quickly. Gunn hits a big powerslam on Pacard. Phoenix hits a cheap shot with a kick to Gunn's back, allowing Pacard to hit a dropkick. Gunn hits a twilt-a-whirl slam on Pacard. Holly gets the tag and takes out both Pacard and Phoenix. Holly hits a dropkick on Phoenix and throws Pacard to the outside. Holly hits the Alabama Slam on Phoenix, hooks the leg and gets the 1, 2, 3.

Winners: Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn

- UP NEXT: Eddie Guerrero takes control of JBL's limo this past Thursday night on SmackDown.


- FLASHBACK TO SMACKDOWN: JBL realizes he doesn't have to wrestle on SmackDown. He said a rich man doesn't work when a rich man doesn't have to. JBL tells the limo driver to get going and the driver is revealed as Eddie Guerrero. The limo takes off and Guerrero smashes it into numerous things. Guerrero eventually drives the beaten up limo into the arena. We jump to the ring and Guerrero gets help from the crowd to wake up a knocked out JBL. Guerrero tells JBL his limo looks a little beat up and he will look exactly like that at the Great American Bash.


- WWE COLOR OF THE NIGHT: Rey Mysterio defeating Chavo Guerrero Jr. after failed interference from Chavo Classic.

Akio w/ Sakoda vs. Spike Dudley
The match starts with both locking up and Akio pushing Spike away. Akio hits a quick snapmare on Spike and taunts at him for more. Spike hits a quick arm drag followed by a huricanranna. Spike dropkicks Akio into the corner and stomps on his gut. Sakoda distracts Spike, Akio comes from behind, Spike counters into a rollup of his own, but only gets a two count. Sakoda gets a cheap shot on Spike from the outside while Akio distracted the referee. Akio hits a quick leg drop followed by working on Spike's neck. Akio sends Spike into the ropes and hits a big dropkick. Spike counters a back body drop and connects with an atomic drop on Akio. Spike hits a quick charge to the gut, attempts the Dudley Dog but Akio sends him into the corner. Akio attempts a huricanranna from the top, Spike knocks him down, jumps and connects with a double boot to the gut. Sakoda gets up on the ring apron, Spike knocks him off and then hits the Dudley Dog on Akio for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Spike Dudley

- UP NEXT: Paul Heyman awaits The Undertaker's answer this past Thursday night on SmackDown.


- A video airs showing the Dudley Boyz abducting Paul Bearer. Paul Heyman then confronts The Undertaker and tells him to join him if he ever wants to see Paul Bearer again.

- FLASHBACK TO SMACKDOWN: The Undertaker comes to the ring where Paul Heyman is awaiting his answer. Heyman takes out Paul Bearer's urn and shows it to The Undertaker. Heyman continues to put it in his face when The Undertaker gets down on one knee and worships it in his classic pose. Heyman gloats that he has the power to control The Undertaker now.

- UP NEXT: Rico w/ Miss Jackie vs. Jamie Noble.


Rico w/ Miss Jackie vs. Jamie Noble
The match starts with both locking up and Rico backing Noble into the corner. Noble tells the referee to get Rico off of him. Both do numerous shoulder counters when Noble hits a quick snapmare, Rico hits a drop toe hold and then rides Noble around the ring like a horse. Noble complains to the referee as Rico tosses him back into the ring over the top rope. Noble throws Rico head first into the corner and then goes after Miss Jackie on the outside. Rico goes to the outside and gives Noble a kiss. Rico throws him back into the ring, but Noble knocks him off the ring apron. Noble puts Rico upside down in the corner and then chokes him from the outside. Noble knocks him off the corner and hits a quick neckbreaker. Rico fights back with a back body drop, Noble charges at him in the corner and Rico hits a clothesline. Rico goes for a suplex, but Noble counters it into a reverse neckbreaker. Noble attempts the Tiger Driver, Rico counters and sits down on Noble's chest hooking the leg to get the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Rico

- End of show.