WWE Velocity Results - 9/25/04 - Phoenix, Arizona (Dupree vs. Hardcore Holly)

Reported by Brandon Tomblin of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, September 26, 2004 at 1:42 AM EST

WWE Velocity Results: 9/25/04
Taped From: Phoenix, AZ
Commentators: Josh Matthews & Bill DeMott
Report by: Brandon Tomblin of WrestleView.com

Matthews and DeMott remind us that we are just 8 days away from No Mercy when Nunzio, Johnny Stambolli, and Akio make their way down to the ring for our first match.

Match 1 - Nunzio (w/ Johnny Stambolli) defeated Akio with the "Arrivederci" (spring board arm drag).
Nice matt-based action to start the match. Nunzio gives Akio a series of arm drags, followed by a 2-count. Akio then goes outside to aruge with Stambolli, but Nunzio breaks it up and the action continues in the ring. Back in the ring, Akio goes on the offensive and grounds Nunzio and puts him in a sleeper. Nunzio reverses and goes for a sunset flip, but only gets a 2-count. Akio then gets up and delivers a clothesline. Akio with a chin-lock on Nunzio. Nunzio powers out and reverses a sunset flip attempt by Akio and gives Akio a dropkick to the face while he's sitting down. Nunzio revereses a hurricanrana attempt in the turnbuckle by Akio. Irish whip by Akio. Akio catches Nunzio's leg, but gets an enziguri for his trouble. Pin by Nunzio, but 2-count only. Stambolli distracts Akio long enough for Nunzio to sneak up from behind with the "Arrivederci" for the win.

Smackdown Throwback! with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin shares with us his memories of the Smackdown Christmas Special in Iraq from last year, as well as the time in 2001 when he and Kurt Angle sang to Vince McMahon. Funny stuff there.

They bill one-half of the Tag Team Champs, Rene Dupree vs. Hardcore Holly for later tonight.

After the commercial, we'll get a recap of the Undertaker - Gangrel and Viscera handicap match from Smackdown this week.

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Back from commercial, they show the recap of the Undertaker - Gangrel and Viscera handicap match. Undertaker gets the win after a Tombstone to Gangrel. JBL was watching the match and has a staredown with Undertaker from the ramp. JBL looks worried as Undertaker picks up Viscera and gives him a Chokelsam. Undertaker then grabs a chair and puts it under Viscera's throat while he's standing and gives him a guilotine-type move with the chair. Undertaker then signals that he'll win the WWE Championship in the Last Ride match with JBL at No Mercy on October 3rd.

Coming up after the commercial break, Rico and Charlie Haas (w/ Miss Jackie) take on the Bashams in tag team action.

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WWE Slam Of The Week: John Heidenreich reciting a poem to Vince McMahon from Smackdown this week.

Match 2 - Rico and Charlie Haas (w/ Miss Jackie) defeated The Basham Brothers via pinfall after Rico hit Doug with a moonsault.
I can't tell the Bashams apart, so we'll just call them 1 and 2. Haas starts with #1 and some nice chain wrestling to start things. Rico tags himself in. Rico bends down in from of #1 while in a back grapple and it causes #1 to let him go. Rico then smacks him on the butt a couple times, followed by a dropkick. Haas tags back in. Haas with a belly-to-belly suplex, followed up by a 2-count that is interrupted by #2. Tag in to #2, which I think is Danny. Haas is getting choked in the ropes and the ref breaks it up. Sleeperhold on Haas by Danny. Haas tries to fight out, but gets pulled down by his hair. Doug (I think) tags back in. He irish whips Haas, but when he runs in, he gets a drop toe-hold into the turnbuckle. Rico tags back in and goes to work on both Bashams. Armbar and a kick by Rico and a pin, but it gets broken up. Haas with a crossbody on Doug, followed by the moonsault by Rico for the win. They then show a replay of Rico's moonsault. Nicely done.

They advertise the upcoming debate between Mick Foley and JBL as we go to commercial.

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Back from commercial, we get a recap of the main event from this week's Smackdown, being Eddie Guerrero and Big Show taking on Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns that resulted in Mark Jindrak joining Kurt Angle's group, Kurt Angle shooting Big Show with the trainquilizer dart gun and Kurt and co. shaving Big Show's head. They then hype the Kurt Angle - Big Show match for No Mercy. They then run through the rest of the No Mercy card.

Up next: One-half of the Tag Team Champs, Rene Dupree, takes on Hardcore Holly.

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The WWE Rewind: Recapping the Spike Dudley - Rey Mysterio Cruiserweight Title match from Smackdown that involved interference from Rene Dupree, Keno Suzuki, and Rob Van Dam.

Match 3 - Rene Dupree (w/ Kenzo Suzuki and Hiroko) defeated Hardcore Holly with his Michinoku Driver.
The fans start a USA chant to aggitate Dupree. Holly tries to lock up, but Dupree would rather dance. They finally tie up and Holly is backed into the corner. A clean break, but Dupree spits on Holly and exits the ring. Fans continue the USA chant. Dupree gets on the apron and waves the French flag. He re-enters the rin and another tie up into the ropes. Dupree gets out of the corner and runs to another to get away from Holly. Headlock by Dupree. Dupree starts dancing again, but Holly chops him down. Chops in the corner by Holly. Dupree with a running knee lift and Holly is down. Punches to Holly while he's down. Dupree picks up Holly and throws him to the outside as we go to commercial.

**Commercial Break**

Back from commercial, Dupree with a Snapmare and a chinlock. They show that during the commercial, Kenzo Suzuki gave Holly a good stomping while he was on the outside. Holly goes against the ropes and Dupree gives him an elbow to knock him down. Dupree goes for a pin, but Holly kicks out. Dupree puts Holly in a body scissors from behind. They both knock each other down with running shoulder blocks. Referee starts the count. Dupree back up first. A series of running shoulder blocks by Holly, followed by a dropkick. Holly goes for a pin, but only gets 2. Holly goes up top for a flying clothesline and hits it. Holly goes for another pin but only gets 2. Dupree gets up and does the French Tickler dance. Holly irish whips Dupree and gives him a power slam. Hiroko distracts the ref so Suzuki can interfere, but Holly stops him. Dupree then gives Holly the Michinoku Driver for the pin. Holly had his foot on the bottom rope, but Suzuki pushed it away before the ref could see. They then show a replay of Dupree's win and the group celebrates as we fade to black.

**End Of Show**

My thoughts:

Nice main event for Velocity this week. I'm not a big fan of Dupree and Suzuki as the tag champs though. They should have left the belts on Kidman and London and pushed them as solid champions.

I'm looking forward to No Mercy. This looks to be the best Smackdown PPV that's been put on so far. Hopefully, Undertaker can win the WWE Championship, because I'm sick of JBL as the champion. In fact, I don't think he should have beaten Eddie Guerrero for it in the first place.

Miss Jackie looks oh so hot. Charlie Haas better be thankful that he's engaged to her.

This is my first Velocity report and I hope you all think I did a good job. Any feedback can be left for me at velocity@wrestleview.com

Until next week, peace out, kiddies.