WWE Velocity Results - 10/2/04 - Wichita, KS (Rene/Suzuki vs. Moore/Funaki)

Reported by Brandon Tomblin of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, October 3, 2004 at 4:15 AM EST

WWE Velocity Results: 10/02/04
Taped From: Wichita, KS
Commentators: Josh Matthews & Bill DeMott
Report by: Brandon Tomblin of WrestleView.com

No Mercy is tomorrow night on PPV as we head into Velocity. Torrie Wilson makes her way down to the ring as we begin the show. She introduces the competitors for our first match of the night, being Johnny Stambolli against Akio.

Match 1 - Johnny Stambolli vs. Akio
Headlock by Akio. Johnny Stambolli with a shoulder block. Akio wants a test of strength, but tries for a kick and is blocked and taken down. Headlock by Stambolli. Akio irish whips him. Akio leapfrogs Stambolli, but gets kicked from behind. Flying crossbody by Stambolli. Gorilla press attempt by Stambolli, but his eyes get raked. Jumping head lariat to Stambolli. Akio follows up with some stomps and a choke. Camel clutch to Stambolli. Stambolli gets irish whipped into the corner and gets choked some more. Stambolli then gets up to clothesline Akio. Ref begins the count as both are down. Stambolli blocks a punch and gives some punches of his own. Series of clotheslines and elbow strikes to Akio. Akio goes off the top with a clothesline. Pin, but 2 count only. Stambolli irish whips Akio into the ropes and gives him a powerslam and a pin to win the match.

Winner: Johnny Stambolli via the powerslam.

Torrie Wilson then announces Stambolli as the winner and leaves with him for some odd reason.

Coming up after the commercial, we'll get a recap from this week's Smackdown involving the match between Eddie Guerrero and RVD against Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak.

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Back from commercial, we get to the tag match from this week's Smackdown. Eddie Guerrero with the 3 Amigos to Mark Jindrak. Eddie goes up top for the Frog Splash and hits it. He goes for the pin, but Luther breaks up. RVD enters and gives a spinning heel kick to Luther. Jindrak then ambushes RVD and takes him to the outside. Luther then gets up soon after and gives Eddie a reverse DDT and pins him for the win. They then advertise Eddie Guerrero against Luther Reigns for No Mercy. Then they advertise RVD and Rey Mysterio against Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki for the WWE Tag Titles at No Mercy.

We go to the back and Nunzio and Stambolli are talking. Stambolli is trying to hype up Nunzio for his match against Spike Dudley for the WWE Cruiserweight Title at No Mercy. They then have a discussion about voting for President. Stambolli, for some reason, thinks Paris Hilton should be President.

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The WWE Slam Of The Week: Booker T. defeating Paul London this week on Smackdown, followed by Billy Kidman hitting London in the head with a chair.

The Bashams make their way down to the ring to face a local tag team.

Match 2 - Bashams vs. Local tag team
Shoulder block by Danny. Danny gets drop toe hold by..jobber. Tag to Danny. Stomps to jobber in the corner. Stomps to the back of jobber. More chops in the corner. Stomps in the corner. Jobber tries to irish whip Doug, but gets clotheslined. Chinlock to jobber, followed by a kick from Danny while he's down. Danny tagged in. Sleeper hold to jobber by Danny. Jobber gives a bunch of punches to Danny, but gets a side russian leg sweep for his trouble. Bashams do some double teaming in the corner. Danny picks him up for a back suplex. Danny pins the jobber, but it gets broken up by the other one. Sleeper to jobber by Danny, but it gets broken up. Doug tags in. They deliver their double team slam finisher and pick up the win.

Winners: The Bashams via their double team slam finisher.

When we return from the break, we'll see a recap from Smackdown this week involving the segment between the Undertaker and JBL.

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WWE Rewind: The Undertaker Tombstoning Gangrel from the handicap match 2 weeks ago.

A recap of JBL beating up Hardcore Holly after he beat him this week on Smackdown. JBL gets on the mic and threatens Undertaker, saying how he will end Undertaker's career at No Mercy. Lights go out and the gong hits. Undertaker shows up on the screen and tells of how he destroyed Gangrel and Viscera. He then shows Virgil.I mean Orlando Jordan strapped to the Undertaker symbol, which is shown high above the arena. Undertaker then says that JBL will take his last ride at No Mercy. They then advertise Undertaker against JBL in the Last Ride match for the WWE Title at No Mercy. Then they advertise the rest of the No Mercy card.

Up next: The Tag Champions, Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki take on Shannon Moore and Funaki.

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Back from commercial, they showed how the tickets for WrestleMania 21 sold out so quickly.

Match 3 - Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki w/ Hiroko vs. Shannon Moore and Funaki (Non-Title)
Dupree gets on the mic to talk about their match with RVD and Rey Mysterio at No Mercy. Dupree degrades RVD and Mysterio, which gets boos from the fans. Dupree then says that he and Suzuki are role models because they are sophisticated. Big USA chant from the fans, which gets on Dupree's nerves. Hiroko tries to talk, but Suzuki takes the mic and says how much he loves the USA. He then quotes some singer and starts dancing and singing. It looks as bad as it sounds, folks. Anyway, Moore and Funaki run down to the ring to put an end to the madness.

Moore and Suzuki start. Suzuki wants Moore to tag in Funaki. Funaki tags and the 2 Japs start. Suzuki wants to talk and shake hands first, but Funaki declines and lets in with punches. Crossbody to Suzuki, followed by a series of arm-drags then an armbar. Suzuki kicks out of it and tags Dupree, who gets arm-dragged himself. Irish whip to Funaki, who returns with some arm-drags. Fuunaki tags Moore. Double-team to Dupree. He gets a drop toe hold by Funaki, follwed by a leg drop fom the middle rope by Moore. Funaki tags back in and irish whips Dupree. Dupree with a clothesline. Suzuki tags in. Chops in the corner by Suzuki. Funaki is down and looks hurt. Kicks to Funaki's head. Bodyslam to Funaki. Suzuki taunts to the crowd and tags Dupree. Dupree with a neckbreaker. Dupree stomps Funaki while the ref's back is turned. Dupree with the French Tickler dance and Suzuki does it too on the apron. Dupree goes for the pin, but Moore breaks it up. Dupree grabs Funaki's leg whle he's getting up, but Funaki delivers an enziguri kick. Moore tags in and is a house of fire. Drop toe hold to Dupree, then mocks Dupree by doing the Frech Tickler himself. He then knocks Dupree down and he tags Suzuki. Dupree gets hit with a crossbody by Moore, but doesn't get the pin. Suzuki then runs in to give a DDT-type move to Moore and Dupree sneaks in the pin. Dupree and Suzuki celebrate their win with their belts as we go to commercial.

Winners: Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki via the DDT-type move from Suzuki to Moore.

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We return with Matthews and DeMott hyping No Mercy one more time before it airs tomorrow night on PPV. They then show a video package of the events leading up to most of the matches that will be happening tomorrow. End of show.

Final Thoughts: Not an awful Velocity tonight, although I could have lived without the Bashams tag match. Just looked like 4 jobbers out there to me.

No Mercy looks to not reek that bad, although I, like most everyone /*, would have preferred seeing London and Kidman agaist RVD and Mysterio, instead of what we're getting with Dupree and Suzuki.

No Mercy predictions:

Undertaker - JBL. Undertaker needs to win this one to keep from looking weak. Besides, JBL has never worked for me as champ. Period. My pick: The Undertaker.

Booker T. - John Cena. John Cena is leaving to film his movie, so Booker will win this one to lengthen his title reign. My pick: Booker T.

Big Show - Kurt Angle. Big Show just got back and needs to get revenge on Kurt for shaving his head. My pick: Big Show.

Eddie Guerrero - Luther Reigns. If Eddie loses this one, you can officially consider him a mid-carder again. I pray to God that doesn't happen though. Eddie needs this win. My pick: Eddie Guerrero.

Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki - Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio. Dupree and Suzuki just won the Tag Titles a few weeks ago, so having then lose the belts this soon to RVD and Mysterio would be pointlesss. Once again, I would give my left...arm to substitute Dupree and Suzuki for Kidman and London in this match, but oh well. My pick: Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki.

Spike Dudley - Nunzio. Tough call here. I don't think Nunzio has been built up enough to be considered as a strong enough face to take the title away from Spike. Plus I really like what Spike has been doing lately. So..My pick: Spike Dudley.

Billy Kidman - Paul London. Now here's a match I'd like to see..a few months from now. It's too soon and I'll hollar forever about how they lost the tag belts too soon to two undeserving guys in Dupree and Suzuki. Since this feud is just starting, I see them dragging this out for awhile in order to give these guys something to do. So I say that Kidman will win with some form of cheating. My pick: Billy Kidman.

Rico, Charlie Haas, and Miss Jackie - Dudley Boyz and Dawn Marie. Poor Dudleys. They went from being pushed as a big heel team with Paul Heyman as their manager, to now being lackeys for their little brother. Not cool. On the other side, Rico and Charlie Haas have started their whole bit with Rico being jealous over how close Haas and Jackie got while Rico was injured. I don't see this team breaking up too quickly though, cause it needs stretched out to make the fans really care. I see Rico and co. winning this so the fans will think that they will resolve their differences, only for Rico to turn on Haas and Jackie later down the road. My pick: Rico, Haas, and Jackie.

Well, that's all for me for this week, kiddies. Enjoy No Mercy. Peace.