WWE Velocity Results - 10/16/04 - Manchester, England (CW Title)

Reported by Brandon Tomblin of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, October 17, 2004 at 2:56 PM EST

WWE Velocity Results – 10/16/04
Taped from: Manchester, England
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott
Reported by: Brandon Tomblin of WrestleView.com

The Dudleys (no Spike) and Rico make their ways out in on the special UK Velocity set as the show begins.

Match 1 – Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Rico
Bubba is all gorssed out as he remembers Rico’s kiss from No Mercy. Bubba then gets mad after Rico grabs his “bum”. Bodyslam to Rico. Tie up and a headlock to Rico. Bubba off the ropes with a shoulder block. Bubba goes for another bodyslam, but Rico slips out and mocks doing “doggy style” with Bubba, with Bubba getting grossed out. Bubba wants a test of strength, but Rico just has fun with him by constantly switching arms. Rico then dances and blocks a clothesline from Bubba and answers with a kick. 2 count by Rico. Bubba throws Rico into the ropes, but Rico counters an elbow smash. Then D-Von trips up Rico from behind and crotches him on the post. “We want tables” chant as Bubba pounds Rico, then gives a snapmare and neck wrench. Rico shoulder blocks out and then attempt a sunset flip. Bubba tries to sit on Rico, but Rico sits up. Rico then gets up with a kick and DDT. Both men are down as the ref starts the count. Bubba is taking the tape off his wrist. Rico gets up and is a house of fire on Bubba. Rico goes for a pin, but just gets 2. Rico gets Bubba down again and barely hits his moonsault. D-Von distracts the ref while the pin is going on, and Rico kisses him for his trouble. Rico into the ropes, but D-Von trips him. Bubba picks Rico up and delivers the Bubba Bomb and gets the 3 for the win.

Winner: Bubba Ray Dudley

DeMott’s Turning Point – When D-Von tripped up Rico as he was going into the ropes.

They then show us clips of fans loving the UK tour this past week. They then bill Spike Dudley – Scotty 2 Hotty for the WWE Cruiserweight Title for later in the night.

Coming up after the break, we’ll see highlights of the United States Title match from this past Smackdown between Carlitto Carribean Cool (ugh) and Rey Mysterio.

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The WWE Rewind: The Battle Royal from Smackdown this week to determine who would face Carlitto Carribean Cool for the United States title, with Rey Mysterio getting the win.

We now go to the Carlitto – Rey Mysterio match. Rey hits a springboard moonsault off the middle rope, but only gets 2. Carlitto kicks Rey in the ribs and goes for a powerbomb, but Rey counters into a hurricanrana, folowed by a 619. Carlitto caught Rey in mid-air during the West Coast Pop and applies an armbar submission on the mat. Rey stays in it a long time, but gets to the ropes. Rey goes for a hurricanrana, but Carlitto reverses it into a pin move and holds onto the rope for the win and retains the title.

Still to come: Clips from the JBL – Hardcore Holly hardcore match for the WWE Title on this week’s Smackdown.

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WWE Slam Of The Week: John Heidenriech beating himself up in the ring. O…..k.

Orlando Jordan and Funaki make their way down to the ring for our next match.

Match 2 – Orlando Jordan vs. Funaki
The UK crowd LOVES Funaki as the match gets underway. Tie-up and a go behind by Funaki. Reversed by Orlando. Orlando backs Funaki back into a corner and taunts him. Headlock by Orlando, and Funaki irish whips, only to get knocked down. Armdrag by Funaki, followed by a dropkick, knocking Orlando out of the ring. Funaki quickly follows and pummels Orlando back into the ring. Irish whip by Orlando and then a dropkick. Orlando then chokes Funaki with his foot and the ref breaks it up. Punches by Orlando, followed by a hard kick to the ribs. Orlando then dances around and delivers stiff boxing jabs to Funaki, knocking him down again and receiving boos from the fans. Snapmare to Funaki, followed by a neck wrench. Funaki tries to fight out, but gets clubbed in the back. Funaki delivers a few punches, but receives a knee to the gut. Funaki hits an enziguri kick and goes for a pin, but only gets 2. Funaki then goes up top for a crossbody. However, Orlando reverses and hooks the tights for the pin, but Funaki somehow kicks out. Orlando then picks him up and gives him some form of reverse DDT for the win.

Winner: Orlando Jordan

We then see clips of the new Tough Enough hopefuls’ home videos. They then once again hype Spike Dudley – Scotty 2 Hotty for later in the show as we go to commercial.

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We now come back to the show with clips of the WWE Title match from this week. Hardcore Holly chases Orlando Jordan away, then proceeds to take a table apart so he can put JBL through it. JBL answers it with a monitor shot to Holly’s head. JBL then throws some steel steps into the ring. JBL runs at Hardcore on the outside, but gets back dropped onto a table. Holly goes for the pin, but just gets 2. Holly then goes for a bat, but then gets a boot to the face from JBL. JBL then brings in a chair and was gonna piledrive Holly onto it, but Holly blocks and beats up JBL and Orlando with a trash can. Holly then grabs the steel steps, but JBL uses the chair to knock the steps into Holly’s face. JBL then goes for the pin and retains his title.

After the next break, they’ll show us clips of Eddie Guerrero – Luther Reigns from this past Smackdown.

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We now return from the break with the clips of the Guerrero – Reigns match from Smackdown this week. Eddie with the 3 Amigos, but during the third one, Luther grabs Eddie and goes for a reverse DDT, but Eddie counters and knocks down Luther. Eddie then goes up top for the frogsplash, but Mark Jindrak comes down to interferre, so he gets hit instead. Jindrak and Reigns then team up on Eddie and the ref calls for the bell. The pair continue to beat on Eddie and then taunt as the crowd boos their head off. Kurt Angle then comes down to the ring with clippers and scissors. Guess it’s haircut time again. Kurt enters the ring and throws the ref out. Luther Reigns then gets set to cut Eddie’s hair, when the Big Show comes in to clean house on the trio. Me no like Big Show with no hair.

Coming up after the break: Spike Dudley defending the Cruiserweight title against Scotty 2 Hotty.

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Scotty 2 Hotty and Spike Dudley (no Bubba or D-Von) make their way down to ring for our Main Event.

Match 3 - Spike Dudley vs. Scotty 2 Hotty for the WWE Cruiserweight Title
Scotty prances around as the crowd cheers him on and claps. Tie-up and Spike with a series of armbar twists. Scotty then reverses and applies a FULL NELSON!! About time that move got used again. Spike then counters out of it. Spike then with a backwards counter and a backwards arm twist. Scotty then reverses it and knocks Spike to the outside. Spike then comes back in, only to get irish whipped into the ropes. Scotty then gives 7 punches from the middle rope. Where’s the other 3?  Spike then spits on Scotty and runs out of the ring. Spike then runs back in and delivers a punch and a knee to the gut. Spike then knocks down Scotty and applies a choke, which the ref breaks. Sleeperhold on Scotty, but he fights out of it and delivers a sunset flip, but 2 count only. Spike then puts Scotty in the corner and punches him. Spike then does his “running in place” move on Scotty’s chest. Spike with another sleeper on Scotty. Spike then runs off the ropes with a clothesline, but Scotty blocks it and knocks Spike down. Both men are down and the crowd counts with the ref. Both men up and Scotty counters a clothesline by Spike and gives him a back drop. 2 count by Scotty. Scotty then gets set up for the Worm, but Spike gets up. Scotty runs at Spike, but Spike grabs him and puts him in a pin move. Spike holds the ropes during the pin and gets the 3 to retain the title.

Winner and STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Spike Dudley

Final Thoughts:

Hey guys. Sorry I couldn’t send in a report last week. A bad car wreck where I lived forced the power to go out, so I couldn’t even watch last week’s Velocity, much less write a report for it.

Pretty decent Velocity this week. The UK crowd was really into it. At least I didn’t have to report a Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree tag match….again.

It said in the spoilers that Torrie Wilson would be appearing, yet she was edited out. That sucks.

I know this isn’t Velocity or Smackdown related, but I feel obliged to give you my predictions for the Taboo Tuesday PPV that will be going on this Tuesday, courtesy of “The Triple H Show”. Let’s get to it:

Triple H – Benoit/Michaels/Edge for the World Heavyweight Title. Something tells me that if the fans’ opinion REALLY matters, then Chris Benoit will win this vote hands down. People are sick of seeing HHH – HBK and I don’t think the fans want to see 2 heels face off either, so Edge is out. So that just leaves Benoit, who Triple H hasn’t beaten yet. However, since Benoit has been de-pushed back down to upper mid-carder, Triple H will furter Benoit’s decline by beating him….straight up. My pick (sadly)…Triple H-McMahon

Chris Jericho - ???? for the Intercontinental Title. This one I’m really excited about, since the fans have a list of 15 competitors to choose from. Something tells me that the top 3 candidates to face Jericho will be either Batista, Christian, or the best possibility….Shelton Benjamin. We’ve seen Batista and Jericho square off a few times, and I’ve had enough of Jericho-Christian matches. We’ve never seen Jericho-Benjamin, and I think these 2 guys would work great together. So here’s hoping that the fans will vote for Shelton Benjamin. I know I will. As far as who will win, it’s a tough call. Jericho is really above IC title status and doesn’t even need the belt to begin with. Shelton Benjamin on the other hand is really starting to come into his own, like Randy Orton was doing last year. I think an extended IC title reign is in the works for Benjamin, which would be a really good achievement for him. My pick: Shelton Benjamin

La Resistance – Benoit/Michaels/Edge for the World Tag Team Titles. Since I think Benoit will be the one to get the World Title shot, that will leave Michaels and Edge to tag up against the tag champs. Since Michaels and Edge definitely won’t be on the same page, there’s no way they’ll win the straps. One will lose and blame the other for the loss, which will set up a feud between Michaels and Edge heading into Survivor Series next month. So, my pick: La Resistance

“Fullfill Your Fantasy” Battle Royal for the WWE Women’s Title. I don’t care what outfits are that the fans vote on for the Divas to wear. Period. Only thing that really concerns me is the title. Now like everyone /*, I’m sick of Trish holding the belt. However, I believe that Victoria, Molly Holly, and Jazz have all had their time in the sun as well. That leaves 3 choices as to who should win: Gail Kim, Nidia, or Stacy Keibler. Now I’m not that interested in seeing Gail Kim hold the title again, since all she really is now is Molly Holly’s lackey. So she’s out. That leaves Nidia and Stacy Keibler. Now I believe that Nidia has worked her ass off to become a decent wrestler and I think a title reign would do wonders for her career. She wants the belt, she NEEDS the belt. However, instead of giving the title to a good lady wrestler, we will most likely see the winner being a woman who couldn’t wrestle her way out of a wet paper bag in Stacy Keibler. The finish will be something dumb like Molly or Trish running and leaping towards Stacy, only for Stacy to duck and cause the running opponent to fall out of the ring either on her own, or with a little push from the former Ms. Hancock. But once again, Nidia should win this, but she won’t. My pick (again, sadly): Stacy Keibler

Randy Orton – Ric Flair. Poor Randy Orton. He goes from being the World Heavyweight Champion, to now facing off with Triple H’s lackey in Skeletor. Of the 3 possible matches, I’m hoping for the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation. They could turn this into one of those old school FCA’s where the finish takes place like 2 blocks from the arena or something. I’d love to see that. I see Randy Orton picking up the win to get his push back on track and to further the decline of the “Nature Bone”. My pick: Randy Orton

Kane – Gene Snitsky. Words can’t describe how much this match will suck. For one thing, Snitsky is WAY too green to deserve any type of PPV match. That, combined with the face that the “weapon of choice” will be so obvious. Steel chairs are all too common these days, so fans won’t vote for them. Nobody cares about a steel chain, so scratch that off as well. That leaves the lead pipe that Snitsky used on Kane a couple of weeks ago. One of two things will happen here. Either Kane gets revenge on Snitsky by beating him to a bloody pulp with the lead pipe while Lita looks on approvingly, or the more likely outcome, which is Snitsky using the lead pipe on Kane and beating him senseless so Snitsky can look like a monster while Kane goes to film his “Eye Scream Man” movie. My pick: Gene Snitsky

Eugene – Eric Bischoff. Oh wow. Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any worse than Kane – Snitsky, here comes Eugene – Bischoff. Here’s another one where the stipulation will be blatantly obvious, seeing as how the WWE has been trying to pretty much rape us via television to go vote for the “Loser Gets His Head Shaved” stipulation. Nobody cares about seeing Bischoff or Eugene in a dress (or at least I don’t), and the “Loser Becomes The Winner’s Servant” stipulation has been played off enough times. But no matter what the stipulation will be, Eugene will pick up this worthless victory over the Raw GM. My pick: Eugene

Christy – Carmella. Ok. First off, I don’t even know why this match is taking place to begin with. Didn’t Carmella “lose” the Diva Search “Contest” to Christy? This whole angle just doesn’t make sense and I think that Christy would have been better used in the Women’s Title Battle Royal. I don’t even know what the 3 match choices are for this, which should let you know how much of a turd I give about it. However, I have to say that Christy is a hell of a lot more fun to watch than Carmella is (not to mention a lot sexier). What Carmella needs to understand is that the fans don’t boo her because she’s playing her heel role well. They boo her in the same sense that the fans used to boo X-Pac and why fans in Canada boo Shawn Michales. It’s because they genuinely HATE her. But anyway, I hope Christy wins, just for the hope of getting Carmella off my tv. My pick: Christy.

Prediction for my predictions: 7 out of 8 right.

Well, that’s all for me, kiddies. Hope you liked the Velocity report and the Taboo Tuesday predictions. If not, screw ya…..I’m just playin’ guys. Anyways, enjoy Taboo Tuesday (if you can) and I’ll see you all here next week for more Velocity.