Velocity Results - 11/13/04 (Booker T vs. Dupree + Survivor Series)

Reported by Brandon Tomblin of
On Sunday, November 14, 2004 at 5:24 AM EST

WWE Velocity Results - 11/13/04
Taped From: Corpus Christi, TX
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott
Report By: Brandon Tomblin of

I am now halfway through unlocking the Legends on Smackdown! Vs. Raw for the I have to rush to the computer to start my Velocity write-up. Damn it! But anyway, one-half of the Tag champions, Kenzo Suzuki and Hardcore Holly make their way down to the ring for our first match.

Match 1 - Hardcore Holly vs. Kenzo Suzuki
Hardcore Holly wins a hard-fought match with the Alabama Slam.

Winner: Hardcore Holly

Still to come: The #1 contender for the WWE Title at Survivor Series, Booker T takes on the other half of the WWE Tag champs, Rene Dupree later tonight in our main event.

Coming up next: A flashback to this week’s Smackdown, involving the Tough Enough contestants in Torrie Wilson’s “Sex Test”

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We come back from the break to see Al Snow cut Nick Mitchell from the Tough Enough competition. Then we get to see Torrie Wilson’s Sex Test, which includes the Tough Enough guys making out with Mae Young. Yuck. After that, Al Snow runs us through the voting process again.

Still to come: Booker T vs. Rene Dupree later in the main event.

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The Basham Brothers make their way down to the ring for our next match.

Match 2 - The Basham Brothers vs. Slam Shady & Russell Simpson
Danny wins the match with a chokeslam powerbomb on Slam Shady for the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Basham Brothers

After the Bashams win, they go back to arguing like they did at the end of their match last week as they both walk to the back together, still arguing.

Coming up after the break: clips from Smackdown! This week involving the match between Kurt Angle and Big Show.

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As we return from the break, we get clips of the match between Big Show and Kurt Angle from Smackdown! This week, which featured cameos by the members of Big Show’s and Angle’s Survivor Series teams. In the end, Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns run in to triple-team Big Show and cause the DQ. Afterwards, we get a rundown of the entire Survivor Series card, which looks very good in my opinion.

Coming up next, our main event match: Booker T taking on Rene Dupree!

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One-half of the Tag champs, Rene Dupree (w/ Fifi) and the #1 contender for the WWE Title at Survivor Series, Booker T make their way out to the ring for our main event.

Match 3 - Booker T vs. Rene Dupree
Booker T dominated pretty much most of the match. I assume this is being done to make him look real strong heading into his match with JBL at Survivor Series. Booker T delivers the Book End, then does the Spinaroonie for the fans. Finally, he follows it up with the Scissors Kick for the pin and the win.

Winner: Booker T

Booker T then celebrates his victory as we fade to black.

End of show.

Final thoughts: Pretty good Velocity for this week. I rather enjoyed the main event, even though they didn’t allow Rene Dupree to get in a lot of offense. Oh well, at least he’s still one-half of the Tag champs…..and we all know how valuable those belts are these days. Hehe.

I know that hardly any of you must be happy with my 2 recent Velocity reports being so short. However, until I get done with all the stuff I’m doing on Smackdown vs. Raw (or SvR for short), then my mind will always try be in 2 places while I’m writing my Velocity reports.

Speaking of SvR, here is what I have left to do. I still have to buy Andre The Giant, Legion Of Doom, Brutus Beefcake, Masked Kane, and Legend Undertaker in Shopzone. After that, it’s on to complete the 15 Legend difficulty challenges in Challenge Mode and I’m done, except for making Create-A-Belts, which I’ll do with the help of a Code Breaker disc. If anybody is stuck on anything right now and needs help, feel free to e-mail me. However, do NOT ask me for Create-A-Wrestlers. I haven’t fooled with that aspect of the game yet and would have no clue how to help.

Survivor Series predictions:

This year’s show looks to be a spectacular event, with only one real crap match to speak of, that of course being Undertaker-John Heidenreich. But anyway, on with my predictions.

Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and Maven vs. Triple H, Edge, Batista, and Gene Snitsky. Winner takes control of Raw for a month. Why in the world is Gene Snitsky there in place of Ric Flair? I mean I know that Ric Flair has gotten too old and has no real business being in the ring anymore, but honestly, I’d rather see him instead of Snitsky, simply for name value. I mean it’s not his in-ring work that bugs me so much, it’s his lack of charisma and shameless acts in the ring. Gene Snitsky just doesn’t have the experience or the knowledge to work a high profile match like this yet. He didn’t have it with Kane, and he doesn’t have it now. Anyways, I predict Snitsky and Maven to be the first guys from each team to be eliminated. After that, it’s anybody’s guess. Since Triple H’s team are really all for themselves (and what heel isn’t?), they’ll be fighting amongst themselves (maybe even Triple H and Batista). That gives the faces the major advantage in this match, since they’ll have solidarity and team-work on their side. So with that, I give my prediction to the faces, who will be getting title shots (and losing them) for a month.. My pick: Randy Orton and co.

Eddie Guerrero, John Cena, Big Show, and Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle, Carlito Carribean Cool, Luther Reigns, and Mark Jinkrak. Ooh, tough one to call here. Judging by the experience of the wrestlers on each team, Eddie’s team beats Kurt’s by a mile. However, with ¾ of Kurt’s team being new faces who need a good push, they need a win over the faces here to seem important. Especially Carlito, who’s only been with the company for a little over a month and really needs to make an impact for him to be taken seriously as the United States Champ until John Cena eventually wins the belt back. So since Kurt’s team really needs this win, I’ll give them my blessing. My pick: Kurt Angle and co.

John “Bradshaw” Layfield vs. Booker T for the WWE Title. I’ll go on the record by saying that if Booker T does not win the title here from JBL, Vince McMahon has no soul, period. Booker T has literally worked his @$$ off ever since he started with WWE in 2001. He’s been through the Invasion angle, where he was squashed by The Rock on 2 occasions. Then he was beaten up by Steve Austin in a grocery store, forming a tag team with Test, only to lose the Tag Titles to Tazz and Spike Dudley. He was fed to Edge at WrestleMania 18, simply because they were in Toronto. He was then put into the neutered New World Order with Nash, Big Show, and X-Pac. After that, he was placed in a tag team with Goldust. The 2 won the Tag Titles together and actually became the hottest tag team on Raw….until they lost the belts 3 weeks after winning them and they put Goldust in that AWFUL Tourette’s Syndrome angle. From there, they decided to finally give Booker T the push he rightfully deserved, and was placed in a feud against Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 19. Everyone….and I do mean everyone, thought that this was finally going to be Booker’s moment of triumph, given how they played up the race thing….again, and the fact that they brought up Booker’s storied past about prison and whatnot. However, Booker’s 15 minutes of fame would never come, as Triple H just had to retain the title in what was probably the best WrestleMania ever in my opinion. After that, Booker T was put into a feud with Christian over the newly re-instated Intercontinental Title. Booker did get to win it after awhile, but had to drop it back to Christian after just 3 weeks due to a knee injury. After Booker came back, he didn’t really do much except for winning the Tag Titles with Rob Van Dam, and later defended them at WrestleMania 20. Booker and RVD soon lost the titles and both were shipped over to Smackdown, where Booker went back to his heel ways. After that, he was put into a meaningless and ridiculous feud with the Undertaker, instead of going after the WWE Champion, Eddie Guerrero. After the ‘Taker feud, Booker went into pursuit of the US Title, held by John Cena. Booker would win the title from Cena and hold onto it until he lost the recent Best Of 7 Series at No Mercy. To make a long story short, Booker T has more than paid his dues and has more marketing value in his little pinky than JBL has in his entire body. So again, if Booker T does not win the WWE Title this Sunday at Survivor Series, then Vincent Kennedy McMahon has no soul and doesn’t give a damn about the wrestling fans. My pick: Booker T, obviously.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian for the WWE Intercontinental Title. Ok, since I went on a Booker T rant in my last prediction, I’ll try to keep the rest of the stuff short and sweet. Shelton Benjamin just won the IC Title at Taboo Tuesday last month, so having him losing it to Christian this early would be both pointless and stupid. Besides, Christians got at least 3 reigns under him that I know, so he’s had his time in the sun. Let Shelton have a chance to show what he can do. My pick: Shelton Benjamin.

Spike Dudley vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Billy Kidman vs. Chavo Guerrero in a Fatal 4-Way match for the WWE Cruiserweight Title. Spike Dudley has been the champ for quite some time, so I think it’s time for him to step aside for the time being. Chavo Guerrero is starting to build fan support with his return as a face, so I think a run with the title and a nice little feud with Kidman over the belt is just what the doctor ordered. So, my pick: Chavo Guerrero.

Trish Stratus vs. Lita for the WWE Women’s Championship. I’m sick of seeing Trish Stratus with the belt, period. She’s fun to look at and all, but she’s had that title enough. Lita, on the other hand, hasn’t been champ for 4 years now. Also, given that she’s had to play up this whole pregnancy angle bit with Hardy, Kane, and Snitsky, I think she should be rewarded for being a team player. So my pick: Lita.

Undertaker vs. John Heidenreich. Oh boy. Where’s a Playboy around when you need one? Undertaker, I like. John Heidenreich, I could shit, piss, AND puke on. However, Undertaker will do the “right thing” and put over this….monstrosity. Heidenreich gets the win in a match I don’t care about and I’m sure many of you don’t either. My pick: John Heidenreich.

Rumored Match: La Resistance vs. either Rhyno and Tajiri or Eugene and William Regal for the World Tag Titles. Either one of the opposing teams would make great tag champs and would really help to kickstart the dead tag division. Please let this match happen and let one of the opposing teams win. My pick: Either Rhyno and Tajiri or Eugene and William Regal.

Well, those are my Survivor Series predictions. We’ll see how I did after tomorrow, won’t we? See you back here next week for more Velocity and another update on Smackdown! Vs. Raw.