Velocity Results - 12/4/04 (Kidman vs. Chavo, London/Akio & more)

Reported by Brandon Tomblin of
On Sunday, December 5, 2004 at 1:17 AM EST

WWE Velocity Results: 12/04/04
Taped From: Richmond, VA
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott
Report By: Brandon Tomblin of

We are just one week away from WWE Armageddon and three weeks away from Christmas as we head into this week’s edition of Velocity.

Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns come out to meet Nunzio and Funaki in a rematch from two weeks ago to start the show.

Match 1 – Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns vs. Nunzio and Funaki.
Reigns and Jindrak look like an awesome power team. Towards the end of the match, they give Funaki a double hip toss into a double powerbomb. Very impressive looking. Jindrak finishes off Funaki with the Mark Of Excellence while Nunzio is dazed. Jindrak pins Funaki for the win while Reigns holds off Nunzio. Great match!

Winners: Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns.

Later on tonight: Billy Kidman vs. Chavo Guerrero as our main event tonight.

Also tonight, we’ll see clips from Smackdown this past week involving the Undertaker taking on Orlando Jordan and JBL in a handicap match.

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When we come back from commercial, we get the Tough Enough segment from Smackdown this week, involving Hardcore Holly of all people. So sad. We also see the TE contestants try to sexually molest ol’ Double H while wearing drag. Even sadder. Al Snow then wants the crowd to vote on who the best cross dresser was. Looks like “The Miz” got the fans’ vote on that one. Afterwards, we are told that the remaining two TE contestants will slug it out at Armageddon in a legit boxing match. I’m hoping for Justice Smith vs. Daniel Puder, as I can’t stand “The Miz” for his lame impersonations of The Rock. Just be yourself, man. And if you are being yourself, I feel sorry for you.

WrestleMania Recall: Hulk Hogan beating Randy Savage for his second WWE Title win at WrestleMania 5 in 1989. Ah, the good ol’ days.

Still to come tonight: Billy Kidman vs. Chavo Guerrero.

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When we come back from the break, we are told that Smackdown is going back to Iraq for Christmas this year. Very nice gesture on their part.

Paul London and Akio make their ways down to the ring for our next match.

Match 2 – Paul London vs. Akio.
Awesome Cruiserweight match! Paul London gives a running flipping somersault to Akio on the outside that is to die for. Perfectly executed. There’s also a spot in the match where London tries to jump over the top rope to get back in the ring, but he trips and lands on his head! Ouch. Both men then trade martial arts kicks to the other one’s sides. Akio connects with a great moonsault on London while he’s standing. Pin attempt, but 2 count only. London jumps off the middle rope and connects with a huge DDT on Akio and gets the pin and the win. Excellent match! Probably Velocity Match Of The Year!

Winner: Paul London.

Coming up after the break: clips from Smackdown this past week involving the Undertaker taking on JBL and Orlando Jordan in a handicap match.

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WWE Slam of the Week: The Bashams beating Eddie Guerrero and Booker T this week on Smackdown, followed up by JBL delivering a Clothesline From Hell on Guerrero.

We now go to clips of the handicap match this week on Smackdown. Undertaker does pretty well against JBL and Orlando, until JBL gives ‘Taker a low blow to cause the DQ. They then double-team ‘Taker for a little while, until he powers out and gives a chokeslam to Orlando. He goes to give a Tombstone to JBL, but the Bashams interfere and save their new boss. JBL then gives a Clothesline From Hell to the Undertaker. However, Undertaker sits up, but JBL then clocks him in the head with the WWE Title belt. It then degrades into a 4 on 1 beatdown on Undertaker. JBL then taunts ‘Taker, saying that the WWE Title will always belong to him.

Afterwards, they hype what is booked for Armageddon so far. Coming up next, our main event of Billy Kidman taking on Chavo Guerrero.

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By the way, during the commercial break, they hyped Triple H’s big “starring role” in Blade: Trinity. Oh brother. Blade 2 was considered a bomb, and I bet this will be too.

The WWE Rewind: Billy Kidman smashing Chavo Guerrero’s head with that botched Shooting Star Press back in August.

Billy Kidman and Chavo Guerrero make their ways out to the ring for our main event.

Match 3 – Billy Kidman vs. Chavo Guerrero.
The crowd is thouroughly behind Chavo as he vows to pay Kidman back for what he did to him in August. Nice series of running arm drags to Kidman and he retreats to the outside. Tilt-a-whirl back breaker to Kidman, followed up by a sitting armbar. Kidman gets up, but gets clotheslined. Kidman gets up and goes to work on Chavo’s arm. Kidman arm drags Chavo to the outside as we go to commercial.

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We come back as both men exchange punches and kicks. Kidman ducks a clothesline and delivers a DDT. Kidman then goes to kicking on Chavo’s shoulder. Armdrag and sitting armbar by Kidman. Chavo fights to get up, but just gets knocked back down. Punches in the corner by Kidman. Back suplex by Kidman. Pin, but 2 count only. Another sitting armbar to Chavo. Chavo fights back up after a few minutes and gives punches, a flying forearm, and multiple clotheslines. A slam by Chavo and a pin, but 2 count only. Kidman rakes Chavo’s eyes and gives the BK Bomb and a pin, but 2 count only. Kidman goes up top for a Shooting Star, but Chavo brings him down. Chavo attepts the Gory Special, but Kidman rolls through, puts his feet on the ropes, and gets the illegal 3.

Winner: Billy Kidman.

Kidman celebrates his dirty win as we go off the air for this week.

Final thoughts: Excellent Velocity! Extra special kudos goes to Paul London and Akio, who I swear gave us the best Velocity match I’ve ever seen. The Kidman vs. Chavo match was great too, but I felt it would have been better used on Smackdown, or even better, Armageddon. Tonight just made Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak my favorite Smackdown tag team. I’ve not seen a team work with that much intensity in quite some time.

Armageddon thoughts: Well gang, The End Is Here…again. Some of the matches on the card for this year’s Armageddon look great, and some look downright horendous. I’ll do a rundown of each announced match and let you decide for yourself which ones I think are briliant Christmas presents, and which ones I think are huge lumps of coal in your stockings.

JBL vs. Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Undertaker for the WWE Title. This looks to be a pretty decent match, as JBL will have to face all the competitors he’s cheated against since winning the title back in June. Anybody that knows my preferences by now knows that I’m definitely not a huge fan of JBL being the WWE Champion. If I were to root for anybody out of these for, it would definitely be either Booker T or Eddie Guerrero. Booker T still needs that one chance to show that he can carry Smackdown, and at the same time, I think Eddie deserves a second chance to run with the big gold. As for Undertaker, he’s had the title enough times, and just like JBL, should be nowhere near it.

Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak, and Luther Reigns vs. The Big Show in a 3 on 1 Handicap match. I hate this match on SO many levels. Don’t get me wrong. I love all four of these wrestlers…just not in this type of match. Big Show and Kurt Angle would be much better suited to participate in the WWE Title match, making it a six man match. And if it was me, that six man match would be turned into Smackdown’s first ever Elimination Chamber match, just to ensure that it truly would be Armageddon fro ol’ JBL. What I would do with Jindrak & Reigns is put them in the Tag Title match with RVD & Rey and Dupree & Suzuki and make it a triple threat. Now doesn’t that just sound a lot better than a 3 on 1 match?

Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio vs. Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki for the WWE Tag Titles. Ok, like I said in the last paragraph, I’d rather this be a three team match involving Jindrak and Reigns, where I’d have Jindrak & Reigns with the straps. However, that’s just not the case here. So, since I’ve grown weary of seeing Dupree & Suzuki with the straps (even though I have no problem with their individual talent), I’m hoping to see RVD and Rey win the straps…even though we know that one should be in the main event scene and one should be in the US Title picture. You try to figure out which one I mean. However, that just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for RVD and Rey right now, so I guess them having the tag straps will do until Creative can find something for them to do.

John Cena vs. Jesus in a Street Fight for the United States Title. This is another one that doesn’t give me much confidence. I don’t care one bit about Carlito’s Jesus (Carlito’s started to grow on me though), but since Cena needs to finish filming The Marine, it looks like Jesus will have to hold the strap for awhile.

The Tough Enough Boxing Match. Like I said earlier, I hope it comes down to Justice Smith vs. Daniel Puder, as “The Miz” gets on my nerves really REALLY bad.

Dawn Marie vs. Miss Jackie w/ Charlie Haas as the special guest ref. Oh, what a waste of Haas’ talents. Too bad he hasn’t gotten the push his former tag partner has gotten on Raw. Which is a shame too, because I think the US Title would look rather nice on Charlie. However, since me and my “little friend” are big fans of Marie and Jackie, we may look forward to this one a little bit.

I think that’s all that’s been announced so far. Just 6 matches. That being said, I wonder what they’ll book for the Cruiserweight Title. As much as I like Spike Dudley’s heel turn, he hasn’t really done much with the CW Title. I think now is the time to let somebody like Paul London, Akio, or Nunzio run with the strap and see how things go.

Well, that’s enough of a PPV rant for this week. I’ll be back next week with my official Armageddon predictions. See you right here again next week….I hope. Peace out.