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RJ Brewer talks about the future of Lucha Libre USA - Wrestleview.com

RJ Brewer talks about the future of Lucha Libre USA

Steve Gerweck passed this along.


In this exclusive interview with GERWECK.NET, the outspoken star of Lucha Libre USA, RJ Brewers discusses:

* Training with Killer Kolawski
* Wrestling in a WWE ring, and performing at a Wrestlemania
* Lucha Libre USA airing on MTV and Hulu, and the promotion’s future
* Which promotion he will never work for
* The 2012 presidential election, and his outlook on the 2016 race
* The country keep the border wide open
* Gun control
* Working with the likes of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Christopher Daniels, etc. in ROH
* The transition of John Walters to RJ Brewer
* Being interviewed for Nightline, and the main street media’s brainwashing
* His dislike of Piers Morgan
* Obama Care, and much more in this sixty minute interview

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