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Indy show results from 1/10/14 to 1/12/14 - Wrestleview.com

Indy show results from 1/10/14 to 1/12/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Barry Ryte pinned Mike Matthews...Mike Anthony defeated Matt Knicks by Submission...Golden Star & Cruz De Angel defeated El Chupitos y El Funebre & Destructor Alfa...La Maldicion (Ovirload, Mojo McQueen & Punisher 747) defeated Alex Romero, El Kuni Silencio & Joe Firoz...Acid Jazz pinned Marcus Conrad...GPA, Stevie Fierce & Atomico defeated Team Sexy (D'Angelo Steele, Chico Suave & Valentino)...Marshe Rockett defeated Bryce Benjamin. (1/12/14)


Saginaw-Universal Wrestling Alliance at the Buena Vista Community Center: Grizzly House Jones pinned Jacob Braun...Mr. Fitness pinned Beefcake...Tommy Kline pinned Troy Alexander...Senator Bill Johns pinned Adam Sniper...Axel Rage & King defeated Jacob Braun & Beefcake...The Evans Brothers defeated The Pain Killers...Malice vs. Mad Dragon went to a Double Countout...Rude Boy pinned Terro Kahn. (1/12/14)


Ballston Spa-In Your Face Wrestling at the Ballston Area Community Center: Northern Fury (Vigo & SGT. Fury) defeated The Savage Wolves (CJ Scott & Damon Ravage)...Elite Terrell pinned Lance Madewell...Liam McFerrin defeated SOG Ronnie Ribs, Good Lord Willing & Etanna in a Scramble Match...Roman Dominguez pinned North Studd...Chuck Deep pinned Fronz Roddy...Tommy Dreamer vs Pierre Vachon went to a No-Contest...Team RPG (Ian Daniels & The Rickety Rocket) defeated Blood Money (Scott Scarsdale & Ricky Williams)...Bobby Ocean pinned Jamar Justice to become the new IYFW New Breed Champion. (1/11/14)


Pelham-Pure Pro Wrestling at the Pelham Community Center: Konichiwa & Baja defeated The Just Us League...Jimmy Jannetty pinned Brandon Scott...Justin Flash pinned Mike Williams...Rolling Thunder & Sheik Kasir Asaad defeated Labron Kozone & Victor Andrews...Jimmy Parker pinned Justin Flash...Ricky Morton, Jesse Windham & Corey Duncom defeated Louis Moore, Matt Houston & Scrapyard Dog. (1/11/14)


Jasper-AIWF Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Opie-2-Dope pinned Marc Slayton...JaySin pinned Evil...Executioner pinned Adam Powers...Young & Reckless (Freddie Reckless & Brandon Young) defeated Masters of Mayhem (Robbie Evans & SuperBeast)...Justin Blaze pinned Matt Bradley...Eric Michaels pinned Mikey G...Fugitives of Sin (Cra-Z-C & Jason Williams) and DethRow defeated Suicide Kings (Maniac & Thomas Cage) and Acid. (1/4/14)


Jasper-AIWF Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Mikey G defeated Joshua Crowe & Matt Bradley in a Triple Threat Match...Fugitives of Sin (Cra-Z-C & Jason Williams) defeated Adam Powers & Marc Slayton...Maniac pinned JaySin...Brock Garvin pinned Eric Michaels...Thomas Cage pinned Acid...Eric Michaels pinned John Davis...Masters of Mayhem (Robbie Evans & SuperBeast) defeated Young & Reckless (Brandon Young & Freddie Reckless). (1/11/14)

Lewisburg-All-Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: The Ringmaster pinned Ray Dunnavant...Larry Cooter pinned Sexy C...Mike Jablonski defeated Jeremiah Plunkett by Countout...Shane, Steve & Cody Morton defeated Forsaken, The Great Mephisto & Lucifer by DQ...JP Jones & Mikey Dunn defeated The Untouchables. (1/11/14)


Salt Lake City-Ultra Championship Wrestling at the UCW-Zero Arena: Dallas Murdoch pinned Braydon Austin...Morgan Vs. Sierra Rose went to a Double Pinfall...The Foundation (Martin Casaus & Derrick Janetty) vs. Lso Mochi Paco & Junior X went to a Double DQ...Durango Kid defeated Lacey Ryan & Kid Kade in a Triple Threat Match...Jason Jaxson pinned Bronson...Jayson Bravo pinned Zack James in a No DQ Grudge Match. (1/11/14)


Edmonton, AB-Monster Pro Wrestling at the Alberta Avenue Community Hall: Rauchy Jewels & Dr. Meniak defeated Weird Johnny & Mutato...Canadian Tornado defeated Steve Rivers by DQ...Sin City Strangler pinned Jack Hammer...Bobby Sharp & Chris Perish defeated Massive Damage...Kato defeated Justice & Rudy O'Rawe...Krazy Kore & Irishman defeated Sonic Insania & Diablo in a Ladder Match. (1/4/14)