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Miscellaneous & indy videos for 2/28/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


Jake the Snake the Day Before Cancer Surgery http://youtu.be/sqDSgrw-wgc 

2/25/14 West Virginia Championship Wrestling "Daily Blast" http://youtu.be/Ku23Yalt7s8 

3/2/14 Southern Illinois Wrestling Explosion TV http://youtu.be/FVzgXipkUZ0 

AIWF Mid-Atlantic TV (Episode 163) http://youtu.be/1GYD6PNDAO4 

2/21/14 Canadian Wrestling's Elite TV http://youtu.be/7nMSI95Twck 

Reality of Wrestling (Episode 4) http://youtu.be/A7UAwnm93Y4 

2/26/13 Ace Pro Wrestling "Overdrive" TV http://youtu.be/tfvW4YvNAGY 

West Virginia Championship Wrestling TV (Episode 165) http://youtu.be/lC5YDGIRZP4 

"Dad You Don't Work, You Wrestle" (Episode 62) http://youtu.be/1tmfI-8PGtU 

Bill Apter Interviews Jake "The Snake" Roberts on 2/26/14 http://youtu.be/GtwEO-Pea7U 

2/26/14 West Virginia Championship Wrestling "Daily Blast" http://youtu.be/MNWaCi6bosg 

2/26/14 Kevin Steen's Weekend Escapades http://youtu.be/vQlxzj8XZOE 

Top 25 Moves of Yuzuki Aikawa http://youtu.be/IBeQ7IIzgl4