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TNA 24/7 videos for 11/5/13 - Wrestleview.com

TNA 24/7 videos for 11/5/13

Thomas Rude sent this in.


#IMPACT365-Medical Update on the Condition of Kurt Angle

#IMPACT365-Dixie Carter Responds to AJ Styles "Title Defense" in Mexico Sunday Night http://youtu.be/CBG08eYsrLU 

#IMPACT365-Jeff Hardy on the Origins of "Peroxwhy?gen" Name http://youtu.be/KkgcNNkxx-A 

#IMPACT365-Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode (11/2 Mount Pleasant, Michigan) http://youtu.be/XvbCg-dMKZA 

#IMPACT365-Abyss Sends a Message to TNA Wrestling

#IMPACT365-Inside ODB's Dressing Room

#IMPACT365-Bobby Roode on Toronto, The Leafs, Mayor Allegations http://youtu.be/RhlcE4d_fhU