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Miscellaneous WWE videos for 5/14/14 - Wrestleview.com

Miscellaneous WWE videos for 5/14/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


John Cena Talks About National Women's Health Week http://youtu.be/_PfIEP-R5tA 

WWE Mashup: The Godfather vs. Flash Funk vs. Sexual Chocolate http://youtu.be/ubal8Xj5ipU 

Shawn Michaels' New Tag Team Partner http://youtu.be/d1_J2EmfIZE 

5/12/14 WWE RAW "Fallout"-What Goes Around, Comes Around http://youtu.be/eXVerjSsHIU 

5/12/14 WWE RAW "Fallout"-Paige Wins, Fox Flips http://youtu.be/pWWTCkS49yU 

5/11/14 After Total Divas http://youtu.be/cYagFgtFElw 

Five Acts of Payback http://youtu.be/_xpASIkSZDM