What happened after RAW in San Jose, The Rock segment


What happened after RAW went off the air in San Jose

After RAW went off the air in San Jose on Monday night, the brawl continued in the ring until only John Cena and Sheamus were left. Big Show came back out and this setup a bonus match to close the show. John Cena and Sheamus def. Big Show and WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett in the bonus match. After the match, Big Show said it takes two men to take him down. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio hit the ring and took down Big Show. Del Rio celebrated with the crowd to officially end the show.
[The Wrestling Observer]

Identities of police offers on RAW

The identities of the police officers on RAW in the segment with The Rock was Dave Dutra of All Pro Wrestling, J.R. Krators of Supreme Pro Wrestling and Julio Pedrosa.
[The Wrestling Observer]