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TMZ: Kane appears at Ron Paul's BBQ

From TMZ.com:

BBQ'ing with

Vince Vaughn posed for pictures with a seemingly nice man in a yellow shirt this weekend at a BBQ in Texas -- but don't be fooled ... cause that guy is WWE Superstar Kane (UNMASKED!) and he could DESTROY YOU!!

It's not often you see the 18-year wrestling vet out in public without his mask on these days ... but Kane made a rare appearance on Saturday for Ron Paul's annual BBQ in Lake Jackson, Texas to talk politics with other supporters like V.V.

Turns out Kane -- real name Glen Jacobs -- is a big fan of the former Presidential hopeful ... and Paul has even been pushing for Jacobs to take a crack at running for office.

Politics could be a good fit -- considering Kane's already spent most of his life around professional fakers.

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