Austin Aries

Austin Aries took to Twitter on Friday to issue an official statement about his departure from WWE that went public officially last Friday.

As reported last week, WWE confirmed Aries’ departure from the company in an official statement. Aries simply tweeted that it was a “beautiful day” the same day.

While many in the wrestling media have speculated about why Aries left the company regarding his position in the Cruiserweight division, Aries had the following to say.

  • Cameron Huff

    He still didn’t explain why he left.

  • Lucas Puryear

    He future endeavored himself

  • Kevin Murphy

    Wasn’t even that black and white. They wouldn’t let him out of the Cruiserweight division, so he didn’t even have a chance at being in the conversation of who could be a main eventer.

  • Kevin Murphy

    Austin Aries to ICW please.

  • TheCyberZon

    It’s all right Austin. WWE doesn’t always handle great talent that well. If you’re happy, I’m happy. Onward to new adventures.
    I don’t get the significance of the peeled banana though.

  • Glenn Wolf

    simply cos he loves them. i asked about that cos he kept turning up to the announce table with one in his chest pocket, so i don’t think it’s a cryptic reference to a slip and fall scenario.

  • thesystemforce

    Austin Aries has a ton of talent. He doesn’t have the preferred look for WWE, so I wasn’t surprised to see him squandered there. Hopefully, he’ll move on to somewhere where his skills will be properly appreciated and utilized.

  • Tony

    Sure hope he returns to GFW Impact. They need him.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like that but it won’t happen