Jinder Mahal

WWE issued a response on Thursday to an article posted by The Washington Post on Wednesday about what they perceived as “racist promos” by WWE Champion Jinder Mahal to Shinsuke Nakamura during the 9/19 episode of Smackdown Live in Oakland.

“Just like many other TV shows or movies, WWE creates programming with fictional personalities that incorporates real world issues and sensitive subjects. As a producer of such TV shows, WWE Corporate is committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds as demonstrated by the diversity of our employees, performers and fans worldwide.”

The Post asked fans who attended Smackdown Live in Oakland to send in e-mails to give a reaction to the promo conducted by Mahal as during the promo segment on Tuesday, the Oakland crowd chanted “THAT’S TOO FAR” after Mahal compared Nakamura to “Mr. Miyagi” from the Karate Kid movie franchise.

As of Thursday morning, WWE has yet to post a video clip of Mahal’s promo onto their YouTube channel or even on WWE.com.

  • Cameron Huff

    WWE’s been known for doing stuff that’s edgy,but when someone calls them out for it they either edit the video or don’t even upload it. If they’re going to let a bunch of snowflakes peer pressure them into removing something or they’re that concern with what people thinks of them then they should’ve did it to begin with. I wasn’t even offended with the promo.

  • Gary Stephenson

    The Joker has a question for you Vince.
    What happened, did your grapefruit’s drop-off?

  • unknown

    Yet they mocked Glenn Beck when Zeb Colter debuted.

  • Levon Hughey

    Glenn Beck isn’t a race of people.

  • Levon Hughey

    Are you of Japanese origin?

  • Levon Hughey

    Outdated Japanese stereotypes is a real world issue in 2017?

  • Colby

    Everything is a real world issue these days, it would appear!

  • Cameron Huff

    Nope,African American.

  • TheCyberZon

    Vince making his wrestlers into stereotypes and making them do racist promos?? PSHAW I say!
    I want to hear Cryme Tyme’s opinion on this.

  • J™

    If that promo was anything it was BORING

  • Moonsaves

    Vince’s unedited response: “Whaddya mean racist? I love those japs!”

    I don’t think it’d have been a problem if it was actually funny. This is what I was worried about when Nakamura came to the main roster.

  • JalajJoshi

    Fair enough. So is new and upcoming japanese stereotyping okay with you?

  • NJ Louch

    “It was acceptable in the 80’s so it’s acceptable now” – yeeehaw!

  • Jason Blasen

    What I found funny is the crowd response to this (with the “that’s too far” chant) and compare that to the crowd response from the lynching of The Undertaker. Seemed like that chant should of happened then instead of now. I’m interested to see how they progress with Jinder and if they’ll drop the belt at HIAC.

  • Levon Hughey

    Any creative idea that is new and up and coming would be okay with me, especially when it comes to the WWE.

  • Victor Fiori

    Looks like this is a potential nominee for Wrestling Observer’s “Most disgusting Promotional Tactic” of the year.

  • Randy Centorani

    It is because Vince’s wife is in the Trump administration… and the Washington Post is not a fan of the current administration.. so they seek out a fictional program to find things to write about…. I guess reporting real news is too much like work!!!!

  • Tony

    Sick of people getting butt-hurt over every little thing. What happened to cause this? It sucks. PC sucks!! If you don’t like it….Tough!