If you missed it last night, Cesaro suffered a pretty nasty injury at No Mercy in Los Angeles when he was catapulted to the corner by Dean Ambrose.

Cesaro ended up bouncing part of his face off the corner steel ring post and smashed his two front teeth as a result of the spot. WWE immediately went to a replay of the aftermath.

He did end up finishing the match for the RAW Tag Team Championships teaming with Sheamus against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in a losing effort.

WWE posted this clip of doctors applying stitches backstage before he headed out to receive emergency dental work. You can check it out below courtesy of WWE.

  • King Sonny

    He is definitely the swiss superman for finishing the match!

  • As if we needed further proof of that. But yeah, poor guy deserves to be WAY higher on the card than he is for some of the stuff he’s done and endured.

  • Raheen Ashimi

    the look on the ref’s face when he realized what happened was something to see. But kudos to Cesaro for fighting through the obvious pain. He deserves to be rewarded greatly…

  • Christopher Ellis

    I wonder how munch did it take to get those teeth fixed?

  • Anonymous