Kurt Angle replacing Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns will not be competing at this Sunday’s TLC PPV. WWE is reporting that WWE RAW General Manager, Kurt Angle will be replacing Roman Reigns at this sunday’s WWE TLC PPV.

Therefore it will be, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Kurt Angle vs. Braun Strowman, Cesaro, Sheamus, The Miz and Kane.

A medical issue is preventing Roman Reigns from competing.

More on this when it becomes available.

  • gtafan4life

    This went from an ok PPV to complete garbage.

  • Brandon J

    Unbelievable. What a waste of a storyline build. I mean obviously if Roman can’t compete I completely understand, just sucks storyline wise. Kurt’s big return is being wasted on this match.

  • Tom Benjamin

    Hope everyone is okay. But this PPV has become must see for me. Angle wrestling. AJ vs Balor. Incredible.

  • wrestleview

    Viral meningitis is the medical issue rumored to be the cause. This is going around backstage. Adam Martin will have a more on this shortly.

  • Cameron Huff

    It should’ve been Kassious Ohno,but Kurt Angle will do. I’m also exited for AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor despite their being no build up for that match.

  • Cameron Huff


  • Brian Farmer

    Well, up until ESPN dropped this on my phone about half an hour ago, I was going to skip TLC to watch the Falcons play on Sunday night. But hey, you don’t get Kurt Angle in a WWE ring for the first time in eleven years and not watch it live. Plus A.J. Styles, to boot.

  • Gary Stephenson


  • Andrew C Elder

    Heard the mumps. If it’s meningitis, then either they drank from the same cup or made out with someone with it.

  • Anonymous

    Care to explain?

  • J™

    I wonder is Kurt wearing the tactical vest, make the entrance from the crowd like the Shield does and then stand in the middle of the ring with SR and DA with the fist sign…

  • J™

    U must be a big fan of Roman

  • I didn’t even know WWE doctors had cleared Kurt to wrestle! :O

  • TheCyberZon

    Reigns is out & Angle is in? The quality of this PPV just went up.

  • Steven Herrera

    Oh it’s true! IT’S TRUE!

  • Steven Herrera

    Must’ve got cleared some time during the summer when he denied undergoing a physical.

  • TheCyberZon

    Battle of the former Bullet Club leaders.

  • Brian Farmer

    Please don’t feed the troll.

  • Drew Forshey

    I guess your not a fan of (“You Suck”) General Manager- Kurt Angle & A J Styles<Smackdown Live rooster member filling in for Illness W.W.E. Wrestlers… 🙁