It appears that AEW is using last month’s botched punches with the Dark Order as part of a storyline.

During the final segment of the December 18, 2019 episode of AEW Dynamite, one of the masked Dark Order members threw several missed punches at Dustin Rhodes that went viral on social media, which received a numerous amount of negative comments from fans and those within the wrestling industry.

This caused The Young Bucks to quit Twitter soon after, as many within the wrestling industry called out the botched spot.

It now appears that AEW is using the botched spot as part of a new storyline which can be seen on the promotion’s YouTube Channel.

In the new video, which can be viewed above, Evil Uno is talking directly (into the camera) at the Exalted One.  The Exalted One wants to know from Evil Uno what happened.  Evil Uno then promises the Exalted One that everything will be taken care of as it pertains to The Elite.  

However, just as Evil Uno gets up to leave, the Exalted One makes him stay, and then tells him that he wants “the weak one gone”, which then the footage of the botched punches are shown.