New Be The Elite episode “Back From The Dead” with Adam Cole, Ric Flair, more

New Be The Elite episode "Back From The Dead"

The latest Be The Elite episode entitled “Back From The Dead” features Adam Cole.

There is also a segment with The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega at an expensive restaurant. Omega says he will pay for the meal, but when he goes to see how the bill is, there is a note written on it that says: “Rick Flair Picked Up Tab.” They all then start to wonder if it really Ric Flair.  

At the bar, the camera zooms over and it is Ric Flair, or someone who looks like him. Omega then wonders if Flair felt bad about punching him at the AAA event last month. Omega then says it’s “water under the bridge”, and the group does a few “wooo’s” as Ric looks over.

You can watch the entire episode by clicking on it below.

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