Josh Boutwell reviews 2/7 TNA Impact Wrestling

Josh’s Final Impact
February 8, 2013
By: Josh Boutwell of

Week two from the United Kingdom was yet another hot crowd (literally the same one from last week) with some really fun wrestling though not so much in the form of mic work. The open with Aces & Eights was just kind of there but at least Wes & Garett explained their reasoning. The video package slammed in the middle of the promo was poorly executed. That screamed “taped show” and just simply doing it before the promo or as Aces & Eights came out to the ring would have been so much better.

Great 3-Way from the X-Division last night, it was primarily a spot fest but all 3 guys hit their spots and had some really cool sequences. Tenay & Todd did a good job of putting over how King has stolen wins from both Zema & RVD in the past and then that RVD actually stole a win from King tonight, good stuff.

Jesse was annoying but it was very pleasing to see Storm kick his teeth out. Man, James Storm is a man lost in the shuffle right now. They desperately need to give him something to do and quickly because the ovation he received tonight is wasted in things like this.

Absolutely excellent Tag Match tonight for the belts. Everything went well with both teams taking advantage at different times until the heels dominated Chavo for a long portion leading to Hernandez’ hot tag. The finish was perfectly executed with the Roode & Aries arguing leading Chavo & Hernandez to think that Roode had bailed on Aries only for Roode to return. They teased at the end that the heels had planned that all along but regardless that finishing sequence was really nicely done especially since Roode & Aries really didn’t do any other double team moves during the match. I was surprised that they went with them getting the belts this early though. I badly want to see them and Bad Influence in a program but I’m guessing we’re at least getting one more rematch with Chavo & Hernandez first.

Tara & Tessmacher actually had a pretty solid, hard hitting (at times) match together but the crowd was absolutely dead at this point (likely a little burned out since this was the 2nd of 2 TV tapings and they just had the X-Division & Tag Titles matches in back to back matches).

Rockstar Spud (I hate that name) really didn’t have much of a chance to show anything promo wise before Robbie E came out but the segment was pretty entertaining as Robbie E usually is with his antics.

The Tables Match was fine for what it was, a brawl but the Aces & Eights just continue to lose and lose despite a numbers advantage and that does NOTHING to help them. How unbearable was Bully Ray’s “hulk up” sequence though? Oh man, that was bad. I know they’re REALLY trying to get over this thing with Bully being a “good guy” (well not really “good” but 100% babyface) so that the eventual reveal (in my opinion) of him being behind Aces & Eights is a huge surprise but that was just bad.

Another great crowd and another fun show for the most part tonight, and yes the atmosphere from a legit crowd helps so much.

– Promo/Segment of the Night: Aries/Roode
– Match of the Night: Roode & Aries vs. Hernandez & Chavo (****)
– Overall Grade: B+

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