FEATURE: Viva la Raza! Lucha Weekly for 5/4/13

Viva la Raza!: Lucha Weekly
May 4, 2013
By: Josh Boutwell of Wrestleview.com


CMLL 04/26 “Arena Mexico 57th Anniversary” Results
1) Arkangel de la Muerte, Hijo del Signo, & Skandalo def. Metalico, Sensei, & Soberano Jr.
2) Ephesto, Felino, & Mephisto def. Angel de Oro, Delta, & Guerrero Maya Jr.
3) Gran Alternativa Torneo Finals: Bobby Zavala & Rey Escorpion def. Atlantis & Hombre Bala Jr.
4) Hair vs. Hair Match: Rey Cometa def. Namajague
5) Mexican National Welterweight Title: Averno def. Mistico II to win the vacant title!
6) Volador Jr., Ultimo Guerrero, & El Terrible def. La Sombra, Mascara Dorada, & Rush via DQ
– In the Semi-Main it looked like Mistico had Averno beat with La Mistica in the 3rd Fall, but Mephisto (who was in Averno’s corner) distracted the referee allowing Averno to foul Mistico and then pin him to win the belt.

CMLL 04/28 “Kids Day” Arena Mexico Results
1) Pequeno Nitro, Pequeno Violencia, & Pequeno Warrior def. Electrico, Pequeno Halcon, & Stukita
2) Fuego, Pegasso, & Triton def. Cancerbero, Raziel, & Virus
3) Lightning Match: La Amapola def. Estrellita
4) Guerrero Maya Jr., Mascara Dorada, & Brazo de Plata def. Puma King, Rey Bucanero, & Tiger Kid
5) Diamante Azul, Rush, & Shocker def. Euforia, Negro Casas, & Niebla Roja
6) Mistico def. Volador Jr. via DQ
– In the 4th Match Puma looked to have the match won but Bucanero broke up the pin attempt. Tiger Kid then got in between them to keep the peace but then Superkick his brother (Puma) leading to the tecnicos winning.
– In the Main Event Volador countered La Mistica II in the 3rd Fall into a pin that almost got Mistico. Volador eventually got pissed at the referee and kicked him leading to a DQ. Volador called Mistico II a “weak copy” of the original.

CMLL 04/28 “Kids Day” Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results
1) Demonio Maya & Espectrum def. Idolo & Virgo
2) Sky Kid & Smaker def. Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno
3) Angel de Oro, Gallo, & Stuka Jr. def. Malefico, Namajague, & Rafaga
4) Occidente Welterweight Title: Leo (c) def. Sangre Azteca to retain the title!
5) Super Libre Match: Barbaro Cavernario def. Rey Cometa
6) Mask vs. Hair Match: Azteca de Oro & El Hippie def. Acertijo & Sadico

CMLL 04/29 Arena Puebla Results
1) Blue Center & Siki Ozama Jr. def. Milenium & Tigre Rojo
2) Hijo del Signo, Hooligan, & Nitro def. Metalico, Starman, & Stigma
3) Blue Panther, Hijo del Fantasma, & Rey Cometa def. Felino, Puma King, & Tiger Kid
4) Diamante Azul, La Mascara, & Shocker def. Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvora, & Rey Escorpion
5) Ultimo Guerrero, Volador Jr., & Negro Casas def. Mascara Dorada, Atlantis, & Titan

CMLL 04/30 Arena Mexico Results
1) Camaleon & Sensei def. Apocalipsis & Inquisidor
2) Mercurio, Pequeno Nitro, & Pequeno Olimpico def. Astral, Pequeno Halcon, & Stukita
3) Lightning Match: Ephesto def. Guerrero Maya Jr.
4) Angel de Oro, Diamante, & Valiente def. Namajague, Puma King, & Virus
5) CMLL Light Heavyweight Title: Rey Escorpion (c) def. Stuka Jr. to retain the title!
6) Felino, Mr. Niebla, & Negro Casas def. La Sombra, Shocker, & La Mascara

CMLL 04/30 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results
1) Exterminador & Infierno def. El Divino & El Idolo
2) Black Metal, Esfinge, & Metatron def. Arkangel de la Muerte, Canelo Casas, & Skandalo
3) Nosferatu, Shigeo Okumura, & Vangelis def. Fuego, Pegasso, & Triton
4) Delta, Hijo del Fantasma, & Sagrado def. Misterioso II, Olimpico, & Polvora
5) Diamante Azul, Rush, & Titan def. Mr. Aguila, El Terrible, & Dragon Rojo Jr.

CMLL 05/03 “Atlantis Tribute Show” Arena Mexico Lineup
1) Oro Jr. & Soberano Jr. vs. Artillero & Super Comando
2) Aereo, Mini Fantasy, & Shockercito vs. Pequeno Nitro, Pequeno Violencia, & Pequeno Warrior
3) Fuego, Rey Cometa, & Stuka Jr. vs. Misterioso II, Namajague, & Shigeo Okumura
4) Blue Panther, Rush, & Brazo de Plata vs. Fuerza TRT (Rey Bucanero, El Terrible, & Tiger Kid)
5) Atlantis vs. Averno
6) Mascara Dorada, Mistico II, & Thunder vs. Ultimo Guerreo, Niebla Roja, & Euforia
– CMLL is honoring Atlantis on his 30th year as a luchador.

CMLL 05/05 Arena Coliseo Lineup
1) Bengala & Robin vs. Guerrero Maya Jr. & Herodes Jr.
2) Acero, Mini Fantasy, & Pequeno Halcon vs. Mercurio, Pequeno Olimpico, & Pequeno Universo 2000
3) Pegasso, Sagrado, & Triton vs. Morphosis, Sangre Azteca, & Vangelis
4) Lightning Match: Angel de Oro vs. Felino
5) Diamante Azul, Maximo, & Rush vs. Volador Jr., Mephisto, & Ephesto
6) Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvora, & Rey Escorpion vs. Mascara Dorada, Mistico II, & Valiente

CMLL 05/05 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Lineup
1) Indigo & Javier Cruz Jr. vs. El Pirana & Thunder Boy
2) El Divino & El Idolo vs. Demonio Maya & Evola
3) Black Metal, Metatron, & Smaker vs. Acertijo, Espectrum, & Magnum
4) Diamante, Gallo, & Stuka Jr. vs. Malefico, Namajague, & Rafaga
5) Atlantis & Thunder vs. Rey Bucanero & Mr. Niebla

CMLL 05/06 Arena Puebla Lineup
1) Meyer & Tigre Rojo vs. Ares & El Malayo
2) Camaleon, Horuz, & Magnus vs. Artillero, Super Comando, & Taurus
3) Dalis la Caribena, Goya Kong, & Luna Magica vs. La Amapola, Princesa Blanca, & Princesa Sujei
4) Blue Panther, Diamante Azul, & Thunder vs. Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero, & El Terrible
5) Los Cadetes del Aire (Mascara Dorada, Mistico II, & Valiente) vs. Averno, Mephisto, & Ephesto
– CMLL is listing the Dorada trio as “Los Cadetes del Aire” (The Air Cadets) but there has been no mention elsewhere of them forming a new group. Dorada was a part of “La Generacion Dorada” with Mascara & Sombra but they haven’t gone by that name for awhile. This sounds like a group that Sombra was a part of with the original Mistico “Super Sky Team” (Volador was a member too) a few years ago.

CMLL 05/07 Arena Mexico Lineup
1) Genesis & Robin vs. Espanto Jr. & Herodes Jr.
2) Acero, Electrico, & Shockercito vs. Pequeno Nitro, Pequeno Olimpico, & Pequeno Violencia
3) Diamante, Sagrado, & Triton vs. Hooligan, Nitro, & Skandalo
4) Lightning Match: Fuego vs. Virus
5) Delta, Diamante Azul, & Maximo vs. Mr. Niebla, El Terrible, & Polvora
6) Rush, Thunder, & Titan vs. Averno, Mephisto, & Ephesto

CMLL 05/07 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Lineup
1) Halcon de Plata & Virgo vs. Exterminador & Infierno
2) Esfinge, Leo, & Sky Kid vs. Arkangel de la Muerte, Disturbio, & Nosferatu
3) Astral, Mini Fantasy, & Ultimo Dragoncito vs. Demus 3:16, Pequeno Warrior, & Pierrothito
4) Angel de Oro, La Mascara, & Brazo de Plata vs. Felino, Puma King, & Tiger Kid
5) Mascara Dorada, Mistico II, & Valiente vs. Ultimo Guerrero, Niebla Roja, & Euforia


Vampiro Added to WWE Alumni
This week AAA star (well occasionally AAA star) Vampiro was added to WWE’s “Alumni” page on their website despite the fact (WWE never lets a little thing like facts get in the way) that he never stepped foot in WWE though he was obviously in WCW for years. His Alumni page barely mentions his career in Mexico.

AAA Replacing Octagon Jr.
In this week’s Wrestling Observer Dave Meltzer revealed that AAA plans on finding someone to replace Samuray del Sol as Octagon Jr. because it’s been so difficult to get Samuray del Sol in to enough shows (because of his busy American INDY schedule).

AAA-Evolucion 04/27 “TV Taping” Chilpancingo Results
1) Flamita & (Lucky Boy & Nino de Ebano) def. Apolo Estrada Jr., Carta Brava Jr., & Gran Apache
2) Fabi Apache, Jennifer Blake, & Octagoncito II def. La Hechicera, Mini Abismo Negro, & Taya Valkyrie
3) Bugambilia, Black Mamba, & Pasion Kristal def. Aerostar, Argenis, & Super Fly
4) AAA World Heavyweight Title: Texano Jr. (c) def. Argenis to retain the title!
5) No DQ Match: Mexican Powers (Crazy Boy & Joe Lider) def. Los Perros del Mal (Psicosis & Daga)
6) Fenix, Heavy Metal, & La Parka Jr. def. Chessman, Parka Negra, & Pentagon Jr.
7) Cibernetico & El Mesias def. Perro Aguayo Jr. & Texano Jr.
– After the 3rd match Texano Jr. ran out and made an open challenge to anyone that wanted a shot at his belt. Texano beat Argenis after hitting him with a foul before pinning him. Texano started beating on Argenis after the match which led to Heavy Metal running out for the save. Metal then challenged Texano for a World Title match but Texano said he was washed up and that Texano had already taken his hair (way back in CMLL in 2008) so there was no need.
– Daga hit Lider with a Super Canadian Destroyer off the top for the win in the 5th match.
– Metal returned in the Main Event to nail Texano with a guitar to cost his team the match.

AAA 05/12 “Sin Limite Taping” Plaza de Toros Lineup
1) Freelance, Lucky Boy, & Nino de Ebano vs. Carta Brava Jr., Suicida, & Dr. Cerebro
2) Aerostar, Atomic Boy, & Axxel vs. Gran Apache, Eterno, & Black Mamba
3) Jack Evans, Drago, & Angelico vs. Argos, Chessman, & Halloween
4) Psycho Circus (Monster Clown, Murder Clown, & Psycho Clown) vs. Silver Kain, Texano Jr., & Villano IV
5) Escoria, La Parka Jr., & Ozz vs. Los Perros del Mal (Psicosis, Perro Aguayo Jr., & Daga)
– For a retired guy Villano IV sure does wrestle alot.

AAA 05/17 “Sin Limite Taping” Puebla Lineup
1) Lucky Boy & Nino de Ebano vs. Carta Brava Jr. & Fresero Jr.
2) Axxel, Dinastia, & Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Argos, Mini Abismo Negro, & Black Mamba
3) Fabi Apache & La Jarochita vs. Mari Apache & La Hechicera
4) Alan Stone, El Elegido, & Toscano vs. Halloween, Psicosis, & TBA
5) Fenix, Heavy Metal, & La Parka Jr. vs. Chessman, Parka Negra, & Pentagon Jr.
6) Blue Demon Jr., El Mesias, & Electroshock vs. Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., Silver Kain, & Texano Jr.

AAA-Evolucion 05/24 “TV Taping” Auditorio Municipal de Tampico Lineup
1) Freelance, Black Mamba, & Saturno vs. Carta Brava Jr., Eita, & Suicida
2) Fabi Apache, Flamita, Octagoncito II vs. Eterno, Mini Charly Manson, & Taya Valkyrie
3) Crazy Boy & Joe Lider vs. Angelico & Jack Evans
4) Escoria, Fenix, & La Parka Jr. vs. Daga, Parka Negra, & Pentagon Jr.
5) Psycho Circus (Monster Clown, Murder Clown, & Psycho Clown) vs. Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., Silver Kain, & Villano IV
6) Cibernetico vs. Perro Aguayo Jr.


Japanese Star Possibly Coming to Mexico
This week Japanese media reported that All Japan’s Seiya Sanda would likely be heading to Mexico for an “excursion” soon. Sanada was trained by Kaz Hayashi & Satoshi Kojima and he is a former AJPW All Asia Tag Team Champion (twice with Manabu Soya), AJPW Gaora TV Champion (current), and AJPW Unified World Tag Team Champion (with Joe Doering). No word on where he will work if he comes to Mexico, but considering New Japan’s relationship with CMLL you can rule that out. AAA has a relationship with Pro Wrestling NOAH but they could very well work something out with AJPW as well. Otherwise he will probably just work independents like IWRG.

CHIKARA Grand Prix
The 2013 CHIKARA Grand Prix Tag World Tournament takes place in 2 weeks (05/18) from Chicago, IL and 11 of the 16 teams have been announced. Also, 2 non-tournament matches have been announced Archibald Peck gets a shot at the CHIKARA Grand Champions (whoever the champion is at that point) and Icarus will face hometown boy Colt Cabana one-on-one. The teams for the Grand Prix thus far are below:
– The Heart Throbs (Antonio Thomas & Romeo Roselli)
– The Devastation Corporation (Blaster McMassive & Max Smashmaster)
– AC/DC (Arik Cannon & Darin Corbin)
– Los Ice Creams (Ice Cream Jr. & El Hijo del Ice Cream)
– The Baltic Seige (Latvian Proud Oak & Estonian ThunderFrog)
– The Bravado Brothers (Lancelot & Harlem Bravado)
– The Kentucky Buffet (Matt Cage & Alex Castle)
– The Spectral Envoy (Hallowicked & Frightmare)
– Heidi Lovelace & Saturyne
– Da Soul Touchaz (Acid Jaz & Marshe Rockett)
– Zero Gravity (Brett Gakiya & CJ Esparza)

INDY 04/23 Arena Coliseo Monterrey Results
1) Super Jack def. Misionero
2) Shockercito & Tequilita def. Mercurio & Mini Hator
3) Bengali, Difunto I, & Sergio Romo Jr. def. Angel Dorado, Angel Dorado II, & Angel Dorado Jr.
4) Los Payasos (Coco Amarillo, Coco Azul, & Coco Rojo) def. Los Regio Guapos (Monje Negro Jr., Potro Jr., & Tigre Universitario) via DQ
5) IWRG IC Trios Titles: Los Piratas (Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan Jr., & Hijo de Pirata Morgan) (c) def. Los Legendarios (Genocida, Iron, & Zayko) to retain the titles!

IWRG 04/25 Arena Naucalpan Results
1) Dragon Celestial & Fulgor def. Angel del Amor & Seiya
2) Imposible & Picudo Jr. def. Alan Extreme & Saruman
3) Centvrion, Chico Che, & Dinamic Black def. Apolo Estrada Jr., Eita, & Tomahawk TT
4) Danny Cassa, Golden Magic, & Veneno def. Canis Lupus, Carta Brava Jr., & Eterno
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Pirata Morgan, & Hijo de Pirata Morgan def. Cien Caras, Hijo de Mascara Ano 2000, & Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. via DQ

LLF 04/26 Monterrey Results
1) Reyna de Corazones def. Jade
2) La Chacala def. Reyna de Corazones
3) Dark Fantasy def. La Chacala
4) Estrellita & Lady Jagaur def. Lady Flamer & Tiffany

INDY 04/26 Tijuana Results
1) Triple Threat: Tapatio Jr. def. Cardenal Jr. & Rey Centella
2) Tigrillo & Urzus def. Dementor & Tenebro
3) Extassis, Extreme Tiger, & Thunder Machine def. Hijo del Fishman, Lizmark Jr., & Mr. Tempest
4) Los Traumas (Trauma I & Trauma II) def. Cerebro Negro & Dr. Cerebro
5) Los Locos del Ring (Arandu & TJ Boy) def. Los Oficiales (Oficial 911 & Oficial AK47)

TxT 04/27 Gimnasio Juan de La Barrera Results
1) Los Piratas (Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Pirata Morgan Jr.) def. Golden Magic & Poseidon
2) Esther Moreno & Rossy Moreno def. Chika Tormenta & Diosa Maya
3) Trio Fantasia (Super Muneco, Super Pinocho, & Super Raton) def. Black Terry, Scorpio Jr., & Shu el Guerrero
4) Trofeo Angel Blanco Semifinals: Angel Blanco Jr. & Cien Caras Jr. def. Fuerza Guerrera & Pirata Morgan
5) Trofeo Angel Blanco Semifinals: Rayman & Saruman def. Dinamic Black & Imposible
6) Trofeo Angel Blanco Finals: Rayman & Saruman def. Angel Blanco Jr. & Cien Caras Jr.
7) Dr. Wagner Jr., El Hijo del Santo, & El Hijo del Solitario def. La Migra (Oliver John, Derek Sanders, & Shaun Ricker)

DTU 04/28 Teatro del Pueblo Results
1) Lancelot & Rocky Lobo def. Maxima Velocidad (Lucky Boy & Nino de Ebano)
2) Hormiga, Nino Hamburguesa, & Yuta def. Black Fire, Demente Xtreme, & Gremlin
3) Chika Yeye, Fabi Apache, & Hacker def. Pasion Kristal, Pesadilla, & Taya Valkyrie
4) Fatal 4-Way: Daga & Drastik Boy def. Pentagon Jr. & Ciclope, Fenix & Flamita, and Los Compadres Extremos (Aeroboy & Violento Jack)
5) El Mesias & The Mexican Powers (Crazy Boy & Joe Lider) def. Texano Jr., Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., & Toscano

INDY 04/28 Mexico City Results
1) Esther Moreno, La Vaquerita, & Marcela def. Princesa Maya, Rossy Moreno, & Sadica
2) La Diva Salvaje, Miss Gaviota, & Murcielago def. Arturo Gaona, El Hijo del Rambo, & Simbolo Dorado
3) Coco Blanco, Coco Blanco Jr., & Coco Negro def. Dave The Clown, Eso, & Rothen Clown
4) Axxel, El Hijo de Mascara Sagrada, Groon XXX, Oso Polar, & Robin def. Canek Jr., Super Crazy, Tony Rivera, X-Fly, & Zumbido

IWRG 04/28 Arena Naucalpan Results
1) Cosmico & Mini Multifacetico def. Oficialito 911 & Oficialito Fierro
2) Alan Extreme, El Sable, & Niko def. Freelance, Saruman, & Serpiente de Oro
3) Canis Lupus, Carta Brava Jr., & Scorpio Jr. def. Chico Che, Dinamic Black, & Golden Magic
4) Cien Caras Jr., Heavy Metal, & Hijo de Mascara Ano 2000 def. Negro Navarro, El Pantera, & Veneno
5) IWRG IC Middleweight Title: Eterno (c) def. Danny Casas to retain the title!

UWE 05/01 Arena Lopez Mateos Results
1) Veda & Yuma def. Discordia & Sangre de Lobo
2) Felina Metalica & La Vaquerita def. Black Fury & Keira
3) Rey Krimen, Sadico, Sepulturero, & Special K def. Buck While, Iron Love, Mr. Flama, & Terry 2000
4) AULL Light Heavyweight Title: Herejia def. Chucho el Roto (c) to win the title!
5) Black Terry, Fuerza Guerrera, & Negro Navarro def. Mr. Flama, Solar I, & Super Astro
6) Kraneo, Mr. Aguila, & Psicosis II def. Felino, Mr. Niebla, & Puma King

IWRG 05/02 Arena Naucalpan Results
1) DRagon Celestial def. Seiya
2) Fulgor & Picudo Jr. def. Mr. Leo & Saruman
3) Los Comandos Elite (Oficial Factor, Oficial Spartan, & Oficial Rayan) def. Chico Che, Fresero Jr., & Golden Magic
4) Dinamic Black, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, & Veneno def. Pasion Kristal, Polvo de Estrellas, & Yuriko
5) Eterno, Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., & X-Fly def. Danny Casas, El Pantera, & Pirata Morgan

CHIKARA 05/03 “Battle Not With Monsters” Gibsonville, NC Lineup
1) Saturyne vs. Missile Assault Ant
2) The Colony (Fire Ant & assailANT) & Los Ice Creams (Ice Cream Jr. & Hijo del Ice Cream) vs. Ophidian & The Batiri (Kodama, Kobald, & Obariyon)
3) The Shard vs. Amasis
4) 3.0 (Scott Parker & Shane Matthews) vs. The Colony: Xtreme Force (Arctic Rescue Ant & Orbit Adventure Ant)
5) Archibald Peck vs. Jigsaw
6) CHIKARA Young Lions Cup: Chiva Kid vs. Mr. Touchdown (c)
7) The Spectral Envoy (UltraMantis Black, Hallowicked, & Frightmare) vs. F.I.S.T. (Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano, & Icarus)
8) CHIKARA Grand Champion: Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Green Ant

CHIKARA 05/04 “The Ghost Of You Clings…” Porterdale, GA Lineup
1) Gran Akuma vs. Sugar Dunkerton
2) Amasis vs. Kobald
3) Fire Ant & assailANT vs. Jigsaw & The Shard
4) Saturyne vs. Tim Donst
5) The Spectral Envoy vs. The Colony: Xtreme Force
6) CHIKARA Tag Team Titles 2/3 Falls Match: 3.0 (c) vs. The Batiri (Kodama & Obariyon)
7) CHIKARA Grand Champion: Mr. Touchdown vs. Kingston/Green Ant (c)

IWRG 05/05 Arena Naucalpan Lineup
1) Seiya & Serpiente de Oro vs. Dragon Celestial & Imposible
2) Astro Rey Jr., Cristal, & Saruman vs. Diosa Maya, Oficial Rayan, & Oficial Spartan
3) Centvrion, Dr. Cerebro, & Golden Magic vs. Apolo Estrada Jr., Canis Lupus, & Niko
4) Chico Che, Negro Navarro, & El Pantera vs. Danny Casas, Eterno, & Oficial Factor
5) IWRG IC Welterweight vs. WWS Welterweight Title: Dinamic Black (c) vs. Carta Brava Jr. (c)

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