FEATURE: Recap of ROH Honor in the Heart of Texas

Ring of Honor “Honor in the Heart of Texas”
San Antonio, Texas (Shrine Auditorium)
Taped on: June 1, 2013
Commentator: Kevin Kelly
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

“Rock & Roll” Mike Sydal vs. Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion Kyle O’Reilly w/Bobby Fish

Code of Honor before the bell sounds. O’Reilly with an amateur takedown. Sydal with a side headlock, O’Reilly gets out and takes Sydal down. O’Reilly works on the arm, Sydal counters out. O’Reilly regains control. Sydal showing off some agility slips out of a wristlock. Fish talks trash from the outside. O’Reilly with a kick to the arm from underneath. Uppercut, followed by a side headlock and a shoulder tackle. Sydal comes back with a hiptoss and an armdrag. O’Reilly with a dropkick to the knee and a chest kick. Uppercut and a slap to the face. Sydal fights back, O’Reilly spinning back kick. Sydal with a springboard crossbody for a nearfall. O’Reilly with a series of strikes, Sydal leaps over a leg sweep, roundhouse kick to O’Reilly. Standing moonsault for a nearfall. Deathlock/Facelock combination submission hold, O’Reilly gets to the ropes. Fish goes on the apron to complain to the ref. Running shoulder by Sydal. O’Reilly takes Sydal down with an arm whip. Shoulder breaker, followed by a lifting wristlock. Roll-through into a seated octopus. Fish pulls back the ropes to prevent Sydal from grabbing them, referee catches him. Another shoulder breaker, hammerlock drive into the corner. Sydal goes up and over, roll-up for a nearfall. Hammerlock takedown by O’Reilly. Sydal fights back, another uppercut by O’Reilly. Lifting hammerlock into a Northern Lights Suplex, Sydal kicks out!! Grounded hammerlock, O’Reilly pulls back on the wrist of the other arm of Sydal. Crowd wills Sydal on, Sydal slips out, another uppercut by O’Reilly. O’Reilly catches a boot, drives Sydal down into a split. Sydal avoids a kick, hits a clothesline. Dropkick, matrix move to avoid a clothesline, followed by a neckbreaker. Northern Lariat in the corner, Sydal heads up top. Meteora for a nearfall. O’Reilly goes back to the arm, Sydal fights out, enziguri sends O’Reilly to the outside. Sydal heads up top, MOONSAULT ONTO O’REILLY!!! Back in, Sydal heads back up top. Sydal leaps over O’Reilly, charges, O’Reilly avoids him and Sydal goes shoulder-first into the ringpost! Running forearm, running kick, triple butterfly suplexes. Cross armbreaker applied.

Sydal tries to roll through, but O’Reilly keeps the hold maintained and Sydal has no choice but to tap-out.

Winner: Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion Kyle O’Reilly by submission (Cross Armbreaker)

Code of Honor afterwards, even though Fish continues to talk trash to Sydal.

FOX San Antonio representative Ernie Zuninga comes out to thank the crowd for being there and to thank ROH for their partnership. Ernie brings up him interviewing ACH a couple days back, but mentions an interruption from Steve Corino with Corino making fun of him and San Antonio. The music of SCUM hits as Corino makes his way to ringside. Corino again rips on the San Antonio fans and the FOX San Antonio affiliate. Corino says no one famous has come from San Antonio. When a fan mentions Shawn Michaels, Corino says he don’t know who that is and is he Mexican? “HBK” chants from the crowd. Corino calls Ernie a San Antonio piece of trash. Corino backs Ernie in the corner and threatens him. Corino continues to threaten Ernie, saying he can beat up anyone in the ROH locker room, but then the music of the Briscoes hits as Mark Briscoe makes his way to the ring.

Mark asks if Corino wants to fight him. Corino says he is a broadcaster now, not a wrestler and is sorry if he offended Mark. Mark says OK, then bring out Matt Hardy and I’ll whoop him. Corino tells Mark to watch his mouth, Matt Hardy is an Icon, Matt Hardy is a Living Legend. “Man Up” chants by the crowd. Mark calls Hardy “Fat Hardy”. Corino gets all flustered, telling Mark not to ever say that again, Matt Hardy is a great wrestler, if Mark says one more word about Hardy, we’re gonna fight. Mark then says Hardy is a big pile of Texas Longhorn s**t!!! “Pile of s**t” chants by the crowd. Corino calls Mark lucky, because if he didn’t have glasses on, he’d punch Mark’s teeth out. Corino removes the glasses and goes to hit Mark, but Mark blocks it and decks Corino. The bell sounds and we are underway!!

ROH vs. SCUM: Mark Briscoe (ROH) vs. “The King of Old School” Steve Corino (SCUM)

Right hands by Mark. Gut shots in the corner. Corino sent off the turnbuckles. Jabs to the ribs, redneck Kung Fu. 10 punches in the corner. Corino still in his suit and tie. Corino comes back with a gut shot. Corino chokes Mark with his tie. Corino removes his suit jacket. More choking by Corino, then has words with the crowd. Mark sent to the apron, but hot-shots Corino. They go to the outside, Corino sent into the ringpost. Back in, Mark with a head of steam, baseball slide to Corino. Corino sent into the barricade multiple times. Mark breaks the 20 count, right hands to Corino. Russian Leg Sweep into the barricade!!! Right hands and a headbutt, Corino sent back in. Mark goes back in, Corino kicks the middle rope to crotch Mark.

“Man Up” chants for Mark. Right hands by Corino. Snapmare and a fist drop. Mark pops up, poke to the eye by Corino. Back rakes by Corino, but it fires Mark up. Corino talks trash to Mark, Mark flips out of a back drop, Corino doesn’t realize it. Mark scares him with a crane pose. Mark sent onto the apron, heads up top, tomahawk chop connects. Series of Redneck Kung Fu shots, followed by a boot to the head. Corino gets a boot up, Mark catches him with the cartwheel DVD. Mark heads up top. Frog Splash connects.

Mark goes for the cover, SCUM stops the referee from making a count, referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Mark Briscoe by DQ

Redneck Kung Fu to Rhett Titus & Jimmy Jacobs. Corino KO’s Mark with a chain-wrapped right hand. SCUM hold Mark for Corino, BJ Whitmer & Michael Elgin run in to make the save. Whitmer has a mic, he says if SCUM thinks they have the numbers game on ROH, they have another thing coming. Tonight, Titus & Jacobs have to face 2 of the biggest and baddest dudes in ROH, No Rules, Texas Tornado Style!! Elgin says that tonight, they promise to show SCUM why Honor Lives and that SCUM will be leaving in bodybags.

Women of Honor: Barbi Hayden vs. “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena

Kelly mentions that normally, Veda Scott would be out here to commentate these Women of Honor matches, but she is training for her match upcoming with MsChif. No adherence to the Code of Honor by Barbi. Athena slips out of a suplex, leapfrogs, stomach slap by Barbi to counter a hiptoss. Athena counters a hiptoss, hits an armdrag. Barbi avoids a 2nd armdrag, very happy with herself. Monkey flip by Athena, Barbi goes to the outside. Barbi uses the count to re-group, then backs off when Athena goes to dive. Barbi has words with the fans, Athena hits her with a baseball slide. Forearms by Athena, Barbi sent back in. Athena gains a nearfall. Barbi complains about Athena hitting her in the face. Barbi misses a clothesline, but slams Athena down to counter a springboard.

Barbi stomps away, knee drop using the ropes as a springboard. Barbi gains a nearfall. Barbi has words with the ref, roll-up by Athena for a nearfall. 2 savate kicks to the ribs, Barbi comes back with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Jackknife pin for a nearfall. Soccer kick to the ribs, Barbi grinds her foot into the ribs of Athena. Athena catches a kick, ankle lock applied, Barbi gets to the ropes. Athena charges, front handspring clothesline. Athena goes for a 2nd one, Barbi avoids her. Barbi complains again to the ref, sends Athena into the middle turnbuckle. Crowd wills on Athena. Barbi tries to use the ropes on a pin, ref stops her. Barbi complains yet again. Back rakes to Athena. Athena placed up top, Barbi goes up with her. Athena blocks a superplex, knocks Barbi off the ropes.

O-FACE!!!!! 1-2-3!!

Winner: “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena by pinfall (The O-Face)

Barbi again does not adhere to the Code of Honor afterwards.

Proving Ground Match: “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards vs. Ring of Honor Television Champion Matt Taven

Taven going it alone for this match. No Martini, No Hoopla Hotties. Kelly mentions that Taven said before the show he wanted to show the fans that he doesn’t need Martini to win his matches. Crowd chants for Edwards, Code of Honor adhered to before the bell. Edwards go-behind, Taven drop toe hold. Edwards front chancery, works on the arm. Taven counters out, Edwards showing off some agility, regains control. Taven side headlock, shoulder tackle. Both with leapfrogs, Edwards with 2 armdrags, armbar applied. Taven grabs the hair, backs Edwards to the corner. Knee to the ribs, Edwards up & over, Taven up top, Edwards crotches him. Chop to the back, Taven placed in the tree of woe. Hestitation dropkick, Edwards to the outside, running sliding dropkick connects. Taven still in the tree of woe, Edwards chokes him. Taven finally released, Edwards has words with the ref. Scoop slam by Edwards. Edwards hooks Taven, rocks back, surfboard applied. Edwards adds in a dragon sleeper, Taven gets out. Chop, Edwards sent onto the apron, springboard roundhouse kick by Taven sends Edwards to the outside!!!

Taven out after Edwards, hits some chops of his own. Taven stops himself from being sent into the barricade, Edwards nails him with a chops. Fans in the front row grab Taven’s arms so Edwards can nail him with a chop. Edwards grabs a fan’s water bottle, nails Taven with it. Back in, Taven with a boot to Edwards on the apron. Draping Cross Rhodes variation for a nearfall. Taven chokes Edwards, yells that Edwards’ chops busted his chest open. Delayed spinning vertical suplex, followed by a kip-up. Springboard corkscrew senton for a nearfall. “You still suck” chants directed at Taven. Slap exchange, Taven backs off, then boots Edwards in the face. Taven gains a nearfall. Chinlock applied by Taven, mocks the fans chanting for Edwards. Edwards fights out, dropkick by Taven for a nearfall. Edwards slips out of a suplex, Taven runs into a boot. Right hand by Taven. Taven tries to skin the cat back in, Edwards nails him with a baseball slide!!! Edwards head of steam, Taven catches him with a boot. Edwards avoids a German, sidesteps Taven to the outside. Edwards with another head of steam, SOARING AND SCORING!!!!

Fan helps Edwards to his feet as Taven is still down on the outside. Back in, Edwards heads up top. Front missile dropkick, followed by a kip-up. Big chop by Edwards, then punishes the chest of Taven with the Kobashi-style chops. Edwards slides under the legs of Taven, enziguri, followed by the Front-Plex, Taven kicks out!! “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Edwards places Taven up top, slap to the face. Taven slips out of the Chin Checker, boot to the face. Taven off the ropes, Edwards rolls through, Achilles’ Lock applied!!! Taven rolls out, inside cradle for a nearfall. Big chop by Edwards, pump kick by Taven. Angels’ Wings variation, Edwards kicks out!!! Crowd chants for Edwards, Taven goes for the pumphandle headlock driver. Edwards slips out, but runs into a boot. Taven to the 2nd rope, enziguri by Edwards. Edwards goes up with Taven, Taven blocks a super rana!! Air Taven, but Edwards kicks out!!! Taven is getting frustrated, crowd continues to chant for Edwards. Taven places Edwards back on the turnbuckles, goes up with him. Taven with slaps to Edwards, talks trash. Edwards fights back, headbutts Taven off the ropes.

Mushroom Stomp, powerbomb, DIE HARD!!!! 1-2-3!!!

Winner and receiving a future Ring of Honor TV Title shot: “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards by pinfall (The Die Hard)

Edwards celebrates his win while Taven is still down, clutching onto his title belt.

“The Last Hero” ACH vs. Jay Lethal

Big hometown reaction for ACH. Code of Honor before the bell. Dueling chants for both guys as the bell sounds. Lethal with a go-behind, exchange of leg sweeps for 1 counts. ACH feigns going for a kick and tells Lethal that he almost had him. Lethal goes to work on the arm. ACH reverses out into a side headlock. Shoulder tackle, Lethal with a leapfrog, followed by a pair of arm drags. Hiptoss, cartwheel, front dropkick combo. ACH goes to the outside to re-group. More dueling chants by the crowd. Back in, Lethal with a side headlock. Shoulder tackle, ACH with a leapfrog, then goes for a monkey flip, but Lethal catches his feet. Big right hand connects. ACH comes back with a headscissors takeover, a swinging arm drag, another headscissors takeover and finally a dropkick that sends Lethal to the outside to re-group. Back in, ACH now with a side headlock. ACH goes up and over in the corner, but Lethal catches him from out of the other corner. ACH slips out of a German attempt and hits an enziguri that sends Lethal to the outside. ACH with a head of steam, but Lethal comes back in and nails him with a dropkick that sends ACH to the outside. Lethal now sets to dive, but now its ACH who comes back in and hits Lethal with a dropkick that sends him back out to the outside. ACH with another head of steam, but Lethal gets back in and ACH goes to the apron. Lethal goes for a springboard dropkick, but ACH drops down to the outside to avoid it, causing Lethal to crash and burn.

Lethal avoids a slingshot senton, then leapfrogs over ACH, sending him to the outside. Lethal with a head of steam, TOPE SUICIDA connects!! Back in, Lethal gains a nearfall. ACH sent into the corner, big chop by Lethal. Another chop by Lethal, ACH blocks a suplex. ACH slips out of a slam, big right hand. “You got b***h slapped” chants as Lethal slides under ACH’s legs, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a nearfall. ACH sent into the corner, another big chop by Lethal. ACH puts on the brakes off a corner whip, Lethal charges, drop toe hold by ACH sends Lethal face-first off the middle turnbuckle. ACH charges, READY OR NOT, HERE I COME!!! ACH heads up top, big crossbody for a nearfall. Pair of chops by ACH, followed by a dropkick for a nearfall. Lethal fights back, tries to go up and over, but ACH catches his feet, forces Lethal into a handstand and nails him with a dropkick for a nearfall. ACH holds onto the ropes off a whip, Lethal sent onto the apron. ACH blocks a Sunset flip, Lethal avoids a double stomp. Lethal off the ropes and collides into ACH, both men down. Exchange of right hands and chops. ACH tells Lethal to bring it, Lethal does. Another dropkick by ACH sends Lethal to the outside. Baseball slide by ACH, head of steam, AIR JORDAN!!!

Back in, ACH heads up top, Lethal avoids him, Savate kick to the ribs. Lethal calls for the Lethal Injection, ACH gets out of the way and goes to the apron. SLINGSHOT CORKSCREW STUNNER, LETHAL KICKS OUT!! ACH motions that he is heading up top, “this is awesome” chants by the crowd. ACH sees Lethal charging in, drops down off the ropes, nails Lethal with an enziguri. Lethal catches ACH off a slingshot, series of reversals until Lethal with a sit-out inverted facebuster for a nearfall. ACH sidesteps a back drop, Lethal rolls through a crucifix attempt, front kick and a pump kick by ACH. LIGHTNING SPIRAL, LETHAL KICKS OUT!! Lethal avoids a charge, superkick!! ACH responds with a pump kick. ACH catches a superkick, another pump kick! Lethal catches another kick, takes ACH down, basement superkick!! Lethal heads up top, HAIL TO THE KING, ACH KICKS OUT!! Lethal again calls for the Lethal Injection, ACH rolls him up for a nearfall. Lethal catches him, hits part 1 of the Lethal Combination, but ACH slips out before Lethal can complete the combo. Lethal with an enziguri, LETHAL COMBINATION!!


Winner: Jay Lethal by pinfall (Lethal Injection)

“That was awesome” chants by the crowd afterwards. Referee checks on ACH as Lethal gets a mic. Lethal says that of all the matches that he has had, the match he just had was one of the toughest matches he has ever had. He’s not ashamed to admit it, ACH is amazing. ACH has said that it was an honor to face Lethal, but Lethal says it was an honor to face ACH. We have this Code of Honor, but I’m not gonna wait for you to stick your hand out, I’m sticking my hand out first like a man because you deserve it. ACH & Lethal adhere to the Code of Honor and embrace, then Lethal raises ACH’s hand in a sign of mutual respect. Lethal leaves while ACH bows to all 4 sides of the ring.

reDRagon comes out with bandannas and grass sticks to mock the fans in Texas. Fish has the mic before the match and says “Howdy!” Fish says that he & O’Reilly aren’t actually from Texas, even though what they are wearing may say otherwise. Crowd chants for Rowe as Fish says he is embarrassed to admit this, but there is something he told himself to do if he ever came to Texas. Fish then begins singing the chorus to “Deep in the Heart of Texas”. The crowd sings along as Fish then says he can’t believe that the crowd went for it, they are a bunch of monkeys. If I say jump, are you gonna ask me how high, you bunch of hillbillies? “Rowe’s gonna kill you” chants from the crowd as the bell sounds.

Raymond Rowe vs. Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion Bobby Fish w/Kyle O’Reilly

Code of Honor before the bell. Rowe backs Fish into the corner, clean break. Fish with a go-behind, takes Rowe down amateur-style. Fish rides the back of Rowe, paintbrushes him on the back of the head. Rowe with an amateur takedown and Fish goes to the outside to re-group while O’Reilly fans his partner. Back in, Fish with a gut kick. Right hand and a side headlock. No one goes down off a shoulder tackle. Rowe tells Fish to try it again. Fish obliges, Rowe again does not go down. Rowe tells Fish to try again, Fish with a kick to the leg. Fish starts to go off the ropes, Rowe catches him and hits a backbreaker. Chops and right hands in the corner. Fish holds onto the ropes off a whip, goes to the outside. Rowe gives chase and sees O’Reilly trying to come in from behind. Rowe again gives chase, but Fish nails him coming back in the ring. Series of stomps and back clubs by Fish. Fish off the ropes, Rowe catches him with a forearm. Big forearms in the corner. Corner whip, followed by an overhead belly-to-belly suplex that sends Fish to the outside. O’Reilly hops up on the apron to distract Rowe. That allows Fish to hit Rowe with a kick to the leg from the outside.

Fish gets in the ring and drops his body weight across the leg of Rowe. More kicks by Fish to the leg of Rowe. Ground version of a dragon screw leg whip gets Fish a 1 count. Front kick in the corner, followed by a snapmare. Double slingshot senton for a nearfall. Fish has words with the fans in the front row, but that allows Rowe to fight back. Spinning back kick by Fish, followed by an inverted atomic drop. Fish takes Rowe down, another ground dragon screw leg whip. Fish mocks the fans’ chants for Rowe as he continues to attack Rowe’s leg. Running forearm in the corner, followed by some more forearms. Rowe shoves Fish into the corner, but Fish avoids a corner charge. Leg lock applied by Fish, but Rowe fights out. More kicks to the leg by Fish, followed by a standing dragon screw leg whip. Rowe kicks Fish off as he was going for another submission.

Rowe with 2 clothesline, followed by a Saito Suplex that drops Fish on his head!! Big clothesline by Rowe for a nearfall. Exchange of forearms, Fish then hits a Saito Suplex. Roundhouse kick to the back of the head, ROWE KICKS OUT!! Fish can’t believe it as he complains to the ref. Running knee in the corner by Fish, followed by knee strikes to the ribs. Fish again mocks the fans, but then Rowe charges and hits Shotgun Knees for a nearfall. DEADLIFT GERMAN, FISH KICKS OUT!! Fish goes back to the leg with strikes, spinning back kick to the ribs. Fish sets to go off the ropes, but Rowe catches him with a Proto-Plex variation for a nearfall. Rowe can’t believe it as the crowd chants that it was a 3 count.

Rowe goes for a Dragon Suplex, Fish counters into a crucifix, 1-2-3!

Winner: Bobby Fish by pinfall (Crucifix)

O’Reilly celebrates with his partner while the crowd gives Rowe a nice ovation for his efforts.

“Mr. Ring of Honor” Roderick Strong vs. “The Panama City Playboy” Adam Cole

Code of Honor before the bell. Cole works on the arm. Strong with a drop toe hold into a side headlock. Cole takes Strong down, but Strong applies a front chancery. Roll-through into a 1 count. Strong gains a nearfall with Cole doing a back bridge. Strong gains another nearfall after shooting the half and we have a stalemate. Crowd wants a Test of Strength. Strong doesn’t oblige, instead does a go-behind. Cole reverses into a side headlock. Shoulder tackle, Strong with a leapfrog, O’Connor Roll by Cole for a nearfall. Lucha-style roll-up by Strong for a nearfall. Backslide by Cole for a nearfall. Both go for backslides, then break off and again we have a stalemate. Cole backs Strong into the corner, gut shot and a right hand. Strong goes up and over, roll-up for a 1 count. Strong goes for the Strong Hold, Cole gets out. Cole goes off the ropes, Strong catches him with a dropkick for a nearfall. Big chop in the corner, followed by a right hand. Strong with more chops, Cole fights back. Strong lifts up Cole, gutbuster for a nearfall. Reverse bearhug applied. Cole fights out with back elbows. Forearms by Cole, avoids a Strong dropkick.

Snap suplex by Cole for a nearfall. Chinlock applied. Strong fights out, Cole blocks a right hand, leaping neckbreaker for a nearfall. Slam, followed by a knee drop for another nearfall. Forearms by Cole, Strong fights back. Snapmare by Cole, headscissors applied. Strong bridges up and pins Cole’s shoulders down for a nearfall. Cole maintains the headscissors, Strong gets his feet on the ropes. Jawbreaker by Strong, followed by more chops. Cole with a pump kick, both go off the blind side of one another, then both collide in mid-air when both thought of hitting a crossbody.

Both get up by the ref’s count of 8. Exchange of forearms until Strong with more chops. Cole whipped off the ropes, Strong with a dropkick. Cole avoids a corner charge, Strong runs into a back elbow. Cole goes for a superkick, Strong catches with a snap slam for a nearfall. Cole blocks the urnangi backbreaker with elbows. Strong lifts up Cole, Cole fights out. Cole lifts up Strong, Strong slips off. Cole catches Strong, fireman’s carry into a neckbreaker, Strong kicks out! Strong avoids a superkick, Cole slips out of the Olympic Slam. Discus elbow by Strong, Cole with a dropkick to the knees, Shining Wizard for a nearfall. Cole goes for the Florida Key, Strong backs him into the corner. Running knee in the corner by Strong, Cole gets his elbow up on another charge. Kick to the leg by Cole, Strong avoids a Shining Wizard. Cole takes Strong down, Figure Four locked in. Strong turns over and gets to the ropes, although Cole doesn’t break right away. Both are on the apron now. Exchange of chops and forearms. Cole with a boot, Strong blocks a piledriver. Cole gets sent back in, enziguri knocks Strong off the apron. Cole with a head of steam, TOPE SUICIDA, but Cole’s head crashed into the barricade in the aftermath.

Referee checks on both men before Cole gets back up first. Back in, Cole heads up top. Strong stops him with an enziguri. Strong goes up with Cole, TOP ROPE SUPERPLEX! Strong gets the arm over, Cole kicks out! Cole is bleeding from the elbow off the earlier dive. Strong lifts up Cole, but Cole fights out. Strike exchange until Cole takes advantage with forearms. Strong catches Cole off the ropes, DEATH BY RODERICK!! Strong goes for the Sick Kick, Cole greets him with a superkick! Cole slips out of a suplex, BRAINBUSTER ACROSS THE KNEE, STRONG KICKS OUT!! Cole can’t believe it. Cole goes for the Florida Key, Strong counters with a roll-up for a nearfall. Both go for strikes and both block each other simultaneously.

Discus elbow by Strong, GIBSON DRIVER, 1-2-3!!

Winner: “Mr. Ring of Honor” Roderick Strong by pinfall (Gibson Driver)

Afterwards, Strong goes to adhere to the Code of Honor, but Cole decides to walk away without shaking Strong’s hand.

ROH vs. S.C.U.M. No Disqualification Texas Tornado Match: “Ruthless” Rhett Titus & “The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs (S.C.U.M.) vs. “The Buzzsaw” BJ Whitmer & “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin (ROH)

The brawl starts on the outside between all 4. Whitmer with Jacobs, Elgin with Titus. Titus bites Elgin’s forehead, but Elgin sends him into the barricade. Chop by Whitmer to Titus while Elgin now goes after Jacobs. Titus and Whitmer fight into the crowd in San Antonio while Elgin and Jacobs do the same. Elgin places Jacobs in a trash can and kicks at it. Elgin picks up Jacobs, SLAM ONTO THE TRASHCAN! Big forearm by Elgin as they go near the concession stand. Jacobs spits water in Elgin’s face while Whitmer sends Titus head-first off a table. Elgin sends Jacobs off a chair, then sends Titus across a table. Jacobs with an elbow drop off a chair onto Whitmer. Elgin sent off a table by Titus. Elgin nails Jacobs in the ribs with a chair, then BACKBREAKERS HIM ONTO THE CHAIR!! Elbow drop by Elgin to Jacobs. Titus sends Whitmer head-first off the concession stand. Whitmer then sent into a wall. Whitmer fights back with a chop while Elgin catches Jacobs trying to use a trashcan. Whitmer and Titus head back into the ring, as does Elgin and Jacobs. Jacobs sent into the barricade. Whitmer with chops to Titus. Titus slides to the outside, but Whitmer with a head of steam, TOPE SUICIDA! Elgin and Jacobs now in the ring. Elgin catches Jacobs and presses him overhead before dropping him down chest-first. On the outside, Whitmer sent into the barricade. Titus stops Elgin from slamming Jacobs and now SCUM with the double-team. SCUM hit a double delayed suplex, but Elgin pops right up!! Elgin sends Jacobs into Whitmer while he grabs Titus. Elgin and Whitmer lift up SCUM for delayed suplexes. It goes for 10….20…….30…….40 seconds!! “ROH” chants by the crowd. Titus and Jacobs sent into the same corner. Elgin with an avalanche, Whitmer with the Exploder to Jacobs. Elgin lifts up Titus, BLU-RAY IN THE CORNER!! Elgin gains a nearfall. Elgin measures Titus, but Jacobs pulls him to the outside. Whitmer goes after Jacobs, but Jacobs hot-shots him across the top rope.

Titus with a dropkick to Whitmer while Jacobs with a slingshot plancha to Elgin, who was seated on a chair. Titus taunts the crowd. SCUM begin double-teaming Whitmer with right hands. Titus gains a nearfall. Titus chokes Whitmer, then SCUM take turns holding Whitmer so the other can take a free shot. Neckbreaker by Jacobs, splash by Titus for a nearfall. Elgin back on the apron, nails Jacobs with a twisting slingshot shoulder block. Forearms to Titus, Titus comes back with his big boot/discus clothesline combo that sends Elgin to the outside. Titus with shots to Whitmer, but it only fires Whitmer up. Whitmer says “is that all you got, p***y?”

Whitmer with right hands, Titus with a knee. Whitmer with 2 clotheslines, followed by a snap slam. Jacobs misses a clothesline, Whitmer catches Titus, Flatliner/DDT combo to SCUM!! Elgin back in and Titus begs off. Titus is ping-ponged by Whitmer and Elgin. Sandwich clotheslines, followed by stereo big boots for a nearfall. Whitmer and Elgin double-team Jacobs. Jacobs avoids a Whitmer charge, Elgin blocks a rana. Whitmer with a sliding dropkick while Elgin holds Jacobs, POWERBOMB BY ELGIN ACROSS WHITMER’s KNEES, JACOBS KICKS OUT!! Elgin heads up top while Whitmer goes for the wrist-clutch Exploder, but Titus breaks it up and backs Whitmer into the ropes, causing Elgin to be crotched. Whitmer misses a clothesline, Jacobs with the Spear!! Titus lifts up Jacobs in the Electric Chair, Jacobs with an elbow drop, Whitmer kicks out!! Titus goes to the outside and pulls up the ring mats. Jacobs sends Whitmer to the outside. SCUM sets for a Spike Piledriver, but Elgin stops it with a baseball slide. Backfist to Jacobs, then Elgin heads to the middle rope. Elgin goes for the Deadlift Superplex, but Titus breaks it up and knocks Elgin off the ropes. Elgin comes back with a clothesline and a series of headbutts. Elgin goes back to the middle rope, DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX TO TITUS!! Elgin with a cover, Jacobs breaks up the pinfall. Elgin blocks a whip, Jacobs gets his boots up off a charge. Elgin blocks a Tornado DDT, Jacobs slips out of the Oklahoma Stampede. INWARD ACE CRUSHER!! Elgin slips out of the Contra Code, spinning backfist, BUCKLE BOMB!! Elgin goes for the Elgin Bomb, Jacobs counters, END TIME applied!!! Whitmer breaks the hold with a boot to the face of Jacobs. Spinning Fisherman/Fisherman combo to Jacobs, Titus breaks up the pinfall. Knee strikes by Titus to Whitmer. Whitmer comes back with a boot, Titus off the blind slide, leapfrog bulldog, but Elgin breaks up the pinfall. Titus fights out of the Deadlift German with elbows, charges, BLACK HOLE SLAM by ELGIN!! Jacobs goes for the Spear, Elgin catches him in mid-air!! Elgin lifts up Jacobs, BUCKLE BOMB INTO TITUS!! Elgin lifts up both of SCUM, FALLAWAY SLAM/SAMOAN DROP COMBO, TITUS KICKS OUT!! Elgin lifts up Jacobs, ANOTHER BUCKLE BOMB!! Elgin goes for the Elgin Bomb, but Steve Corino runs in and nails Elgin from behind! Corino measures Whitmer, but here comes Mark Briscoe with a cowbell to chase off Corino!! Corino drops a steel chain and Titus wraps it around his fist. Whitmer nails Titus with a boot and goes for the Exploder.

Jacobs comes in from behind, rolls up Whitmer, Titus leaps on top for more leverage, 1-2-3!!

Winners: S.C.U.M. by pinfall (Roll-Up)

S.C.U.M. celebrates their win as they head out through the crowd. Whitmer and Elgin are left in the ring, frustrated.

Main Event for the Ring of Honor World Title: “American Wolf” Davey Richards vs. Jay Briscoe (c)

Pre-match intros before the match. “Man Up” chants for the champion, followed by chants for Richards. Code of Honor before the bell. Jockey for position in a lock-up, clean break. Davey backs Jay into the corner, Davey goes for a kick, Jay avoids it. Richards gets the crowd riled up before calling for a Test of Strength. Davey takes Jay down instead and goes to a side headlock. No one goes down off a shoulder tackle, now its Jay who wants a Test of Strength. “YES” chants by the crowd. Jay then instead goes to work on Davey’s arm. Davey tries to get out, but Jay takes him down. Davey with a back bridge, followed by a kick from underneath to get out. Forearm by Jay, followed by a shoulder tackle. Jay rolls through a drop-down by Davey, rana connects. Davey rolls through a Sunset flip, Jay avoids a kick, we have a stalemate. Again the crowd chants that they want a Test of Strength. And finally, we get a TEST OF STRENGTH!!! “ROH” chants by the crowd. Jay has the advantage, but Davey takes him down to a back bridge. Jay powers back up, but Davey with a gut kick. Chest kicks in the corner as the crowd chants “this is awesome”. Davey goes up and over, avoids a boot, leapfrog, drop-down, dropkick connects. Davey sent to the apron, Jay blocks an enziguri, forearm connects that knocks Davey off the apron. SLINGSHOT SENTON BY JAY! Crowd chants for the champion. Davey sent into the barricade. Jay puts his hand up for another Test of Strength. Davey breaks the ref’s 20 count and we get a Test of Strength ON THE OUTSIDE!! Davey sent again into the barricade, Jay charges, Davey avoids a running boot. Davey to the apron, RUNNING APRON KICK TO JAY!!

Davey plays some air guitar on the apron to play to the crowd. Davey places Jay on a chair by the barricade. Flurry of chest kicks. Jay spins Davey around, series of headbutts. Davey sends Jay back-first into the ringpost. Back in, Davey with a chest kick and a snap suplex. Trailer Hitch applied, but Jay quickly gets to the ropes. Jay fights back, but Davey takes him down. Davey re-applies the Trailer Hitch, then goes to his feet. HIP SWIVEL, followed by dropping back in an Indian Deathlock. Davey grabs Jay’s arms and spins him around into a pinning predicament for a nearfall. Jay fights back with a jab and a right hand. Stomps in the corner, followed by choking Davey with his boot. Headbutt, followed by a whip that sends Davey sternum-first into the corner. Jay gains a nearfall. Jay peppers Davey with jabs, back elbow for a nearfall. Slam, followed by a leaping leg drop. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on Davey. Davey gets out and we go back to the Test of Strength! Jay takes Davey down to a back bridge. Davey powers up and hits a series of chest kicks in the corner. Jay fights back with headbutts. Davey and Jay trade off on chest kicks and headbutts, with the crowd chanting “YES” for Davey and “NO” for Jay. Jay with a running boot to the head. Jay with an uppercut, Davey comes back with a chest kick. Exchange of uppercuts and chest kicks with Jay taking advantage. Davey then yells “Damnit, stop uppercutting me!” Davey says he’ll stop kicking Jay if Jay stops uppercutting him. They shake on that agreement, but then simultaneously hit each other with running boots. A second time this happens, then Jay with a 3rd boot and a forearm. Jay off the ropes, Davey catches him with the Alarm Clock Kick. Running forearm by Davey, running boot by Jay. Spinning back kick by Davey, superkick by Jay!! Avalanche by Jay, but Davey counters a suplex with one of his own and both men are down.

“This is awesome” chants by the crowd as the ref begins his count. Both roll out onto the apron. Strike exchange, then Jay lifts up Davey. Davey slips out, then grabs Jay’s leg, dragon screw leg whip in the ropes sends Jay to the outside. Davey goes onto the apron, Jay avoids the running apron kick. Jay lifts up Davey, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER ONTO THE APRON!! Jay brings Davey back in, then heads up top. Big splash for a nearfall. Davey backs Jay into the corner, but Jay fights him off. 3 running boots to the head, but Davey catches a 4th, CAPTURE SUPLEX INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!! Jay goes to the outside. Davey with a head of steam, TOPE CON HIJO THAT SENDS DAVEY INTO THE FRONT ROW!!! “ROH” chants by the crowd as Davey sends Jay back in. Davey heads up top, Jay avoids the double stomp. Jay goes for a Tombstone, Davey counters it, TOMBSTONE connects!! Davey heads back up top, wolf howl, DOUBLE STOMP, JAY KICKS OUT!! “Man Up” chants for the champion. Jay avoids a head kick, then catches a Davey charge, Flatliner into the middle turnbuckle! Jay goes to the 2nd rope, Davey fights him off with shots to the leg. Davey goes up with Jay, Jay blocks a superplex. TOP ROPE SIT-OUT GOURDBUSTER BY JAY!! 1-2….DAVEY KICKS OUT!!

Jay can’t believe it, but then fires himself up. Davey blocks the Jay Driller, Jay softens him up with back clubs. Jay off the ropes, Davey catches him with a roundhouse kick to the head! German, JAY POPS UP!! Davey goes for a flying armbar, Jay blocks it. Davey then takes down, Ankle Lock applied!! Jay gets out, but cannot stand. Sliding Kick by Davey, another head kick, DR DRIVER, 1-2……JAY KICKS OUT!!! Ankle Lock re-applied! Jay counters out, roll-up for a nearfall. Davey charges, Jay side-steps him, Davey to the outside. Davey quickly gets back in, misses a clothesline, LARIAT by Jay! DAVEY KICKS OUT AT 1! Open hand slaps by Davey, 2 discus elbows by Jay! Falcon Arrow, 1-2…DAVEY AGAIN KICKS OUT!! Backslide by Davey for a nearfall.

JAY DRILLER!! 1-2-3!

Winner and STILL Ring of Honor World Champion: Jay Briscoe by pinfall (Jay Driller)

Jay celebrates his title retention, albeit it obviously exhausted as we go to credits.


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