Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 2/27/14

The Final Impact
February 28, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of

The opening segment between Joe and Magnus was short but sweet and I liked Joe’s intensity through it all, but they really have to do something to make Magnus not look like such a p***y.

Absolutely terrific match in the Tag Team 3-Way, just great stuff by Bad Influence and The Wolves and it was smart how Bad Influence would refuse to tag in the other heels because they wanted to win the match just for Bro-Mans to steal the win in the end. I would mind seeing this match again with a little more time and Bro-Mans having a chance to do something in it. We definitely have got to see Bad Influence and The Wolves in a feud down the line.

The Knockouts Match was absolutely horrific and a damn mess. Wow, that was just bad. I love seeing Madison and Velvet back together but they just did not have a lot to work with in this match and all the interference just adding to the clunkyness of the match. Worst TV match of the year for TNA thus far.

Joe and Bad Bones was a squash but it made Joe look like a monster yet again so it was successful.

Doug Williams looked really good in his return, and I’m assuming it is just a onetime thing, but given more time that could have actually been a pretty good match.

I’m stoked for Extreme Tiger to be in TNA, I’ve been begging for some injection of lucha into TNA and Tiger is an excellent wrestler so it should be fun to see him get a shot in the X-Division. I’m not so sure about the “Tigre Uno” name, I think I would have just stuck with “Ultimate Tiger” or “Ultimo Tiger” which he worked his tryout matches under. I’m going to assume we will see some type of X-Division Xscape Match at Lockdown, maybe a #1 Contenders Match.

Roode and MVP had a really, really good match going until the obvious finish. Just like the Tag Match, add a little more time to that and it could have been great. MVP is working hard and Roode is always great so it was good from both parties and Aries was actually a good referee up until the point he nailed MVP.

Storm and Gunner both were pretty decent in their promos but Sam Shaw was extra creepy. The “creepy bastard” chant is obviously going to follow him for awhile. Aside from the awful Knockouts Match it was another solid effort from TNA.

– Segment/Promo of the Night: Sam Shaw’s creepiness
– Match of the Night: Tag Team 3-Way/MVP vs. Roode (***)
– Overall Grade: B

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