Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 3/20/14

The Final Impact
March 21, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of

I enjoyed tonight a lot better than I did last week and didn’t get the feel of awkwardness as I did last week either, well except for Willow Hardy.

Going right into the brawl with EY and Abyss rather than the usual formula of a promo to open up the show was nice. It also set things up for MVP being cuffed to Joe rather than EY as well. I will say that seeing EY choked out like that was definitely a sight to see but it was also a bit disturbing. He was legit turning purple.

EC3 and Lashley actually were having a decent match going before Willow got involved. Lashley doesn’t seem to have a lot of rust and looked pretty crisp during his spots, and EC3 was holding his own.

Gail and Tapa was better than it had any business being, and it’s strictly because of Gail. She told a simple story of the smaller wrestler taking the bigger wrestler’s leg out leading to the finish, simple but effective. Now Tapa is gone and we can move on to something else. There has been rumors that Tapa is legit gone from TNA because TNA was unhappy about her lack of improvement and attitude.

The Tag Titles match was extremely entertaining. Yes, it was a bit of a spotfest but complete “Total Nonstop Action” sums it up pretty well. It was just entertaining and I can only imagine how great it would have been had they had more time. I would think Bro-Mans and Wolves will continue on with their feud since Wolves yet again didn’t actually get beat while Sanada and Tigre will move onto feud with each other which I’, looking forward to.

Nice setup for Roode’s attack of Bully, I’m enjoying this rivalry already.

I loved, loved, loved Storm’s promo and attack on Gunner and his dad. You almost forget just how awesome of a heel this guy is because of how long he was a babyface! Gunner’s pops sold that shot to the head like a champ too.

Willow is just weird as hell. The beat downs and the look are fine but holy hell that accent is horrible that Hardy uses.

Joe and Magnus had a solid match again and like Gail did earlier told a very simple yet effective story. Taz for the first time in his TNA career truly added insight into the match and continuing to point out how Joe was wincing after every move. Joe added little things here and there where he might grab his ribs after doing something as simple as a punch or a kick. He was really selling those ribs and Magnus went to work on them. The finish was a million times better than the Lockdown and I really wish we could see these two have a match come to a clean finish.

– Segment/Promo of the Night: Beautiful People reunion
– Match of the Night: Tag Team 3-Way/Joe vs. Magnus (***)
– Overall Grade: A-

Until next week… PEACE!
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