Josh Boutwell previews the TNA Sacrifice PPV tonight

TNA Sacrifice PPV Preview
April 27, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of

TNA returns to PPV on April 27th for “Sacrifice” with pretty much the entire company flipped upside over the last month. MVP is now in charge of “wrestling operations,” Bully Ray is a “hero,” and Eric Young is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion! “Sacrifice” is the last time TNA is on PPV until June’s “Slammiversary” event in Dallas, TX.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Madison Rayne (c) vs. Angelina Love
Ever since The Beautiful People reunited a few weeks ago they have been terrorizing their former “BFF” Madison Rayne, and Angelina Love has made it her mission to take the Knockouts Championship away from her. Angelina claims that it was The Beautiful People that made her a star in the first place and Madison feels they only abused her and she became a star on her own. Madison recently defeated Angelina’s partner Velvet Sky in a Street Fight and she has formed an unlikely partnership with TNA newcomer Brittany at times as well. Velvet Sky will surely make her presence felt in this match up and Angelina has already defeated Madison in a non-title match due to Velvet’s interference once before.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
Handicap Match
The Wolves vs. The BroMans (c) & Zema Ion
The Wolves have been chasing The Bro-Mans ever since they won and then lost the belts to Bro-Mans last month. Bro-Mans have done everything possible to get out of matches with The Wolves and have also blatantly gotten themselves DQ’d to keep from losing the belts as well. Now Zema Ion must get in the ring along with his “bros” with the belts on the line as The Wolves get another shot at their belts. Will the man advantage be enough for Bro-Mans to overcome The Wolves or will the newcomers finally regain their belts?

TNA X-Division Championship
Best of 3 Series Match #3
Sanada (c) vs. Tigre Uno
Over the last month the X-Division Title has been up for grabs in an exciting Bet of 3 Series between Japanese superstar Sanada and Mexican lucahdor Tigre Uno. Sanada won the first meeting but Tigre Uno was able to tie things up recently on Impact utilizing his Sabertooth Splash. Things will likely be taken to the next level between these two high flyers on PPV, but Kenny King has been attempting to crash the party each time these two international stars hit the ring. Will the “King of the Night” have something to say on the outcome of this match or will he simply be a bystander looking to see who he will chase for the X-Division Title in the coming months.

Committed Match
Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw
I have absolutely no idea what in the hell a Committed Match is, I’m assuming it’s going to be something like an Ambulance Match with a crazy house van in place of an ambulance. TNA has done a horrible job at least telling us what the hell the stipulation is, but Shaw and Anderson have been feuding ever since Shaw attacked Anderson as he talked to Shaw’s object of psychotic affection: Christy Hemme. Ever since that meeting they have traded victories in matches like Street Fights, Cage Matches, and Straightjacket Matches. Anderson even came and invaded the childhood home of Shaw this week on Impact which seemed to have sent Shaw even further over the edge.

Willow & “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. Ethan Carter III & Rockstar Spud
The insane Willow aka Jeff Hardy has been a thorn in the side of EC3 and Spud for months now attacking them at every turn. Willow blames them for him losing the TNA World Title to Magnus last year and possibly for sending him into this deranged masked character. EC3 is responsible for injuring Kurt Angle’s knee in February and knocking him out of Lockdown as a result. Angle has promised to take EC3 out while Willow has been doing his best to take both Spud and EC3 out over the last month. The question is can Angle get along with the deranged Willow Hardy?

I Quit Match
“Cowboy” James Storm vs. Gunner
James Storm and Gunner have had a bloody, violent feud ongoing for several months now which has included a show stealing Last Man Standing Cage Match at Lockdown and an equally as violent Falls Count Anywhere Match on Impact. Storm has even gone as far as to break a beer bottle over his former partner’s own fathers head! Recently Storm caused Gunner to lose to Bobby Roode in a Tables Match, but despite this Gunner has beaten Storm in both of their one-on-one meetings. Future potential partners of Storm may want to take into account that all of his longtime partners not only become rivals but hated rivals. After he and Chris Harris split up Americas Most Wanted they embarked on a bloody feud that led to a classic Texas Death Match oddly enough also at a Sacrifice PPV. Following the split of Beer Money he and Bobby Roode took part in several blood baths including a Cage Match and their show stealing Street Fight at Bound for Glory in 2012. This match between partners turned bitter rivals will likely be just as violent as their other encounters but also the final encounter.

Tables Match
“The IT Factor” Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray
Bobby Roode has made it his mission to destroy Bully Ray ever since Bully caused him and his team to lose at Lockdown. This has resulted in beatdowns and crashed tables, to the point where Roode claims he is now the true “King of the Tables” after putting Bully through a number of tables on Impact. Roode also, with help from his former partner James Storm, put Gunner through a Tables Match to show how great he is with a table. Bully is obviously no stranger to Tables Matches having competed in dozens over the years making a name for him and his brother Devon with the way they would put anyone including elderly women through them. Roode will have the chance to prove he is the new “King of the Tables” against the guy who made using tables in wrestling famous.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
“Showtime” Eric Young vs. Magnus
A couple of weeks ago Eric Young did the unthinkable when he unseated Magnus as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and no matter how any of us feel about the title switch EY is the champion and has come from literally the bottom of the company all the way to the top spot. He proved he is a fighting champion by defending and retaining the title in a bloody, violent Monsters Ball against Abyss. Now Magnus uses his rematch clause to get back in the ring to try and reclaim his gold. Dixie Carter has abandoned the Brit and he will undoubtedly have to regain his gold all on his own, but can he do it or will EY’s shocking streak of success continue? Also, Samoa Joe has been MIA for a few weeks now and is unclearly unhappy about the new champion, will the “Samoan Submission Machine” have something to say on the outcome of this match? will have live coverage tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. Eastern (7:00 CT).

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