FEATURE: Viva la Raza! Lucha Weekly 5/4/14

Viva la Raza!: Lucha Weekly
May 4, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of Wrestleview.com


AAA Partners with Jarrett
This week Jeff Jarrett’s upstart promotion Global Force Wrestling announced a partnership with AAA to exchange talent, though GFW technically has no talent yet. Jarrett had previously brokered a partnership between AAA and TNA in the past. That partnership led to a slew of TNA talent coming to AAA but not one single luchador coming to TNA during that span. Jarrett did win the AAA World Heavyweight Title during that time, which is probably all that matters to Jarrett.

Averno Officially Leaves CMLL, Headed to AAA
On this past weekend’s MLW Radio Konnan came right out and said that Sin Cara/Mistico has signed with AAA, and that “the guy who he (Sin Cara) was going to bring with him from Arena Mexico to WWE” has also agreed to join AAA with Sin Cara. That guy would be Averno which has been rumored for weeks now. On Monday CMLL representative Jose Luis Feliciano stated via Twiter that Averno has officially left CMLL. This confirms for the most part that Averno is on his way to AAA and I would think that if he has left both he and Sin Cara will be debuting in AAA within the next few weeks. LuchaBlog had a great career tribute to Averno:

AAA 05/02 “Sin Limite” TV Taping Results
1) Drago & Fabi Apache def. Cuervo & Mari Apache
2) Dark Family (Ozz, Escoria, & Espiritu) def. Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, & Nino Hamburgues a
3) Australian Suicide def. Pentagon Jr.
4) AAA Tag Team Titles: Jack Evans & Angelico (c) def. Daga & Steve Pain to retain the titles!
5) Psycho Circus (Monster Clown, Murder Clown, & Psycho Clown) def. Hijo del Fantasma, Silver King, & Texano Jr.
6) Bengala, Cibernetico, & La Parka Jr. def. Black Warrior, Perro Aguayo Jr., & Psicosis
– The “Bengala” is in the Main Event is not the undercard wrestler from CMLL. It is Ricky Marvin under a new mask and God knows why AAA would use the name of a CMLL undercard guy.

AAA 05/04 “Sin Limite” TV Taping Lineup
1) Fabi Apache & La Jarochita vs. Mari Apache & Taya Valkyrie
2) Mexican Powers vs. Dark Family (Cuervo, Escoria, & Espiritu)
3) Angelico, Australian Suicide, & Jack Evans vs. Daga, Eterno, & Steve Pain
4) El Elegido, Fenix, & TBA vs. Hijo del Fantasma, Pentagon Jr., & Texano Jr.
5) Blue Demon Jr., La Parka Jr., & Electroshock vs. Chessman, Silver King, & Villano IV


Dorada in Japan
CMLL star Mascara Dorada continues his tour with New Japan Pro Wrestling this week.
– Ryusuke Taguchi & Sho Tanaka def. Mascara Dorada & Yohei Komatsu (04/12)
– Ryusuke Taguchi & Tetsuya Bushi def. Mascara Dorada & El Desperado (04/13)
– Mascara Dorada, El Desperado, & Ryusuke Taguchi def. Jushin Thunder Liger, Tetsuya Bushi, & Tiger Mask IV (04/19)
– Mascara Dorada, Tetsuya Bushi, & Ryusuke Taguchi def. Tiger Mask IV, Sho Tanaka, & Jushin Thunder Liger (04/20)
– Mascara Dorada, KUSHIDA, & Yohei Kamatsu def. Jushin Thunder Liger, Tiger Mask IV, & Sho Tanaka (04/23)
– Tetsuya Bushi, Jushin Thunder Liger, Ryusuke Taguchi, & Tiger Mask IV def. Mascara Dorada, El Desperado, Kota Ibushi, & Yohei Komatsu (04/24)
– Mascara Dorada, KUSHIDA, & El Desperado def. Jushin Thunder Liger, Tiger Mask IV, & Yohei Komatsu (04/25)
– Mascara Dorada, KUSHIDA, & Ryusuke Taguchi def. Jushin Thunder Liger, Tiger Mask IV, & Sho Tanaka (04/26)
– Shinsuke Nakamura, Tomohiro Ishii, YOSHI-HASHI, & Yujiro Takahashi def. Mascara Dorada, Hirooki Goto, Tetsuya Naito, & Tomoaki Honma (04/28)
– Ryusuke Taguchi, KUSHIDA, & Sho Tanaka def. Mascara Dorada, El Desperado, & Yohei Komatsu (04/29)
– Karl Anderson, DOC Gallows, & Tama Tonga def. Mascara Dorada, Hiroshi Tanahashi, & Togi Makabe (05/01)
– Mascara Dorada, Captain New Japan, El Desperado, & Tetsuya Bushi vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Tiger Mask IV, KUSHIDA, & Yohei Komatsu (05/03)

Mistico II In Motorcycle Accident
This week CMLL’s Mistico II was in a motorcycle accident resulting in him breaking his leg. He underwent surgery to repair the broken bones and will be out for some time, but they didn’t specify how long just yet.

En Busca de un Idolo Standings
1) Hechicero (325 points)
2) Cavernario (243 points)
3) Soberano Jr. (237 points)
4) Star Jr. (215 points)
5) Cachorro (212 points)
6) Super Halcon Jr. (200 points)
7) Guerrero Negro Jr. (186 points)
8) Dragon Lee (181 points)

CMLL 04/27 “Arena Mexico 58th Anniversary Show” Results
1) Astral & Electrico def. Pequeno Nitro & Pequeno Olimpico via countout
2) La Amapola, Dalis la Caribena, & La Comandante def. La Vaquerita Lluvia, & Marcela
3) Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, & Negro Casas def. Maximo, Brazo de Plata, & Titan
4) Reyes del Aire Torneo Cibernetico: Stuka Jr. def. Valiente, Triton, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa, Averno, Mephisto, Ephesto, Niebla Roja, Tiger Kid, & Puma King
5) Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvora, & Rey Escorpion def. Atlantis, La Sombra, & Mistico II
– Reyes del Aire said to have been as excellent as expected.
– Sombra did not get along with his partners at all in the Main Event and Rey Escorpion fouled him during the match saying that he had to do evil things to make Sombra embrace his rudo side. After the match Sombra verbally assaulted the fans and then the rudos jumped him and the tecnicos did not help him.

CMLL 04/27 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results
1) Meteoro def. Relampago Azul
2) Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno def. El Divino & Virgo
3) Leon Blanco, Sky Kid, & Smaker def. El Yaqui, Espectrum, & Magnum
4) Hair vs. Hair 4-Way: Mugroso Vago lost to Exterminador, Javier Cruz Jr., & Evola
5) Occidente Middleweight Title: Demonio Maya def. Fuego (c) to win the title!
6) Blue Panther, Black Panther, & Cachorro def. Euforia, Misterioso II, & Vangelis

CMLL 04/28 Arena Puebla Results
1) Aguila Egipcia, Black Tiger, & Paris def. Artillero, El Rebelde, & Super Comando
2) Asturiano, Metalico, & Sensei def. Ares, Espiritu Maligno, & Siki Ozama Jr.
3) Bobby Zavala, Dragon Rojo Jr., & Polvora def. Delta, Fuego, & Guerrero Maya Jr.
4) Lightning Match: La Mascara def. Rey Escorpion
5) Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone, & Rush def. Negro Casas, Ripper, & Shocker via DQ

CMLL 04/29 Arena Mexico Results
1) Apocalipsis & Inquisidor def. Bengala & Magnus
2) Acero, Aereo, & Bam Bam def. Pequeno Nitro, Pequeno Universo 2000, & Pequeno Warrior via DQ
3) Cancerbero, Raziel, & Sangre Azteca def. Hombre Bala Jr., Pegasso, & Stigma
4) En Busca de un Idolo Tournament: Cavernario def. Dragon Lee
5) En Busca de un Idolo Tournament: Guerrero Negro Jr. def. Cachorro
6) Felino, Puma King, & Tiger Kid def. Fuego, Maximo, & Sagrado
7) Bobby Zavala, Dragon Rojo Jr., & Rey Escorpion def. La Sombra, Titan, & Triton

CMLL 04/29 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results
1) Leo & Metatron def. Infierno & Satara
2) Demonio Rojo & Malefico def. Oro Jr. & Starman
3) La Amapola, Princesa Blanca, & Zeuxis def. La Vaquerita, Lluvia, & Marcela
4) Diamante Azul, La Mascara, & Stuka Jr. def. Rafaga, Rey Bucanero, & Vangelis
5) Mexican National Light Heavyweight Title: Mephisto (c) def. Valiente to retain the title!
6) Volador Jr., Mistico II, & Rush def. Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, & Gran Guerrero

CMLL 05/01 Puebla Results
1) Demus 3:16 & Pequeno Nitro def. Astral & Electrico
2) Pegasso & Stigma def. Hooligan & Nitro
3) Diamante Azul & La Mascara def. El Terrible & Vangelis
4) Mistico II, Titan, & Valiente def. Felino, Negro Casas, & Rey Escorpion

CMLL 05/02 Arena Mexico Results
1) Fantasy & Ultimo Dragoncito def. Mercurio & Pequeno Olimpico
2) Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., & Rey Cometa def. Kamaitachi, Misterioso II, & Shigeo Okumura
3) La Seductora, Princesa Blanca, & Princesa Sujei def. Estrellita, La Vaquerita, & Marcela
4) En Busca de un Idolo Tournament: Soberano Jr. def. Guerrero Negro
5) En Busca de un Idolo Tournament: Cachorro def. Dragon Lee
6) Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, & Niebla Roja def. Atlantis, Diamante Azul, & Marco Corleone via DQ
7) Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas, & Ripper def. La Mascara, La Sombra, & Rush

CMLL 05/04 Arena Coliseo Lineup
1) Molotov & Sensei vs. Ramstein & Zayco
2) Black Panther, Hombre Bala Jr., & Super Halcon Jr. vs. Cancerbero, Herodes Jr., & Raziel
3) Sagrado, Stuka Jr., & Triton vs. Ephesto, Sangre Azteca, & Virus
4) Lightning Match: Fuego vs. Puma King
5) La Mascara, Titan, & Valiente vs. Euforia, Gran Guerrero, & Niebla Roja
6) La Sombra, Mistico II, & Marco Corleone vs. Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvora, & Rey Escorpion

CMLL 05/04 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Lineup
1) Reicko vs. El Pirana
2) El Tapatio & Indigo vs. Jocker & Satara
3) Brillante & William Rock vs. Demonio Rojo & Infierno
4) Esfinge vs. Sadico
5) Cachorro, Gallo, & Leon Blanco vs. Malefico, Misterioso II, & Vangelis
6) Diamante Azul & Brazo de Plata vs. Rafaga & El Terrible

CMLL 05/05 Arena Puebla Lineup
1) Meyer & Paris vs. Ares & Guerrero Espacial
2) Cibernetico: Asturiano, Blue Center, King Jaguar, Tigre Rojo Jr., & Toro Bill Jr. vs. Canelo Casas, El Rebelde, Flyer, Hechicero, & Star Jr.
3) Blue Panther, Cachorro, & Stigma vs. Bobby Zavala, Dragon Rojo Jr., & Polvora
4) Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone, & Rush vs. Negro Casas, Ripper, & Shocker
5) CMLL Light Heavyweight Title: Rey Escorpion (c) vs. La Mascara

CMLL 05/06 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Lineup
1) Black Metal vs. Acertijo
2) Sky Kid, Smaker, & Stigma vs. Camorra, El Cuatrero, & Sanson
3) Puma King & Tiger Kid vs. Black Panther & Cachorro
4) La Mascara, Titan, & Triton vs. Felino, Kraneo, & Ripper
5) Occidente Heavyweight Title: Diamante Azul (c) vs. Rafaga
6) Marco Corleone, Maximo, & Rush vs. Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvora, & Rey Escorpion

CMLL 05/06 Arena Mexico Lineup
1) Molotov & Robin vs. Akuma & Espiritu Negro
2) Metalico, Oro Jr., & Sensei vs. Arkangel de la Muerte, Hooligan, & Inquisidor
3) Astral, Electrico, & Ultimo Dragoncito vs. Demus 3:16, Mercurio, & Pequeno Olimpico
4) En Busca de un Idolo Tournament: Star Jr. vs. Cavernario
5) En Busca de un Idolo Tournament: Super Halcon Jr. vs. Hechicero
6) Mistico II, Stuka Jr., & Brazo de Plata vs. Herodes Jr., El Terrible, & Vangelis
7) Atlantis, Delta, & Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, & Niebla Roja


INDY 04/27 Palenque de Gallos Results
1) Diosa del Ring & Mexican Tiger def. Enviado del Diablo & Warrior Jr.
2) Kronos & Principe Fenix def. Aguila Negra & Astro Rey
3) Mini Billy Boy, Mini Gallito, & Mini Traicion def. La Parkita, Mascarita Sagrada, & Mini Porky
4) Gran Apache, Pasion Kristal, & Tigre Jr. def. Gallo Sureno, Mamba, & Veritgo
5) El Elegido & Sin Cara def. Chessman & Texano Jr.

INDY 04/27 Salon los Candiles Results
1) Centella & Destello def. Krimen & Profeta
2) Lady Sensacion def. Bello David
3) Mr. Pri & Nacho Aranda def. lethal Black & Tartu el Brujo Jr.
4) Espectro Jr. & Kung Fu Jr. def. Daisuke Hanaoka & Douki
5) Black Man Jr., Kendo Star Jr., & Kung Fu Jr. def. Brazo Celestial, El Brazo Jr., & El Hijo del Brazo

IWRG 04/27 Arena Naucalpan Results
1) Dragon Blanco & Sky Angel def. Power Bull & Skull Metal
2) Alfa & Omega def. Ciclon Black & Kaling Black
3) Anubis Black, Imposible, & Picudo Jr. def. Angel del Amor, Latigo, & Metaleon
4) Guerrero Mixtico, Hip Hop Man, & Tony Rivera def. Astro Rey Jr., Diva Salvaje, & Dr. Cerebro
5) Apolo Estrada, El Hijo del Diablo, & Eterno def. Hijo de Dos Caras, Relampago, & Veneno via DQ

Masked Republic 04/27 “Masked Warriors” iPPV Philadelphia, PA Results
1) Latin Dragon & Ultimo Panda def. Frightmare & Hallowicked
2) Amasis, Ophidian, & Green Ant def. Chuck Taylor, Papadon, & Orange Cassidy
3) FLLM Maestro Title: Negro Navarro (c) def. Solar I to retain the title!
4) PWR Minis Title: Mini Mariachi (c) def. Pierrothito to retain the title!
5) PWR Women’s Title: Christina Von Eerie (c) def. Sumie Sakai to retain the title!
6) Cassandro def. Matt Cross
7) Damian 666, Bestia 666, & Sabu def. BLK JEEZ, Ruckus, & Homicide
8) Dr. Wagner Jr. def. L.A. Park
– My full recap here: https://www.wrestleview.com/misc-news/48190-4-27-masked-republic-masked-mania-ippv-results-philadelphia

ChilangaMask 04/27 Arena Lopez Mateos Results
1) La Peste Negra (Herodes Jr & Mr. Niebla) fought Los Traumas (Trauma I & Trauma II) to a DRAW
2) Aerial Assault Torneo Cibernetico: Psycho Kid def. Atomic Star, Benji, Dragon Celestial, El Dorado Jr., Electro Boy, Extassis, Ironia, Karma, & Maverick
3) Sensei def. Yakuza
4) Triangle Match: Belial & Impulso def. Freelance & Oro Jr. and Los Fulgores (Fulgor I & Fulgor II)
5) Arkangel de la Muerte def. Rocky Santana
6) Fatal 4-Wa: Ares & Demus 3:16 def. Astro Rey Jr. & Magnus, Eterno & Rey Krimen, and Sadico & Tornado
7) Scramble Match: La Silueta def. Chika Tormenta, Cristal, Estrella Explosiva, Isis, & Princesa Sujei
8) Black Terry def. Aeroboy
9) Satantico def. El Dandy via DQ
– This was supposed to be El Dandy’s final match ever in Mexico City as part of his Retirement Tour. Despite this he is already being promoted for a show on 05/17 in Mexico City so that didn’t last long.

INDY 04/30 Mexico City Results
1) Cachorro Casas & Sky Angel def. Atomic Star & Guerrero Mixtico Jr.
2) Golden Magic & Principe Diamante def. Electro Boy & El Guason
3) Apolo Estrada Jr., Canis Lupus, & Nygma def. Alan Extreme, Freelance, & La Diva Salvaje
4) Danny Casas, Huracan Ramirez, & Relampago def. Dr. Cerebro, Eterno, & Scorpio Jr.
5) L.A. Park, Intocable, & Brazo de Plata def. Cien Caras Jr., Hijo de Mascara Ano 2000, & Veneno

IWRG 04/30 Arena Naucalpan Results
1) Latigo def. Fulgor I
2) Angel del Amor & Golden Magic def. Canis Lupus & Imposible
3) Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, & Oficial Fierro def. Centvrion, Cien Caras Jr., & X-Fly via DQ
4) IWRG IC Middleweight Title: Hijo de Pirata Morgan (c) def. Hijo de Mascara Ano 2000 to retain the title!
5) Seconds Hair vs. Hair Match: Team Capu (Relampago & Veneno) def. Team Reyes Rosas (Eterno & Pirata Morgan)
– IWRG referee Reyes Rosas had his head shaved after his team lost in the Main Event.

ChilangaMask 05/02 “Evolucion Chilanga Tour Night 1” Centro Tapatio Lineup
1) Platino vs. Kamik-C
2) Tempestad Guerrera & Luminoso vs. Matrix & Oziel
3) Spark Jr. vs. Rey Oscuro
4) Belial & Impulso vs. Skalibur & Vaquero Jr.
5) Extreme Rules Match: Tronx & Crazy Azteca vs. Aeroboy & Proximo
6) Triangle Match: X-Torm & Zarco vs. Tigre Uno & Genio del Aire vs. Trauma I & Trauma II

ChilangaMask 05/03 “Evolucion Chilanga Tour Night 2” Lineup
1) Aerial Assault Torneo Cibernetico: Mosco Negro vs. Martinete vs. Bufalo Ayala vs. Spark Jr. vs. Venum Black Jr. vs. Star Dragon vs. X-Peria vs. Black Boy
2) Triangle Match: Angel Metalico & Venum Black vs. Genio del Air & Skalibur vs. Sargon & Viento
3) X-Torm vs. Belial
4) Aeroboy & Star Boy vs. Tony Casanova & Zarco
5) Relevos Increibles: Trauma I & Mr. Maldito vs. Trauma II & Platino
6) Falls Count Anywhere Triangle Match: Rey Horus vs. Impulso vs. Tigre Uno

ChilangaMask 05/04 “Evolucion Chilanga Tour Night 3” Lineup
1) Star Dragon & Angelus vs. Misionero de la Muerte & Toxic
2) Venum BLack Jr., Spark Jr., & Eternus vs. Fantastico, Sargon, & Bufalo Ayala
3) Impulso, Belial, & X-Torm vs. Angel Metalico, Zarco, & Viento
4) Triple Threat: Siniko vs. Rey Horus vs. Star Boy
5) Hardcore Match: Aeroboy vs. Tony Casanova
6) Mr. Maldito & Platino vs. Trauma I & Trauma II

INDY 05/04 Gimnasio Nuevo Leon Lineup
1) Golden Boy & Rey Demonio Jr. vs. Dulce Kanela & Larry Miranda Jr.
2) Hijo de Centurion Negro, Pedro Navajas, Principe de Oro, & Titanik vs. Alberto dos Rios, Blak Spider, Galactar, & Sky
3) Potro Jr., Silver Star, & Tigre Universitario vs. Bengali, Charles Lucero, & Difunto I
4) Atlantis & Maximo vs. Mr. Niebla & Ultimo Guerrero
5) LLA Azteca Title: Blue Panther (c) vs. Averno
– The LLA Azteca Champion has never retained the title ever in the belts history.

INDY 05/04 Arena Coliseo Monterrey Lineup
1) Chamaco Gurrola & Tequilita vs. Mini Difunto & Mini Hator
2) Kentai, Medico Infernal, & Principe Azteca vs. Erick Ortiz, Face Man, & Vudu
3) Gato Fantasma, Halcon Real, & Tokio Lee vs. Bengali, Difunto I, & Potro Jr.
4) El Ninja, Ninja Jr., & Magico vs. Centurion Negro, Centurion Negro Jr., & Orlando Santa Cruz
5) Scramble Match: Caifan vs. Chucho Mar Jr. vs. Pegasso vs. Panthro Jr. vs. Ultimo Ninja vs. El Pulpo vs. Memo Valles vs. Chica de Arabia vs. Caifan Guerrero
6) Sin Cara, Argenis, Argos, & Cibernetico vs. Averno & Psycho Circus (Psycho Clown, Murder Clown, & Monster Clown)
– No way Averno does that match if he is still signed with CMLL, so this is pretty clear evidence he is headed to AAA. As you can see above he is listed in the Main Event of the Nuevo Leon event which would be a show that CMLL got him booked on (though it is not a CMLL event).

DTU 05/16 Arena Queretaro Lineup
1) Jimmy, Kevin, & Tony vs. Maremoto, Sange de Dragon, & Star Boy
2) Fatal 4-Way: Billytronix & Vengador vs. Castigador & Optimus vs. Energy & Gremlin vs. Lanzeloth & Rocky Lobo
3) Triple Threat: Crazy King & Miedo Extremo vs. Galaxy & Kalibus vs. Jhonky & Slayer Pack
4) Triple Threat: El Pantera & Hijo del Pantera vs. Artikus & Pesadilla vs. Black Fire & Chica Ye-Ye
5) Scramble Match: Jinzo vs. Shane Strickland vs. Kaleth vs. Flamita vs. Principe Halcon vs. Angel del Misterio vs. Rey Celestial
6) Triple Threat: Angel o Demonio & Ovett vs. Demente Extreme & Violento Jack vs. Crazy Boy & Dance Boy

DTU 05/18 Monte Vaqueros Lineup
1) TBA vs. TBA
2) Scramble Match: Energy vs. Optimus vs. Gremlin vs. Vengador vs. Kalibus vs. Castigador vs. Galaxy vs. Maremoto Jr. vs Dragus
3) Jimmy, Kevin, & Tony vs. Artikus, Lanzeloth, & Rocky Lobo
4) Scramble Match: Dance Boy vs. Slayer Pack vs. Jhonky vs. Demente Extreme vs. Principe Halcon vs. Black Fire
5) Scramble Match: Shane Strickland vs. Flamita vs. Kaleth vs. Angel del Misterio vs. Crazy Boy vs. Rey Celestial
6) DTU Alto Impacto Title Fatal 4-Way: Jinzo (c) vs. Septimo Dragon vs. Pesadilla vs. Drastik boy
7) Triple Threat: Chica Ye-Ye & Violento Jack vs. Ciclope & Miedo Extremo vs. Angel o Demonio & Ovett

PWR 05/18 Morgan Hill, CA Lineup
1) The Persian Dynasty (Kia & Cyrus) vs. Los Campesinos (Campesino I & Campesino II)
2) Savanah vs. Nicole Savoy
3) Triangle Match: Ultimo Panda vs. KRATOS vs. Famous B
4) La Migra (Derek Sandesr & Colt Stevens) vs. Los Gallineros
5) PWR Minis Title: Mini Mariachi (c) vs. Pequeno Halloween
6) The Almighty Sheik vs. El Mariachi
7) Zokre, Vaquero Fantasma, & Damian 666 vs. El Gallo Tapado Jr., Mascara Sagrada, & Atlantis
8) PWR Heavyweight Title: Blue Demon Jr. (c) vs. Jushin Thunder Liger

AULL 05/31 “48th Anniversary Show” Arena Lopez Mateos Lineup
1) Relevos Suicidas: Euro & Spider Boy vs. Ave Negra & Rey Inmortal vs. Sangre de Lobo & Stryker vs. Seiya & Kiubi
2) Mask vs. Mask Match: TBA vs. TBA
3) Mask vs. Mask Match: Yakuza vs. Holkan
4) Dr. Cerebro, Sadico, & Satanico vs. Solar I, Super Nova, & Zumbi
5) Negro Navarro, Trauma I, & Trauma II vs. Barba Roja, Pirata Morgan, & Pirata Morgan Jr.
6) Copa Universo Torneo Cibernetico: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Octagon vs. El Canek vs. Fuerza Guerrera

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