FEATURE: Viva la Raza! Lucha Weekly 5/10/14

Viva la Raza!: Lucha Weekly
May 10, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of Wrestleview.com


AAA 05/04 “Sin Limite” TV Taping Results
1) Mari Apache, Mamba, & Taya Valkyrie def. Fabi Apache, La Jarochita, & Pasion Kristal
2) Mexican Powers (Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, & Nino Hamburguesa) def. Dark Family (Escoria, Cuervo, & Espiritu)
3) La Anarquia (Daga, Eterno, & Steve Pain) def. Angelico, Australian Suicide, & Jack Evans
4) Bengala, El Elegido, & Fenix def. Hijo del Fantasma, Pentagon Jr., & Texano Jr.
5) Blue Demon Jr., Electroshock, & La Parka Jr. def. Chessman, Silver King, & Villano IV

AAA 05/17 “Sin Limite” TV Taping Lineup
1) Ludxor, Nino Hamburugesa, & Venum vs. Carta Brava Jr., Gran Apache, & Fresero Jr.
2) Fabi Apache, Jennifer Blake, Mascarita Sagrada, & Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Mamba, Mini Abismo Negro, Sexy Star, & Taya Valkyrie
3) Alan Stone, Axxel, & El Elegido vs. Hijo del Fantasma, Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., & Texano Jr.
4) Psycho Circus (Monster Clown, Murder Clown, & Psycho Clown) vs. La Anarquia
5) Cibernetico, Fenix, & TBA vs. Pentagon Jr., Chessman, & TBA
– That Main Event is expected to be the debuts of Sin Cara and Averno, but we’ve seen this song and dance over and over again so don’t bet on it.

AAA 05/24 “Sin Limite” TV Taping Lineup
1) Ludxor, Venum, & Nino Hamburguesa vs. Carta Brava Jr., Gran Apache, & Fresero Jr.
2) El Elegido, Fabi Apache, Mascarita Sagrada, & Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Machine Rocker, Mamba, Mini Abismo Negro, & Taya Valkyrie
3) AAA Cruiserweight Title Six Way Dance: Daga (c) vs. Bengala vs. Aerostar vs. Axxel vs. Steve Pain vs. Eterno
4) AAA Trios Titles: Psycho Circus (Psycho Clown, Murder Clown, & Monster Clown) (c) vs. Texano Jr., Hijo del Fantasma, & Mascara Ano 2000 Jr.
5) Fenix, La Parka Jr., & TBA vs. Black Warrior, Perro Aguayo Jr., & TBA
– Sin Cara and Averno expected in the Main Event. Averno on the rudo side would be Sin Cara’s three biggest rivals in his career.


CMLL Suspends Talent
This week CMLL suspended Rush, La Mascara, Negro Casas, and Mr. Niebla due to their big brawl last Friday at Arena Mexico using weapons which is against the rules in CMLL. The suspension is likely just for Arena Mexico shows and they are still working spot shows. This is something that has been an issue in the past with CMLL, a few years ago L.A. Park and Dr. Wagner Jr. had a huge brawl with weapons which ended up with them being fired. I would assume all the talent here will be back this week or next weekend.

Dorada Back In Japan
CMLL’s Mascara Dorada just completed a lengthy tour of New Japan Pro Wrestling, but he will be returning right back to Japan at the end of May for the Best of Super Juniors Tournament. The tournament goes on from May 30th through June 8th. Dorada will be joined by legendary Jushin Thunder Liger, former WWE Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku, Dragon Gate’s Ricochet, Alex Koslov, KUSHIDA, Matt & Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks, former IWRG star Tetsuya Bushi, Tiger Mask IV, Ryusuke Taguchi, former TNA X-Division Champion Alex Shelley, Kenny Omega, Rocky Romero, El Desperado, & Taichi in the tournament. Dorado will be part of Block A. The full list of matches for Dorado is below. If you could only watch just one of Dorada’s matches from this tournament I would almost guarantee the 06/04 match with Ricochet is going to be the most interesting and entertaining. That is a match between two of the very best high flyers in the world regardless of promotion.
– Mascara Dorada vs. Taka Michinoku (05/30)
– Mascara Dorada vs. KUSHIDA (05/31)
– Mascara Dorada vs. Jushin Thunder Liger (06/01)
– Mascara Dorada vs. Alex Koslov (06/03)
– Mascara Dorada vs. Ricochet (06/04)
– Mascara Dorada vs. Tetsuya Bushi (06/05)
– Mascara Dorada vs. Matt Jackson (06/06)
– BOSJ Semifinals & Finals (06/08)

CMLL 05/04 Arena Coliseo Results
1) Molotov & Sensei def. Cholo & Zayco
2) Cancerbero, Herodes Jr., & Raziel def. Black Panther, Hombre Bala Jr., & Super Halcon Jr.
3) Comandante Pierroth, Sangre Azteca, & Virus def. Sagrado, Stuka Jr., & Triton
4) Lightning Match: Fuego def. Puma King
5) Euforia, Gran Guerrero, & Niebla Roja def. La Mascara, Titan, & Valiente
6) Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvora, & Rey Escorpion def. La Sombra, Marco Corleone, & Rush

CMLL 05/04 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results
1) El Pirana def. Reicko
2) Jocker & Satara def. El Tapatio & Indigo
3) Brillante & William Rock def. Demonio Rojo & Infierno
4) Esfinge def. Sadico
5) Malefico, Misterioso II, & Vangelis def. Cachorro, Gallo, & Leon Blanco
6) Diamante Azul & Brazo de Plata def. Rafaga & El Terrible via DQ

CMLL 05/05 Arena Puebla Results
1) Meyer & Paris def. Ares & Guerrero Espacial
2) Cibernetico: Canelo Casas, El Rebelde, Flyer, Hechicero, & Star Jr. def. Asturiano, Blue Center, King Jaguar, Tigre Rojo Jr., & Toro Bill Jr.
3) Bobby Zavala, Dragon Rojo Jr., & Polvora def. Black Panther, Cachorro, & Stigma
4) Rey Bucanero, Shocker, & Ripper def. Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone, & Rush
5) CMLL Light Heavyweight Title: Rey Escorpion (c) def. La Mascara to retain the title!

CMLL 05/06 Arena Mexico Results
1) Molotov & Robin def. Akuma & Espiritu Negro
2) Arkangel de la Muerte, Hooligan, & Inquisidor def. Metalico, Oro Jr., & Sensei
3) Astral, Electrico, & Ultimo Dragoncito def. Demus 3:16, Mercurio, & Pequeno Olimpico via countout
4) En Busca de un Idolo Tournament: Cavernario def. Star Jr.
5) En Busca de un Idolo Tournament: Hechicero def. Super Halcon Jr.
6) Herodes Jr., El Terrible, & Vangelis def. Sagrado, Stuka Jr., & Brazo de Plata
7) Atlantis, Delta, & Guerrero Maya Jr. def. Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, & Euforia

CMLL 05/06 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results
1) Black Metal def. Acertijo
2) Camorra, El Guatrero, & Sanson def. Sky Kid, Smaker, & Stigma
3) Puma King & Tiger Kid def. Black Panther & Cachorro
4) Felino, Kraneo, & Ripper def. La Mascara, Titan, & Triton
5) Occidente Heavyweight Title: Diamante Azul (c) def. Rafaga to retain the title!
6) Marco Corleone, Maximo, & Rush def. Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvora, & Rey Escorpion via DQ

CMLL 05/11 Arena Coliseo Lineup
1) Leono & Magnus vs. Akuma & Zayco
2) Hombre Bala Jr., Pegasso, & Starman vs. Canelo Casas, Disturbio, & Ramstein
3) Fuego, Rey Cometa, & Triton vs. Kamaitachi, Misterioso II, & Shigeo Okumura
4) Lightning Match: Valiente vs. Vangelis
5) Atlantis, Mascara Dorada, & Titan vs. Euforia, Niebla Roja, & El Terrible
6) NWA Middleweight Title: La Sombra (c) vs. Rey Escorpion

CMLL 05/11 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Lineup
1) Marvel vs. Relampago Azul
2) Dr. Frezzer & El Idolo vs. Angel del Mal & El Yaqui
3) William Rock vs. Furia Nazi
4) Esfinge, Explosivo, & Leon Blanco vs. Demonio Maya, Espectrum, & Evola
5) Maximo & Stuka Jr. vs. Malefico & Mr. Aguila
6) Blue Panther & La Mascara vs. Mephisto & Ephesto

CMLL 05/12 Arena Puebla Lineup
1) Black Tiger, Milenium, & Tigre Rojo vs. Centauro de Fuego, Cholo, & Inquisidor
2) Asturiano, Meyer, & Tigre Rojo Jr. vs. Demus 3:16, Mercurio, & Pequeno Warrior
3) Blue Panther, Stuka Jr., & Triton vs. Cavernario, Ephesto, & Misterioso II
4) Volador Jr., La Mascara, & Brazo de Plata vs. Ultimo Guerrero, Gran Guerrero, & Niebla Roja
5) NWA Light Heavyweight Title: Diamante Azul (c) vs. Ripper

CMLL 05/13 Arena Mexico Lineup
1) Acero & Fantasy vs. Pequeno Nitro & Pequeno Violencia
2) Metalico, Oro Jr., & Stigma vs. Canelo Casas, Disturbio, & El Rebelde
3) Estrellita, Marcela, & Skadi def. Dalis la Caribena, La Comandante, & Zeuxis
4) En Busca de un Idolo Tournament: Cavernario vs. Guerrero Negro Jr.
5) En Busca de un Idolo Tournament: Dragon Lee vs. Super Halcon Jr.
6) Blue Panther, Fuego, & Rey Cometa vs. Bobby Zavala, El Terrible, & Vangelis
7) Atlantis, Delta, & Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, & Niebla Roja

CMLL 05/13 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Lineup
1) El Divino & Virgo vs. Demonio Rojo & Sadico
2) Black Metal & Leo vs. Artillero & Super Comando
3) Black Panther, Stuka Jr., & Triton vs. Kamaitachi, Magnum, & Shigeo Okumura
4) Lightning Match: Gallo vs. Sangre Azteca
5) 4-Corners Match: Metatron & Sagrado vs. Puma King & Tiger Kid vs. Sky Kid & Smaker vs. El Cuatrero & Sanson
6) Mascara Dorada, Volador Jr., & Titan vs. Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvora, & Rey Escorpion


New Legends Promotion Announced
This past week a new promotion called Leyendas Inmortales de Lucha Libre was announced as starting on 05/18 in Coacalco. The promotion will feature mainly 80s and 90s luchadors including El Canek, Fantasma, Fuerza Guerrera, Rambo, Super Raton, Universo 2000, Mascara Ano 2000, Black Terry, Negro Navarro, Kendo, Lady Apache, Barba Negra, Rossy Moreno, Villano III, El Justiciero, Rocky Santana, Cachorro Mendoza, Gallego, Miss Janeth, Esther Moreno, Super Muneco, Mascara Sagrada, and others. They will be doing an El Dandy Tribute Show on 06/01 as well.

Flamita Turns Down AAA?
In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer claims that AAA has offered Flamita a spot in the company to take over the Octagon Jr. role which Samuray del Sol left behind, but that Flamita likes working in Japan and wants to stay with Dragon Gate for now. Flamita has really improved since going to Dragon Gate and his stock continues to rise in Mexico.

Flamita In Japan
I actually had no clue independent luchador Flamita was still in Japan working for Dragon Gate. He ended up winning the Open the Brave Gate Championship there as well. He has also formed a team with EITA, who he worked with in Mexico a few times, called Millennials.
– Dragon Kid, K-Ness, & Super Shisa def. EITA, Flamita, & Yosuke Santa Maria (04/18)
– Flamita & T-Hawk def. Gamma & Masasaki Mochizuki (04/19)
– Genki Horiguchi & Jimmy Susumu def. Flamita & yosuke Santa Maria (04/20)
– Flamita & EITA def. Genki Horiguchi & Jimmy Susumu (04/26)
– Elimination Match: T-Hawk, EITA, & Flamita def. Ricochet, Shingo Takagi, & Akira Tozawa (04/27)
– Flamita & T-Hawk def. Masato Yoshino & Syachihoko Boy (4/28)
– Flamita & T-Hawk def. Genki Horiguchi & Jimmy Kanda (04/29)
– Akira Tozawa, Shingo Takagi, & Uhaa Nation) def. EITA, Flamita, & T-Hawk (05/03)
– Flamita & EITA def. Dragon Kid & K-Ness (05/04)
– Open the Brave Gate Title: Flamita (c) def. Jimmy Susumu to retain the title! (05/05)

LLF 05/02 “Copa Juvenil LLF ’14” Monterrey Results
1) Copa Juvenil LLF Seeding Battle Royal: Lady Maravilla def. Angelica, Dark Fantasy, Katary, Keira, Lady Flamer, & Tsunami
2) Copa Juvenil LLF Quarterfinals: Keira def. Dark Fantasy
3) Copa Juvenil LLF Quarterfinals: Lady Flamer def. Katary
4) Copa Juvenil LLF Quarterfinals: Angelica def. Tsunami
5) Copa Juvenil LLF Semifinals: Keira def. Lady Maravilla
6) Copa Juvenil LLF Semifinals: Lady Flamer def. Angelica
7) Copa Juvenil LLF Finals: Lady Flamer def. Keira
– Maravilla gained a bye from the first round due to winning the battle royal.
– Lady Flamer gets her second straight Copa Juvenil LLF Tournament win.

ChilangaMask 05/03 “Evolucion Chilanga Tour Night 1” Tijuana Results
1) Aerial Assault Torneo Cibernetico: Mosco Negro def. Black Boy, Bufalo Ayala, Martinete, Spark Jr., Star Dragon, & X-Peria
2) Triple Threat: Angel Metalico & Venum Black Jr. def. Genio del Aire & Skalibur and Sargon & Viento
3) X-Torm def. Belial via countout
4) Aeroboy & Star Boy fought Tony Casanova & Zarco to a DRAW
5) Triple Threat: Tigre Uno def. Impulso & Rey Horus
6) Relevos Increibles: Mr. Maldito & Trauma I def. The Platino & Trauma II

IWRG 05/04 Arena Naucalpan Results
1) Sky Angel def. Skull Metal
2) Fulgor I & Fulgor II def. Alfa & Omega
3) IWRG Rey del Ring Battle Royal: Hijo de Mascara Ano 2000 def. Anubis Black, Latigo, Metaleon, Hip Hop Man, Zurdog, Oficial Fierro, Oficial Spartan, Picudo Jr., Imposible, Astro Rey Jr., Angel del Amor, Tony Rivera, Guerrero Mixtico, Black Terry, Ciclon Black, Oficial AK47, Avisman, Alan Extreme, Apolo Estrada Jr., El Hijo del Diablo, Dr. Cerebro, Electro Boy, Golden Magic, Oficial Rayan, Canis Lupus, Pirata Morgan, Cien Caras Jr., X-Fly, & Relampago

ChilangaMask 05/04 “Evolucion Chilanga Tour Night 2” Baja California Results
1) Angelus & Star Dragon def. Misionero de la Muerte & Toxic
2) Eternus, Spark Jr., & Venum Black Jr. def. Bufalo Ayala, Fantastico, & Sargon
3) Triple Threat: Rey Horus def. Cinico & Star Boy
4) Angel Metalico, Viento, & Zarco def. Belial, Impulso, & X-Torm
5) Mr. Maldito & The Platino def. Trauma I & Trauma II
6) Hardcore Match: Aeroboy def. Tony Casanova

LLA 05/04 Monterrey Results
1) Dulce Kanela & Erika Sotelo def. Golden Boy & Rey Demonio Jr.
2) Cibernetico: Pedro Navajas def. Alberto dos Rios, Black Spider, El Hijo de Centurion Negro, Titanik, Galactar, Genocida, Principe de Oro, & Sky
3) Potro Jr., Silver Star, & Tigre Universitario def. Bengali, Charles Lucero, & Difunto I
4) Blue Panther & Maximo def. Ephesto & Mr. Niebla
5) LLA Azteca Title: Atlantis def. Ultimo Guerrero (c) to win the title!
– The Azteca Title has never been successfully defended.

INDY 05/04 Arena Solidaridad Results
1) Cuz Infernal & Harry el Sucio def. Letal & Mercenario
2) Angel Espacial, Coco Viper, & Cuerno de Chivo def. Black Genesis, Destructor, & Silver Genesis
3) Ares & Wotan def. Kronos & Tornado
4) Big Memo, Rey Unicornio, & Eclipso def. Coco Azul Jr., Coco Colores, & Coco Loco
5) Cibernetico: Silver Star def. Black Spirit, Atomo, Desafio, Destructor II, Extreme Boy, & Solovino
6) Angel Blanco Jr., Pierko el Boricua, & Sergio Romo Jr. def. Diluvio Negro II, El Hijo de Rey Misterio III, & Panthro
7) 3-Way Dance: L.A. Park def. Hernandez & Dr. Wagner Jr.

UMLL 05/04 “Guerra de Gladiadores” Arena Coliseo Monterrey Results
1) Mini Difunto & Mini Hator def. Chamaco Gurolla & Tequilita
2) Erik Ortiz, Face Man, & Vudu def. Medico Infernal, Principe Azteca, & unknown
3) Mask vs. Mask Match: Medico Infernal def. Principe Azteca
4) Centurion Negro Jr. & Tokio Jr. def. Gato Fantasma & Halcon Real
5) El Ninja, Ninja Jr., & Magico def. Centurion Negro, Mongol Chino, & Orlando Santa Cruz
6) Copa Hector Garza Torneo Cibernetico: Ultimo Ninja def. Black Soul, Caifan, Caifan Guerrero, Chica de Arabia, Chucho Mar Jr., El Pulpo, Memo Valle, & Panthro Jr.
7) Sin Cara, Cibernetico, Argenis, & Argos def. Averno & The Psycho Circus (Psycho Clown, Monster Clown, & Murder Clown)
– Sin Cara and Averno teaming with AAA guys in the Main Event. Argos and Argenis are also Sin Cara’s real life brothers.

IWRG 05/07 Arena Naucalpan Results
1) Fulgor II def. Sky Angel
2) Latigo & Metaleon def. Oficial Rayan & Oficial Spartan
3) Hijo de la Bestia & Imposible def. Angel del Amor & Astro Rey Jr.
4) Canis Lupus & Eterno def. Golden Magic & Relampago
5) Cien Caras Jr., Hijo de Mascara Ano 2000, & X-Fly def. Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, & Oficial Fierro via DQ

INDY 05/09 Mexico City Lineup
1) Cibernetico: La Magnifica vs. La Diabolica del Caribe vs. Paloma Rouse vs. Big Mama vs. Yuca la Potranquita vs. Keira vs. La Hielera vs. Dama de Hierro vs. Princesa Dorada
2) Cinthia Moreno, Esther Moreno, & Lola Gonzalez vs. La Chola, Miss Janeth, & Tania la Guerrillera
3) Lady Apache vs. Rossy Moreno
– This show is being billed as a benefit show for luchadoras in need, but it’s also a free show which doesn’t make much sense unless they are just going to take up donations at the event.

IWRG 05/11 Arena Naucalpan Lineup
1) Alfa & Omega vs. Fulgor I & Fulgor II
2) Angel del Amor, Astro Rey Jr., & Metaleon vs. Arana de Plata, Hip Hop Man, & Imposible
3) Dr. Cerebro, Toscano, & Veneno vs. Apolo Estrada Jr., El Hijo del Diabo, & Eterno
4) Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Dr. Wagner III vs. Danny Casas & Hijo de Mascara Ano 2000
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Hijo de Dos Caras, & Super Nova vs. Demon Clown, Pirata Morgan, & X-Fly

PWR 05/18 Morgan Hill Lineup
1) The Persian Dynasty (Kia & Cyrus) vs. Los Campesinos (Campesino I & Campesino II)
2) Savanah vs. Nicole Savoy
3) Triple Threat: Ultimo Panda vs. KRATOS vs. Famous B
4) La Migra (Derek Sanders & Colt Stevens) vs. Los Gallineros (Gallinero I & Gallinero II)
5) PWR Minis Title: Pequeno Halloween vs. Mini Mariachi (c)
6) The Almighty Sheik vs. El Mariachi
7) Zokre, Vaquero Fantasma, & Damian 666 vs. El Gallo Tapado Jr., Atlantis, & Mascara Sagrada
8) PWR Heavyweight Title: Blue Demon Jr. (c) vs. Jushin Thunder Liger

PWR 05/24 Turlock, CA Lineup
1) Persian Dynasty vs. Los Campesinos
2) Savanah vs. Nicole Savoy
3) Los Luchas (Zokre & Phoenix) vs. Kung Fu Hustle (Willie Mack & Ultimo Panda)
4) Vaquero Fantasma vs. Gallo Tapado Jr.
5) Famous B vs. Hernandez
6) Damian 666 vs. Mascara Sagrada
7) Steel Cage Match: La Migra (Derek Sanders & Bryan Cage) vs. Blue Demon Jr. & El Mariachi

Los Cadetes del Espacio

Since the 90’s the group of Los Cadetes del Espacio (The Space Cadets) has been an idea of putting young luchadors together to showcase their show stealing high flying moves. The original group was a very popular trio consisting of Solar I, Super Astro, & UltraMan. At the time they were very space man looking outfits. In 1995 Antonio Pena of AAA put together a group of young high flyers calling them Los Power Raiders, a complete rip off of the very popular Power Rangers kids show. After being sued by the creators of Power Rangers Pena instead shuffled the lineup a bit and gave them all new gimmicks. He also renamed the group Los Cadetes del Espacio a take on the original group. This new group consisted of Venum, Ludxor, Discovery, Frisbee, and Boomerang.

The group stole the show more times than not putting on incredible matches regularly and each luchador went on to become great wrestlers some even legends by the end of the 90s. In 1997 Super Nova was added to the group and they had an incredibly memorable feud with the Los Rudos de la Galaxia group which consisted of the original Histeria (Super Crazy), Mosco de la Merced, Maniaco, Mach 1, & Abismo Negro. In late 1997 many stars from AAA left to join the upstart Promo Azteca promotion and that included much of the Rudos de la Galaxia group as well as Venum and Super Nova from Los Cadetes. Rather than splitting up the group Pena simply put new wrestlers under the Venum and Super Nova though neither was as good as the regular and never became stars. The group hung around until 1999 before completely disbanded as members continued to leave.

The original groups members all became great stars in lucha libre however Venum would later become Venum Black in Promo Azteca and a memorable feud with Super Crazy (the original Histeria) as well as work in the WWF/E briefly in the 90s. Ludxor retired from the ring completely after leaving AAA and having a brief stint with IWRG in 2000. Discovery actually went on to become an indy star in Chicago in the states working for lucha promotions here as well as other independents in Mexico and the Chicago area. He is still considered one of the better luchadors in America. Frisbee would later go on to work most known as Gato Volador and Lasser. Boomerang became a bonafide lucha legend as both a wrestler and trainer better known as Skayde. He has trained many top high flyers in Mexico, America, and Japan. The original Super Nova went on to become Oro Jr. and Suicida were he gained a lot of success on the independents most notably IWRG. He also worked briefly for WCW and WWF in the 90s. After Frisbee and Boomerang left AAA for Promo Azteca they were replaced by two young wrestlers known at the time as Neo & Geo. Neo would later become Raziel in CMLL while Geo never gained any success otherwise.

In 2013 CMLL created their own version of the group consiting of Pegasso, Starman, & Triton. Pegasso had previously been a member of another group in AAA of young high flyers called Real Fuerza Aerea. His former teammate in that stable Aerostar also started is own new version of Los Cadetes del Espacio in AAA this year as well with new versions of Ludxor and Venum. The new Venum is former AAA undercard luchador Lucky Boy while Ludxor is believed to be Nino de Ebano. Both are extremly talented high flyers and if given a push could become as popular as the previous versions of the group.

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