Josh Boutwell previews TNA Slammiversary 2014

TNA Slammiversary ’14 Preview
Arlington, TX
June 15, 2014
Preview by: Josh Boutwell of

TNA kicks off its birthday celebration on Father’s Day this year and a war has been brewing as MVP and his crew have looked to take over all the “money, power, respect” in TNA. TNA is also bringing in members of Dallas’ favorite family, The Von Erich’s who make their national TV debut at Slammiversary.

The Von Erichs (Marshall & Ross Von Erich) w/Kevin Von Erich vs. TBA
The legendary Von Erich family returns to the Dallas, Texas area as the newest generation of the Von Erichs make their PPV debut when Marshall & Ross Von Erich team up at Slammivesrary. The brothers are the sons of Kevin Von Erich who will be in his sons corner on Father’s Day which should be a really cool moment for the family. Kevin’s niece Lacey Von Erich previously worked for TNA. Marshall & Ross have spent the majority of their wrestling careers in Japan working for Pro Wrestling NOAH. They were trained by their father and the legendary Harley Race with additional training at NOAH’s dojo in Japan.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Angelina Love (c) vs. Gail Kim
The Beautiful People’s Angelina Love looks to successfully defend her title against possibly the greatest Knockouts Champion of all time in Gail Kim. Kim defeated Brittany and Madison Rayne this week on Impact to earn this shot at the belt. Velvet Sky will surely get involved at some point so how will Gail counter that interference and can she become a 4-time champion.

TNA X-Division Championship
Ladder Match
Sanada (c) vs. Tigre Uno vs. Manik vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards vs. Crazzy Steve
Slammiversary will go a bit old school when Japanese superstar Sanada puts his X-Division Championship on the line in a Ladder Match, a bit of a nod to the old King of the Mountain Ladder Matches of Slammiversary years past. Honestly I would have much rather personally they actually do a King of the Mountain but this should be a high flying, exciting bout nonetheless. I don’t really understand the addition of Crazzy Steve when you have Zema Ion on the roster, he would have been a better fit in my opinion. The fact that Eddie and Davey are being put in this match shows you how horrible the tag team division in TNA is right now as well. This will be one of Sanada’s final tests before Destination X a month from now when the X-Division Champion will get to exchange the title for a shot at the World Title. Manik is the only other past X-Division Champion in this match but he has unfortunately not been used on TV at all since Lockdown. Tigre came close to taking the X-Division Title away from Sanada in last month’s Best of 3 Series and he will again get a shot at taking the championship while Eddie and Davey could end the night with two title belts.

TNA World Title Contender Match #1
“The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” Austin Aries vs. “The King of the Night” Kenny King
Austin Aries said from the first time MVP was in TNA that he didn’t trust him and when it was all said and done Aries was proven right all along. He was punished and held off TV for almost a month because of his dissension against MVP early on in MVP’s reign in TNA. King on the other hand was all part of MVP’s plan to deceive everyone. Both are former X-Division Champions and have faced each other several times in the past, in fact it was Aries that helped to bring King into TNA when Aries was World Champion. These two former friends have no love for each other anymore and this should be an exciting class of X-Division greats. Also, now the winner of this match moves onto the Main Event in the Steel Cage 3-Way for the World Title after the knee injury suffered by MVP making this match mean much more.

Mr. Anderson vs. “Cowboy” James Storm
Storm’s violent war with Gunner last month ended up leading to what has become yet another bitter feud for the former World Champion. Storm attempted to screw over Gunner in a #1 Contenders Tournament, but ended up kicking Anderson towards a loss. Anderson and Storm have exchanged in heated fights since then including a “beer contest” in which Anderson was drinking “near beer” to get Storm drunk before pummeling him in a bar parking lot. Storm got revenge last week with a brutal beating of Anderson on Impact after Anderson continued to mock him all night. This match will likely be another very physical showdown for James Storm.

Willow vs. Magnus
Ever since Bram has come to TNA he has been trying to bring out the old “goon” in Magnus that he once knew. Bram has said that Magnus has gone soft since he defeated Jeff Hardy for the World Title in 2013. Willow has been the subject of Bram’s attempts to get Magnus to show his violent side again by teasing him to use pry bars to attack Willow with, fitting since it was Hardy that Magnus screwed over for the TNA World Title arguably leading to Hardy’s new alter ego Willow. Last week Magnus finally snapped and absolutely obliterated Willow with a steel pry bar as a euphoric Bram watched and smiled. Willow will try to gain some revenge but has the found again mean streak in Magnus be too much? Also, Bram will be in Magnus’ corner while “The Monster” Abyss will be in his former long time rival’s corner.

TNA World Title Contender Match #2
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Lashley
This match is actually a rematch from Bound for Glory 2009. Lashley has shown a new aggressive, physical style since joining forces with MVP and Kenny King which should be an interesting matchup with the always physical Samoa Joe who is looking to start his revenge on MVP with MVP’s enforcer. Samoa Joe feels that he was used as a pawn by MVP always toyed with and never given that fair chance at the World Title purposely. This match could end up being super physical but both men are also technically awesome in the ring as well, this match has potential show stealer written all over it if it lives up to its potential. Plus, now with MVP’s knee injury the winner of this match moves onto the Main Event to enter the World Title Steel Cage Match!

Texas Death Match
Bully Ray vs. Ethan Carter III
At Sacrifice Dixie Carter screwed Bully Ray out of his Tables Match with Bobby Roode by pushing him off the top rope and through a table. Bully has since vowed for revenge on the TNA President and has gone as far as invading TNA’s offices and even breaking into Dixie’s own house. EC3 has had his aunts back the entire time standing up for her and attacking Bully. Bully has promised to put Dixie through a table and last week he drew first blood on EC3 by busting him open in the big 8-Man First Blood Tag Team Match. EC3 has never been pinned in TNA and even took out Kurt Angle’s knee, but he’s never had to stand toe-to-toe with someone as tough and bad as the Bully. This week on Impact the match was made that much more physical when Bully Ray challenged EC3 to make the match a Texas Death Match which was accepted. Things are sure to get bloody here.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Steel Cage Match
“Showtime” Eric Young (c) vs. ??? vs. ???
This is the biggest problem that TNA has when they do things like record Impact a month ahead (or more), the originally scheduled MVP vs. Eric Young Main Event is no more because of a knee injury MVP suffered last week on an overseas appearance. The match has now been changed to give the other members of his crew a shot at the title. The winners of Aries/King and Joe/Lashley will be entered into the Steel Cage Match making it a Triple Threat. Eric Young may see himself facing two members of MVP’s crew at the same time anyway and I’m sure MVP will make his presence felt in some way during the match.

Hall of Fame Announcement
Also, at Slammiversary TNA’s 2nd Hall of Fame member Kurt Angle will announce the third entrant into the TNA Hall of Fame. Kurt Angle is currently home nursing a torn ACL and this very well may be the last time Angle appears in a TNA ring if he doesn’t re-sign with TNA later this year.

Slammiversary kicks off at 8:00 p.m. Eastern (7:00 CT) live on PPV and I will be providing coverage live on