The Final Impact
August 14, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of

Another damn good night of wrestling action, honestly I’m to the point where I want TNA to live in NYC permanently if they are going to bring this every night! I really hope this is just the start of what we are going to see in the future. TNA moving to Wednesday nights is a massively good sign for Impact. I have to ask why would Spike bother to move Impact to a different night as to not have to deal with competition if they weren’t bringing them back? That leads me to believe they have either worked out a deal or are very close to working out a new deal. I can hear the jokes about TNA coming, that they are running from WWE (due to the rumor of Smackdown returning to Thursdays) but honestly this is just a smart idea in general. There is both NFL and college football on Thursday nights in the fall and you add WWE to that as well that is a pretty clustered night in terms of sports. TNA has Wednesday most nights year round to themselves now, plus I get to watch college football on Thursday nights again now!

The opening segment with 3D and Hardyz was excellent and it looked like all four were just having fun out there. When guys are having fun it shows in their work and it showed tonight, as it has the past couple of months.

The X-Division match was really fun but honestly it just didn’t get crazy enough for me. With those high fliers in that match there should have been a hell of a lot of high flying going on but really on Tigre did any flying and only Homicide did a dive. Had these guys really let loose it could have been truly awesome and I still think they have only scratched the surface with Tigre and Manik.

Speaking of the X-Division, great promo from Joe and I cannot wait to see the rekindling of Joe vs. Low-Ki, I would love for that feud to be one they let go on for a few months. The vignette with Storm and Sanada was creepy but effective. I like this new psychotic cult leader type of persona Storm has transitioned too and all the talk of “revolution” leads me to believe he is going to lead his own “Flock” type of stable.

The Knockotus Match was excellent, great work from all four girls but we want to see Taryn vs. Gail again, let those two let loose for real.

The 6-Man Tag was really good and I liked how Roode did trademark double team moves with both EY and Aries since he was Tag Champs with both of them. They had the fans the whole time and everybody worked hard. MVP looks to still be hurting so I think it is time to just let him do the talking while King and Lashley do the walking completely.

Abyss and Bram had an okay promo, it still sounds weird to hear Abyss refer to the board with nails in it as an actual girl which led to a couple of funny one liners from Magnus. Magnus really feels like an afterthought in this whole thing which is a damn shame. Hopefully he and Bram will continue to as a solid team after this.

The Main Event was absolutely terrific and shows the difference in two different types of tag team matches. The Wolves-Hardyz was an amazing, back and forth kind of sprint to the finish type of match while this match was much more of a rollercoaster ride. They took us up, then took the action back down, then picked it back up, took it back down, and finally took it WAY up for the final stretch. What an awesome match. The things that they can do with these two teams and The Wolves to really make The Wolves is really incredible and I cannot wait to see where this takes us.

– Segment/Promo of the Night: James Storm in his psycho dungeon
– Match of the Night: 3D vs. Hardys (****1/2)
– Overall Grade: A

Until next week… PEACE!

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