FEATURE: Josh Boutwell reviews 9/10 Impact Wrestling

The Final Impact
September 10, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of Wrestleview.com

If TNA’s goal is to bring back tag team wrestling, I must say they are doing a hell of a job at it with this tag series. As much as I’m enjoying it all I can think of is disappointment however. Davey Richards broke his leg at a house show and Bully’s contract has expired. There is a real chance this wonderful rivalry won’t see a proper conclusion.

Regardless the Tables Match was even better than the first match in this series. The Hardyz & Wolves flew all over the place and there were some pretty brutal strikes as well. I have to say I have a morbid curiosity to what Jeff Hardy was planning with the table turned upside down. That would likely be a bump only his crazy ass would attempt though. Great match from all three guys and I like that they told us right away the next match would be a Ladder Match which I am anticipating to be out of this world.

The opening deal with Chris Melendez was a cool moment and it is definitely a great story. He didn’t really do much but the match was short too. I need to see more of him in the ring and see if he will be able to do more on the microphone as well.

Bobby Roode cut an excellent promo and MVP added to it as well continuing the build for the Lashley-Roode showdown next week. The ensuing 6-Man Tag was very good as well and MVP looked as healthy in that match as he has in awhile.

TNA has done a good job at establishing Havok as a monster early and it is obvious they are going for the Gail-Awesome Kong type of feud here. It is hard to capture lightning in a bottle twice but I am definitely looking forward to seeing if they can have the same type of chemistry that Gail and Kong had.

Tajiri and Aries had a nice team going and the tag team match was very fun and Tajiri looked as good as ever. I really like this dark Storm character and the thought of him building a faction around him.

The Mixed Tag was okay for what it was. Rebel didn’t show a lot but she is obviously pretty green. I don’t know that I want to see her as a wrestler at all, especially with some of the girls in the division right now that aren’t getting a lot of shine. I think we are headed towards a psycho couple with Shaw and Brittany as well which could be a fun dynamic.

Another solid outing in NYC from tonight and I think next week is the final show from the set of tapings they did the last time around. Hopefully TNA can keep the momentum going at the next set of tapings.

– Segment/Promo of the Night: Roode/MVP/Lashley and Gail/Havok
– Match of the Night: Tables Match (****1/2)
– Overall Grade: A

Until next week… PEACE!

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