Josh Boutwell reviews 10/8 Impact Wrestling

The Final Impact
October 8, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of

I don’t care if you watch another second of tonight’s show, do yourself a favor and watch Full Metal Mayhem! If you want a great story telling match, a wonderful scientific masterpiece, then don’t watch it. If you want to see a balls to the wall, fast paced, high spot after high spot, insane bump after insane bump, guys working their asses off match then see it! It was incredible! I will talk about that match more in a second but first let me get to the rest of the show.

Honestly the rest of tonight’s card was just kind of there. I think probably most anyone that watched tonight wanted to see Full Metal Mayhem and everything else was just filler.

The Knockouts match was okay but the crowd was beyond dead and didn’t seem to care which made me not really care.

I don’t get the logic of doing a No DQ Match on the same card as an insane match like Full Metal Mayhem, just why? It makes no sense and despite Bram and Shaw taking some wicked bumps themselves it just can’t compare to what you saw later.

The Tag Team match between Revolution and Ki/Tigre was pretty fun while it lasted and Ki/Tigre actually had a pretty solid team together.

I don’t get the logic of Lashley seemingly upset that MVP would butt in and refuse a title shot for Roode again and then come right back and cost Roode a shot at it. Why? Where is the logic behind that?

All of that doesn’t matter tonight, though, because the finish to the Tag Series was perfect in my books. It was a hell of a series of matches and if you haven’t seen them I suggest you go all the way back to the Wolves-Hardyz match and then watch Hardyz-3D and watch the 3-Way Series because it has been fantastic. And boy is Davey Richards one tough son of a bitch or what? A fractured leg and he gutted it out and took some sick damn bumps in the process. Jeff Hardy took some more wicked bumps that you would expect but everybody gave it their all and kudos to 3D and Hardyz for putting the young guys over. The only problem now is that Davey is hurt, and it’s probably going to take him some time to get back to where he was so was this whole series all for not? It’s a damn shame and honestly I would love for the Hardyz to stick around as a team for awhile longer, Matt looks flat out rejuvenated. This match definitely goes into my Match of the Year candidates, and definite TV Match of the Year thus far. Awesome stuff.

– Segment/Promo of the Night: Roode/MVP
– Match of the Night: Full Metal Mayhem (*****)
– Overall Grade: A (mainly for the Main Event)

Until next week… PEACE!

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