3/20 Impact: Big fight feel on Friday night

The Final Impact
March 20, 2015
By: Josh Boutwell of WrestleView.com

Unfortunately this will be one of my tougher “Final Thoughts” pieces because the two matches I was most highly anticipating, Ultimate X and Angle-Lashley, I missed huge chunks of both matches because of technical difficulties. That is the type of things I have to struggle with not having Destination America on my cable provider. I couldn’t find a stream to begin with and when I finally found one it crapped out on me right as the Ultimate X Match really started to get going. Then it was flawless for the rest of the night until about 3 minutes into the Main Event. I didn’t see another second of the show. It is frustrating as hell to me, I was thoroughly looking forward to Angle-Lashely.

From what I saw Ultimate X was exciting with some unique spots but I can’t really judge it because I didn’t see but maybe 3 minutes. Zema and Jessie always seem to come up with a lot more unique and entertaining double team moves than Jessie and Robbie ever did together for some reason.

Aries and Joe had a really awesome match going on until the DQ which really sucks especially considering it is possibly the last time we will ever see Joe in a TNA ring. It is very unfortunate that was Joe’s send off but it was a fun match while it lasted nonetheless, and I have to give kudos to TNA on what they did with Spud. They followed up last weeks incredible match by putting the X-Division Title on him. That was perfect in my opinion. You have established Spud as a true competitor and really got him over with the EC3 feud, now put the X-Division Title on him and see what he can do with it. Great stuff.

The Knockouts 3-Way was really awesome with some of the best work either woman has done in awhile, and given 5 more minutes or so it could have been truly special. I want to see those three in the ring together again.

Storm and Hardy had a fun brawling style match and Magnus and Bram’s brawl/fight was good to give Magnus some revenge and keep the intensity up on that feud.

I loved the way TNA really ramped up to the Main Event with vignettes and behind the scenes looks at both guys prepping for their match, and then the wonderful intros it really made it have that “big fight” feel which so many TNA Main Events in the past have been lacking.

I can’t speak on the match itself because I didn’t get to see the large majority of it though I do plan on seeing it in someway in the next few days. Nonetheless I was pretty shocked that Lashley tapped to Angle in the match, but it was also cool seeing how emotional Angle got with potentially his final World Title win. I wouldn’t mind seeing those two have a Best of 3 Series of Matches or even a 2/3 Falls Match to see them tear it up.

I’m not going to rate anything from tonight just simply because I missed too much important moments in the show but what I saw was entertaining as TNA has consistently become of late.

Until next week… PEACE!

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