Review: Mattel’s WWE Create-­a­-Superstar Set

Mattel’s WWE Create-a-Superstar Lucha Set & Ring Builder Playset Review
September 18, 2015
Review by: Jason Namako of

Over the past few days or so, I was presented with the opportunity to dabble back into the world of action figures by playing with the brand-new WWE Create-a-Superstar Lucha set and new ring builder playset that goes along with this new line of figures by Mattel.

I was a big fan of WWE action figures growing up in the late ’90s and into the mid-2000s, but had gotten out of the scene when I was a teenager due to other things peeking my interest, so getting the opportunity to see how action figures have evolved in 2015 was very intriguing.

The Lucha set of the new Create-a-Superstar figure line comes with a lot of different pieces, allowing the consumer to mix and match with a whole bunch of legs, arms, heads and accessories, thus allowing them to create their own custom superstar in a more “in the flesh” manner, compared to the virtual creating gamers can do in many past and present WWE video games.

The ring builder playset that is part of this new line of figures comes with many different pieces and accessories to allow the consumer to mix and match with many different set-ups to their ring, whether it be on the ground like a normal ring set-up, or raised high up in the air through the help of different attachable trusses. There is even the option, through the help of 2 different hooks and a title belt that comes with the ring, to allow the consumer to do a Ladder Match by hanging the title belt on the hook and having it raised high above their ring.

Playing with the Lucha set and the ring builder playset brought me back to my childhood, but with a more modernized flavor to it, with the Create-a-Superstar option to it and all the accessories that you can mix and match with, including a breakable guitar for a weapon, Rey Mysterio head that you can switch out to the attachable head that comes with the figure, wings as an entrance prop and much more.

I had a real good time messing around with the Lucha Set and ring builder. It brought back memories of playing with action figures in my early teen years, while at the same time, getting the opportunity to see how the action figure world has evolved in 2015, and it has evolved a great deal, with even more lifelike designs with the figures, the accessories and rings, along with the new creative ideas the folks at Mattel have put out to give their consumers the ultimate experience when playing with action figures.

I highly recommend checking out the new Create-a-Superstar action figure line and ring builder playset, as there is also two other sets in this line, a Rocker set and a Barbarian set, with many more soon to come. The Mattel partnership with WWE has allowed for a lot of new original and unique ideas with their action figures compared to when was emersed in the action figure world and I look forward to see what they continue to put out going forward.

If you are an adult still thrust in the action figure world, or have a child that is just beginning to get into WWE action figures, the Create-a-Superstar line and Ring Builder Playset is a very good start to opening up your imaginations into just how much fun you can have, or your child can have, when playing with action figures. Everyone wants to suspend their disbelief, and the action figure is one of the better options out there to do just that.

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Jason Namako, (@Jason_Namako)