Josh Boutwell reviews Impact Wrestling for 10/14/15
TNA Impact Wrestling Final Thoughts 
October 14, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of 
Before I get into tonight’s Impact I have to start with the situation surrounding the World Title and the TNA World Title Series.
First, I had no problem with Matt Hardy winning the World Title at BFG, which by the way I thought was a really good show, and that it was actually a pretty cool “feel good” type of story with the way Matt has rebounded from the shape he was in a few years ago. The way they handled the title AFTER BFG, however, I think was super lame. Vacating the title after less than two days after winning it just sucks. I understand the storyline reasoning and it makes EC3 come off like even more of an asshole, but also makes him seem like a whiny little bitch which I guess is fine for his spoiled character, but I still thought it was super lame. Furthermore, you take the title off of Hardy because they said it would leave the title dormant for months, but then turn right around and do this really long tournament that is going to take months to do. How does that make any sense? I understand that Hardy was the one to relinquish the title so they can kayfabe say he had nothing to do with it and it is a loophole to let Hardy still compete for the title since EC3 had a ban on him appearing as champion. It also seems that TNA has been planning for this months which at least shows some forethought into this whole thing, but still it just doesn’t come off well for me.
Also, the tournament is just going to be too long for most fans honestly. That was one of the bigger complaints about the BFG Series from fans, that it just takes too long, along with the fact that storylines take a backseat to the tournament while it is going on, and with this tournament being so big and that Impact will pretty much nothing but these matches for the next few months it is even more so here. Personally I enjoy it and I think it is going to make for some really good matches and good matchups, and these types of tournaments can also breed feuds between wrestlers. The problem is getting fans to stick with it and get invested. 
The constant leaderboard updates as well as other stuff they are doing like the roundtable discussions are nice ways to try and keep fans invested and giving the wrestlers a chance to maybe make these matches feel more personal as well. The problem there is that there really isn’t anything in particular for most of these guys to talk to, especially when many of them have no past beefs with each other, and in that case can leave some guys out to dry. The “Future 4” group, for example, was absolutely terrible with all the guys just sounding so forced and rehearsed. Crimson was especially terrible. The TNA Originals, on the other hand, were pretty good. 
Hardy-Davey was a really good opener and if those two had more time there that could have been a really great match. Robbie-Eddie was also pretty good and the Robbie win was actually a decent surprise and his promo was really good afterward too to show a different, more serious, side to him. I’m really looking forward to the eventual Davey-Eddie matches and the type of matches they could have could be awesome. 
King-Aiden was fine but too short for them to do too much. I’m okay with Aiden’s new Irish thug character too because Jay Bradley was pretty much just a brawler anyway, but he really needs to scale back the jabs and body shots some. It really is getting to the point where that is all he does in his matches. 
Shera-Steve was just terrible and I have no desire to see Mahabali Shera in anyway. The dancing BS was scaled back a bit but he is just so green and clumsy in the ring that is hard to watch. The worst thing about this upcoming India tour TNA is going to do is that I think they are really going to push Shera hard during that tour and possibly even towards the TNA World Title which I think would be a huge disaster. You might as well just toss that belt into the trashcan if you are put it on him. 
Abyss-EY was okay but too short while Roode-Storm was an excellent TV Main Event. I think those two could have stellar matches with each other in their sleep and that match was nothing compared to some of their better ones but it was still yet another good match. 
-Promo/Segment of the Night: The TNA Originals Roundtable and Robbie E/Eddie promos
-Match of the Night: Storm vs. Roode Pt. 300 (***)
-Overall Grade: C –