Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 3/27/14

The Final Impact
March 28, 2014
By: Josh Boutwell of

I really enjoyed Impact again on Thursday night. TNA is really been enjoyable for me lately. Everything really except for the ridiculous Willow segments. Spud was funny, but it just felt like needless filler.

The opening segment with everyone in the World Title picture was solid and it set up the 4-Way for next week. You can see why Joe would be upset as it’s really justifiable to seem like he just continues to get screwed over. During the show they kind of shifted it from EY feeling responsible for Abyss to him feeling slighted and tired of being overlooked. The problem is this guy has been such a jokey character for so long it’s hard to take him serious now. His best time in TNA from my perspective was when he was the leader of World Elite which was really the only time he was a serious character, but it was a time in TNA where a new creative team was coming in right after it and he got changed right back to a comedy character.

The Wolves and Magnus/Abyss was an excellent tag team and The Wolves get a huge rub with a win over Magnus. I did like that not only did Taz point out Magnus’ reasoning for tapping so quick but that Magnus has said this before, that he would gladly tap quickly to save himself as long as the belt wasn’t on the line, but that also Abyss was pissed that he did it setting up for some static between the two in the 4-Way.

Great promo from Angelina Love and Velvet and it set up the double cross on Madison later nicely. Madison and Angelina had an okay match but it needed more time. Madison was really crisp and that match and she has really looked good in the ring of late. Thank God the bitchy Beautiful People are back, them as heels are gold. I can’t wait to see what they will have in store.

Absolutely terrific promos from Roode and Bully and even better brawl, the PPV match they have could be really something.

EY and Joe had a good match and the finish left things up in the air with Joe getting the win but EY never giving up and the controversy over whether Joe’s shoulders were down to add a little more to the 4-Way.

I loved the way they built toward the Main Event with those excellent video packages all night.

The return of the “King of the Night” next week!

What can I say about that Main Event other than WOW?! They beat the hell out of each other and even took things up a notch from that terrific match at Lockdown. I liked that they teased it would finish with the same spot as the PPV but then switched it up. Storm has truly helped Gunner elevate his game. I almost don’t want to see it come to an end just to see what they could do in something like a First Blood Match at the PPV.

Great show but they really need to start building toward the card for Sacrifice in April.

Now with that said I’m going to address something else tonight. Ever since last week’s Impact there has been a certain commenter that seems to want to go around and not just criticize but openly trash me even on comments I leave on news items here on WrestleView. As a writer here all of us are subject to criticism and I love constructive criticism, but when you are openly trashing me and even resorting to calling names like a child just because you don’t like me or something I’ve written I’m no longer listening. I may even throw some childish names back at you. I’ve made plenty of mistakes on the Impact recaps and they pop up more regularly than they would otherwise as there isn’t a lot of time to proofread because we want to have our weekly recaps for each show up as quickly as possible. So I’ve made mistakes and I will make plenty of them in the future, I do however do my best to bring a detailed recap for everybody every week that didn’t get a chance to see the show for whatever reason. Whenever I miss a show I like it when someone recaps what happened in a detailed manner which is partly why I’m so tedious with it. Some like it that way, others get mad when they see how detailed it is which is also why I provide the “quick results” at the end. Most people are appreciative and we all love our readers here at WrestleView, there’s just a few people out there that want to make others lives difficult which is where this rant comes from. Okay, rant over, haha.

As I close this week I want to take a chance to send out condolences to the friends and family of Brian Reese who passed away this week. He was a great friend to anyone involved in wrestling here on the gulf coast from the fans to the wrestlers to the promoters. You’ll be greatly missed bro, “Rise up!”

– Segment/Promo of the Night: Bully/Roode
– Match of the Night: Gunner vs. Storm II (****)
– Overall Grade: A

Until next week… PEACE!
Josh Boutwell peace

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