Artist reveals scrapped Bray Wyatt, Alexa Bliss idea; Wyatt comments on report about his release

Artist for WWE reveals scrapped Bray Wyatt, Alexa Bliss idea; Wyatt responds to recent report on his release

Artist Kyle Scarborough, who did the art for “The Fiend” character in WWE, recently revealed that the company wanted to do a live version of the Firefly Fun House, but Wyatt would have agreed to it only if he could have played the characters himself.

Scarborough took to Twitter to post the mock up image of a potential character that Wyatt would have used on WWE television, along with a mask that was dicussed for Alexa Bliss to wear.

Wyatt was released from WWE back on July 31. His 90-day non-compete clause with the company ended this past Friday.  Since his non-complete clause has ended.  It should be noted Wyatt has dropped WWE from all his social media handles, and is using his real first name.

In a different story regarding Wyatt, another media outlet recently claimed a WWE source said that between his backstage antics and how he handled himself when making millions – while medically flagged, he really deserved to be released.

Wyatt responded to the report with one of the “The Rock’s” eye rolling gifs, stating that “Now that we have Johnny and Bruce’s opinion, I would like to share mine soon.”

Wrestleview did not originally report on this apparent inaccurate story pertaining to Wyatt’s WWE release. 

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