WWE SmackDown 11/25/22: The fifth member of team Belair for WarGames is…

Becky Lynch.

Lynch was named the fifth member of Team Belair for the Women’s WarGames Match, which takes place on Saturday at Survivor Series.

Below is an excerpt from Chris Gerics WWE SmackDown recap of how it all went down.

Bayley has a mic and runs down the crowd for Thanksgiving and she says “it’s her time, now get out here cause we are going to war!” Bianca’s music hits and she’s joined by her team as they make their way to the ring. Bianca has a mic and says” There’s 5 of you and 4 of us, we didn’t come alone…”

BECKY LYNCH’S MUSIC HITS!!!!! The Man is back! She strolls down to the ring to join the team and they all get in the ring and start brawling!! Everyone is throwing shots at each other as Bayley and Becky are front and center. Bex-Ploder on Bayley! She powders out of the ring as Rhea and Becky stare off now. Rhea slowly gets in the ring as the faces back up Becky. Rhea eggs her on but Damage CTRL pull her back. Lynch’s music hits as Team Belair celebrate in the ring.