CM Punk responds to WWE Survivor Series speculation: ‘I think it’s sold out’

Appearing as a guest on the Bernstein & Holmes sports radio show in Chicago, CM Punk was asked by the hosts if he would be at WWE Survivor Series this year.

Punk responded to this with a bit of humor, stating:

“They’re asking if I’m going to be there? I think it’s sold out. I think tickets are hard to get.”

Punk went on to refute some of the speculation that he would be performing at the show, which takes place in Chicago on November 25, by giving an update on his situation at home:

“I don’t want to burst anybody’s bubble. I’m kind of just sitting at home right now enjoying this beautiful Chicago weather. I have an injury in the family, my dog blew his little dog ACL.

So I’m literally just spending my time with him. And I know that sounds a little crazy, but he is my son and I take care of him and treat him as such. So everything has kind of stopped.

I’m fortunate to be able to just take time off from everything. I’ve canceled a couple of things I have coming up. Traveling is just, it’s hard trying to leave him here with my wife April. So if there’s two of us here taking care of him, it seems to be easier.”

Punk was terminated with cause from AEW on September 2, but the topic of his departure from the company was not brought up during the interview.

Source: F4WOnline