Billy Corgan purchase of NWA now official, discusses planned re-branding

Sports Illustrated is featuring an interview with Billy Corgan discussing his purchase of the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) now being official as October 1, 2017.

Corgan put an emphasis on nostalgia and wanted to change the way pro wrestling is being viewed going forward with the re-branding of the promotion.

“People asked, ‘What are you buying?’ We’ve looked at how the WWE has positioned itself and how Anthem has positioned Impact Wrestling, and now a brand like the NWA, which has built-in recognition value and a history that is unmatched, suddenly starts to become more valuable in this shifting landscape. Maybe we’re not so crazy for buying these three letters after all.”

Corgan sites an estimated departure of millions of wrestling fans previously watching during its peak and thinks they can take advantage of that.

“Our focus is on the NWA plan, and we have a 20-year plan. We’re not going to just come in and throw money around for two years. We’ve learned from the past mistakes of TNA, which we have intimate knowledge of.”

Corgan also further discussed his issues working with TNA in recent years and why he feels his current situation with NWA going forward will be much different.

“I was very, very frustrated by the obstacles I faced internally, both culturally and fiscally, at TNA. I dealt with a lot of backstabbing and lies. I was able to push through some things that ended up being successful at TNA, and I was very frustrated because you would think the success would have led to more leverage and further opportunities. But it was exactly the opposite. People were out to get me because I had power. At least now, in this situation, I am my own boss.”