GFW Impact Ratings

The GFW Impact ratings for August 3, 2017 are in.

Last night’s episode on Pop TV drew 276,000 viewers overall on Thursday night according to a report by

This is down from last week’s show that drew 286,000 viewers overall and marked the third week in a row that the show saw a drop in viewers on Thursday night.

Impact came in at No. 132 in the cable top 150, down from No. 137 last week.

GFW Impact Ratings

Impact, headlined by The Patron Family vs. LAX in a six man tag team match, averaged a 0.06 rating among adults 18-49. This is the same as last week’s show.


  1. Got Pritch and the pole dancer in the same segment….should send ratings through the roof…I mean that is EXCITING NEWS…JJ style

  2. Plus Abyss still pretending to be his own brother (because that didn’t get old 4 years ago) giving Grado advice on how to sexually harass one of the Knockouts. ooh wee
    When they’re not pretending to be the originators of the Broken Hardys, that GFW creative team comes up with some good stuff. O_o

  3. Such a dynamic creative team Jarrett & Prichard are. Their re-branded Glob of Farce Wrestling can’t even beat the Teletubbies on Nick Jr.

  4. This show is an embarrassment. What are they thinking, putting out such retardation like the Laurel, Kongo Kong & Grado angle. And what happened to Lashley?!? He’s a mid-carder now? Is Matt Sydal supposed to be that big a threat to Lashley?! Lashley should be in WWE feuding with Lesnar. Those 2 guys are legit MMA fighters. I hate to say it but GFW is actually worse than TNA was. They have no clue, & I have no clue who half these jabronies on the roster even are.

  5. This was the worst show in a long time. Get rid of Kongo Kong NOW. It’s embarrassing to watch. Worst ever. Bag the Laurel Van Ness crazy angle. She was hot and a decent wrestler. Long past due. The title change was a joke. Why is Pritchard getting so much air time? Bruce, people DO NOT want to see or hear you. A little bit of Dutch would be much better as the authority figure.

  6. To answer your Bruce Prichard question, it’s because he’s a selfish @sshole who’s only in it for himself. He neglects his other duties just to give himself camera time since no other promotion is stupid enough to give it to him. He did it when he was there before, and even cut back TV time for the Knockouts to do it, and he’s doing it again because once again the powers that be at TNA/GFW are too stupid to learn from history. He still fancies himself some off-shoot of Brother Love and he’ll give himself all the air time he wants even though I, you, and every one else wishes he’d just piss the hell off.

  7. Exciting News!….This is Jeff Jarret at his best….He Never was, is currently Not,,and Never will be…Anything!

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