Angelina Love

GFW Knockout Angelina Love, who returned to the company earlier this year, announced on Twitter on Saturday that she asked for and was granted her release from the company.

Love returned in an angle with her husband, Davey Richards, against Eddie Edwards that culminated in a tag match at Slammiversary. Love had been with GFW/TNA in different runs since 2007.


  1. They never had high ratings to begin with on Pop TV, who the hell gets Pop TV anyways? Pop goes the weasel!!!!

  2. This one makes sense though being that her husband Davey Richards left the company to pursue a career as a doctor. I just naturally thought she’d left when he did last month but I guess she had to have her own official departure. But after everything she did with TNA I won’t hold it against her.

  3. Not many people appreciated her contributions to TNA but I was always a fan who thought she was a pretty decent wrestler. Happy trails to you & Davey, Angelina. Personally speaking at least, I’ll miss seeing both of you in wrestling.

  4. Always a great heal and talented in the ring. The old beautiful people factions, in particular the original with Kip (Monte Sopp) would have been nothing without her.

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