Busted Open Radio is featuring an interview with Tyrus (former WWE star Brodus Clay) where he talks about ending his latest run with Impact Wrestling this year.

Tyrus went into detail about his relationship with former TNA President Dixie Carter and his experience under the Anthem regime involving Jeff Jarrett (that has since disbanded).

He noted that while it was very important for him to always be featured on television with WWE in some aspect, that wasn’t the case with Impact.

“I don’t have to put up with BS. I get more just keeping it real. I do two and a half million viewers on Saturday night (Fox News). I have three movies coming out. I have sponsors. And the new regime comes in and they want my sponsors. They really don’t want to push me. They want to use me to get their guys over that they pay half as much as the other guys. All of a sudden they don’t want to pay the guys what they are worth because they can get a bunch of guys to come in – and no offense to them I get it – to work for $300 or $400 a show. When Jarrett was gone, his cronies kind of took over creative. I came back in good faith and did a taping with them. I didn’t see any changes. I saw more of the same stuff. And I was like you know what? As much as I’m not ready to not wrestle, I’m also not ready to do anything that’s going to hurt my brand at this point.”

Tyrus also criticized Impact’s small reach on television on Pop TV as well.

“Being with Impact was going to hurt my brand. It’s a waste of my time. You guys (Impact) do 300,000 on a good week as far as ratings go. So obviously what you are doing isn’t working. I think it’s just best if I take my ball and I go home. I’ll just wait things out as far as my wrestling career (goes). It’s not a good thing for my brand to be part of Impact when every week it is a different change or different person. It was just too much. If it’s a sinking ship, I’m not going down with it.”

Tyrus initially announced his departure from the newly rebranded Impact/GFW last August and then confirmed his latest departure this past April in a statement on Instagram.

You can check out the full clip of his appearance on Busted Open Radio above.