Aries vs. Edwards this Thursday on Impact, Kiera Hogan on if Ember Moon took her gimmick

Impact Wrestling has uploaded a video preview for this Thursday night’s episode of Impact on Pop TV. Austin Aries will defend the Impact World Title against Eddie Edwards.

You can check out the preview above.

Kiera Hogan on if Ember Moon took her gimmick

Sean Ross Sapp of passed along this interview with Kiera Hogan.

Ember Moon using the “fire” gimmick being her idea:

“I know for a fact I’m the reason she did it. I try not to look at it in a negative way, but in the end it is negative, because it’s something that I did first. Something that I brought to my company first. She debuted it at NXT Takeover Mania weekend. I saw her come out and my heart literally dropped. I knew what was coming after that. I got tweets, DMs, saying ‘You’re the ripoff version, you’re the cheap version of Ember Moon.’ Because she’s taken something that I’ve worked so hard to make my own, now I’m the ripoff version. In retrospect, it’s like you stole something from me, and doesn’t acknowledge she did, but I worked so hard to get to where I am being the “girl on fire,” and now I’m the ripoff version of her. It hurts me, and all the work I put into this character. I’m not going to give up.”

If WWE took the gimmick or if Ember did:

“I think the ‘Girl on Fire’ thing WWE probably gave to (Becky Lynch), but I bet Ember (pitched hers). She was at my tryout. I saw her sign her contract, she cried when she signed her contract. After the tryout she text me and said ‘I wanna help you get booked on shows,’ after that I’ve never spoken to her and that was almost four years ago. I know she got the inspiration from me. It doesn’t help that we’re two black females, so I’ll automatically get compared to her.”

If it hurt her WWE chances:

“I don’t think it hindered my opportunity. The last time I heard from them was about a year and a half, two years ago. I was at a Raw event and I had emailed someone and didn’t get a response back, but someone emailed me saying they needed updated information, promo pictures, updated resume. I sent it in and they were like ‘okay, we’ll contact you for a future tryout.’ Nothing. I did extras maybe a couple of months after that. I just let it fizzle out. If they contact me, awesome, if not, I’m going to keep doing me. Impact knocked on my door first, and I’m happy to be there,