Laurel Van Ness on Impact contract status, Alberto El Patron wants to redeem himself

Laurel Van Ness on Impact contract status

The Orlando Sentinel is featuring an interview with Laurel Van Ness, the new Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion, discussing the evolution of her character on TV.

Van Ness noted Dutch Mantell encouraged her to keep it crazy.

“I did a quick promo that night after the taping and Dutch [Mantell, the head of Impact’s creative team] just kept telling me to make it crazier and crazier. Everybody thought I was going insane, crying, singing. It was supposed to be something quick for online, but they decided to air it and the response was unbelievable.”

It should be noted that Van Ness stated her current deal with Impact runs through June 2018, which is a contrast to reports earlier this month stating she requested her release from the company at the TV tapings in Ottawa after capturing the Knockouts title.

Alberto El Patron wants to redeem himself

The Orlando Sentinel also talked with Alberto El Patron about his rough year with Impact Wrestling after becoming the company’s new World Champion back in June.

Patron noted he was all for vacating the championship and took full responsibility.

“When there was a talent meeting about what to do about the title, I raised my hand and said I should give it up. I used to work in a place where main eventers were difficult to work with, and I didn’t want to be that person. ‘Here’s the title; give it to someone else. I’ll eventually get it back, but I lost it and I want to earn it. I’ll take responsibility for my actions.’”