Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling tweeted out a photo on Thursday afternoon revealing that Anthem has decided to go back to using the four-sided traditional wrestling ring starting with the Impact TV tapings being held this week in Orlando at Universal Studios.

Since the beginning of the promotion in the NWA-TNA days back in 2002, the company began with a basic four-sided ring and transitioned to a six-sided ring in 2004 when they expanded into the Orlando market for Impact on Fox Sports Net and the weekly Wednesday night Pay Per View events at the Asylum.

When Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were brought into the company in 2010, the company then switched back to a traditional four-sided ring. Bischoff was an openly vocal critic of the six-sided ring concept and viewed the ring as a “gimmick.” In 2014, the company went back to using the six-sided ring and had been ever since up until these tapings tonight.

You can check out the photo that Impact tweeted out below.


  1. With all of the things (gimmicks, positive highly innovative stuff, cheesy stuff, things he copied, etc.) Bischoff did in WCW to try to be different, it surprised me at the time that he so objected against the one thing TNA had that set them apart from a look point of you (they were also setting themselves apart with the Knockout division at the time and X-Division but I mean from a looking at the product). At this point I don’t think it matters what the ring looks like and the bigger issue is what is going on inside the company.

  2. You do know that TNA wasn’t the first to use the 6 sided rin g- they copied the conept from AAA wrestling in Mexico.

  3. Absolutely and they didn’t hide that they copied it either. Being that they are North America based and were the only television company that some North Americans had ever seen using a 6-side ring though, it looked different and innovative to those who didn’t realize TNA wasn’t the first to use it. Just like Bischoff got the idea for the NWO from Japan and …. we could go on forever about promotions who got ideas from another but to my point, I was surprise Bischoff objected so much to something that made TNA appear different to television viewers when he tried to offer so many differences to WWE at the time.

  4. There have been rumors that only a handful of wrestlers like the six sided ring and most of the roster didn’t want it b/c it made them feel awkward and slowed them down- I like the traditional 4 sided ring.

  5. I’ve heard those rumors and even comments in interviews from wrestlers who echoed that most didn’t like the ring…but now, they have so many bigger issues. Still, if it works better for the talent (especially newer talent who have only trained in a 4-sided ring before arriving), all the better.

  6. I can see why they did it in 2004, because at one point in their history they did feature more “205 live” type wrestlers, rather than typical heavyweights. However, after 2006/2007 (Angle’s arrival), they seemed to transition over to more heavyweights on the show. It’s probably a lot easier for lighter and smaller guys to use the six sides ring than it is for heavyweights, so I can see why they are going back to it. But, overall, it won’t change ratings.

  7. That’s why it makes the most sense. The company is essentially part-time and doesn’t really have anyone that is truly exclusive. It makes no sense to use a ring that no one else really uses.

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